Kilrathi Counter Offensive
Date: 2659.227 2000
To: TCS Majestic Carrier Group, Confed 8th Fleet
CC: None
From: Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing
Subject: Kilrathi Counter Offensive

The Majestic is in a fine mess now. As some of you might be aware, we were sent to this system to rabbit out some of the last remaining Kilrathi in Gemini. Major's Cole plan to capture the mining base here was well engaged when we ordered our escorts to blast the base. Some of you may be wondering why.

I believe the entire battle group has the right to know the full scope of the shit we are now in. We received word from Confed a few hours ago stating that, as I expected, the Kilrathi have returned to Gemini and with even greater numbers. Unfortunately, that was the last we heard from Confed, so the communication post in Tingerhoff must have been captured if not outright destroyed. To state it simply, we are cutoff from the rest of Gemini without hope of reinforcements or supplies and are probably well behind enemy lines. No doubt the cats already have a battlegroup headed our way now. You will have new orders from your COs and chiefs in the coming hour.

You have had an amazing record thus far, so I expect the best from the crews and pilots of this battlegroup. Keep up this performance and stay tight then we may yet make it out of this alive.

- Col. Stephen Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing