New Orders
Date: 2659.208 0600
To: 27th Carrier Air Wing
CC: None
From: Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing
Subject: New Orders

Pilots and crews of the 27th Carrier Air Wing, I understand that my predecessor ran a rather loose ship. Well that changes starting this minute. I don't care if we pushed back the Kilrathi, all squadrons (the 13th included) from this point forward are on Combat Air Patrol and Alert 5 rotation. Your Squadrons CO's will have the new schedules within the hour and will start immediately thereafter. If you are asleep right now, well that that is just too bad. Cause your CO is about to give you the rudest awaking of your lives.

For those of you who are new to the Majestic; you will be paired with a veteran pilot. Stay close to them and learn everything you can from them. I expect you to sleep when they sleep, eat when they eat, and when the occasion allows, drink when they drink. For if you don't, on your next op, you may find yourself eating a missile from some kil of a lowly hrai that even the brainiacs at Intel don't know the name of or a bolt of laser fire from a some piss-ant pirate out of a backwater scumpit.

The Kilrathi are not an enemy that will let you rest long and mark my words, they will be back soon and in far greater numbers. Just be glad that you are facing them on an even playing field cause they would skin you alive and laugh while doing it if you took one on face to hairy damned face.

Now stop reading your damn mail and get to that briefing.

- Col. Stephen Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing