Promotions And Transfers
Date: 2659.201 1532
To: TCS Majestic Carrier Group, Confed 8th Fleet
CC: None
From: Vice Admiral Alexei Marakov
Subject: Promotions and Transfers

For exemplary service in the weeks leading up to the retreat of Kilrathi forces from Perry, the TCS Majestic Battlegroup is awarded the Perry Campaign Citation. The 27th Carrier Air Wing is awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for services above and beyond the call of duty.

Upon further review of previous engagements, years of dedicated service, and outstanding leadership during the fiercest battles in Gemini Sector, Colonel Frethan Jenthson is hereby promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and transferred to <redacted>.

Major Victoria Carruthers for superior leadership even in the worst of times is to be promoted to the status of Executive Wing Commander onboard the Majestic.

For leadership in and out of the cockpit, First Lieutenant Ramirez is promoted to the rank of Captain and is to assume command of the 1087th Fighter Squadron (Reserve), 27th Carrier Air Wing, TCS Majestic.

Second Lieutenant Foster is hereby promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant for an explemary record.

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