Second Carrier Rumor
Date: 2659.246 1927
To: TCS Majestic Carrier Group, Confed 8th Fleet
CC: None
From: Colonel Stephen Miles Taylor, Wing Commander 27th Carrier Air Wing
Subject: Second Carrier Rumor

To All Pilots and Crew of the TCS Majestic Battle Group

There have been a number of rumors going around regarding the recent impromptu engagement with our furrie friends. The fasted spreading one and most ridiculous of them that I've heard is that the cats have a second carrier out there.

To put it simply, I hate rumors and gossip. It has no place on this or any ship. They are to stop immediately or I will start docking pay of anyone that I get word is repeating them. Repeat offenses; let's just say you don't want to know.

I will however squash this second carrier rumor here and now. There were a lot bombers and fighters they sent our way, but the brainiacs have figured out that some of these groups did not come from the jumppoint but were from farther in-system. I will be honest with you, we don't know what hides farther in this system, but it is definitely not a fleet carrier.

I know that many of you fear that we are not going to make it out of this system. This thought is horseshit and self-defeating. Just to show you how damn good you people really are, attached is the after action report Intel sent to me. The cats were stupid enough to spread their forces out like that and we cleaned up every one of them. Right now they probably can't even muster enough bombers to take out a frigate. It will probably be weeks before their carrier is resupplied with enough bombers to even dent us. Even now, we have almost all of our bombers and more than enough torpedoes to take out their ships twice over. So I don't want to hear any of this of "if we get out of this system." It is when we get out of this system.

Damage Report
TCS Lancelot: Moderate Damage, 4 crewmen lost (1 due to injuries), 3 severely injured crewmen
TCS Odysseus: Minor Damage

7th Bomber Squadron (Sabres): 1 Severe, 3 Moderate, 6 Minor, 6 Undamaged

13th Bomber Squadron (Sabres): 2 Lost (1 Death), 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 2 Moderate, 6 Minor, 4 Undamaged

102nd Fighter Squadron (Raptors): 2 Downchecked, 6 Lost (3 Deaths), 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 1 Serious, 3 Moderate, 1 Minor, 1 Undamaged

312th Fighter Squadron (Rapiers): 1 Downchecked, 1 Lost (1 Death), 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Severe, 4 Serious, 2 Moderate, 2 Minor, 4 Undamaged

1087th Fighter Squadron (Rapiers): 1 Downchecked, 3 Lost (1 Death), 1 Severe, 1 Serious, 3 Moderate, 3 Minor, 3 Undamaged

221st Fighter Squadron (Stilettos): 2 Downchecked, 1 Unsalvagable, 1 Serious, 2 Moderate, 5 Minor, 5 Undamaged

Estimated Kilrathi Losses
Ralatha: 1 Destroyed
Ralari: 1 Seriously Damaged, 3 Destroyed
Kamekhs: 7 Destroyed
Hhrisses: 6
Drakhri: 7
Grikaths: 36
Jalthis: 2
Dralthis: 40
Sarthas: 52