A Chat With The Admiral
A Chat With The Admiral
Arc: None
Summary: Admiral Alexei Marakov briefs the pilots of the Majestic on their adversary.
Date: 2658.255
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Participants: Cole Kanani Victoria James Draygo Walsh

"Tench-hut! Admiral on deck!" Comes the call from somewhere near the back, abruptly bringing the room from a buzz of activity to resembling nothing so much as standing blue rows of corn. Marakov makes his way through the room and down the aisle briskly, flanked by a pair of aides. Striding to the podium, the admiral quickly clicks on the projector and looks out to the audience. "Be seated. We've got a busy day ahead of us, and no time to waste."

Cole's usual tendancy to direct snide comments towards the briefing officer is apparently somewhat muted today. Stars tend to have that effect. Instead, he just drops into his chair heavily at Marakov's instruction to be seated (probably glad to not be left standing very long!). He pulls a datapad from the thigh pocket of his flight suit, to make his customary little set of notes on whatever craziness he's about to be thrust into.

James is sitting near the middle of the section. His eyes widen slightly when the Admiral takes his place at the Podiuim and takes out a pad of his own, as he sure whatever this mission is will be very important now.

Kanani waits until the order to be seated is given, then she sits down as well, her attention on the Admiral for the moment, waiting to see what this is all about. Even if she has a fairly good idea, on that.

Tori snaps to attention with everyone else, a brow arching slightly as it seems Marakov himself is giving them their marching orders this time. Interesting. She also settles in her seat when told, somewhere over to the side and completely ignoring Cole. It's a step in the right direction, perhaps. She pulls out her datapad as well, ready to take notes so she doesn't miss anything.

"Thanks to a bit of clever thinking by fleet intelligence, we've made a breakthrough. The Kilrathi carrier that was responsible for the strike on Princeton has been detected here" A press of a button, and a projection of the system springs to life, showing a single flashing dot far out among the cloud of icy debris in the far reaches of the Nexus system. "We're detecting at least two other ships in proximity to her, but we have reason to suspect that those two are Dorkir-class transports rather than warships. That's the good news. The bad news is that the readings we're getting aren't consistent with those from a Snakeir-class carrier. We suspect it's one of the Shiraak class. So far as intelligence is aware, the Kilrathi only have two at the present time… but that doesn't mean they're saving them for a museum. The Shiraak is larger than the Snakeir, and substantially better armored. Notably, we believe it to have been designed with an armored flight deck, reducing one of the major points of vulnerability in previous Kilrathi design."

"Bloody wonderful" Cole can't resist muttering, even as he quickly taps at his little datapad… pulling up what information he's got on the new Kilrathi carriers, even if it isn't a whole lot right now. Anything is better than nothing, after all.

Oh joy. Tori doesn't say anything out loud, just thinks it to herself, but her gaze goes a little more intent, as she looks at the location of the ships, mentally comparing it to where they are currently, and considering what space debris, or not debris, might be there to help out … either side. She's quiet, just listening, though her nose does wrinkle.

Kanani manages to keep quiet at this bit of information. She knew there was a carrier out there, though she certainly didn't expect it to be some type she'd never heard of before. She gives a little shrug, and starts putting a few notes down onto her datapad, waiting for the rest of the briefing.

James grimaces a little at this news that the carrier's hanger bay is armored. "So is this a new class or an older one? Also do we have any idea how many fighters she has left?"

"The Shiraak is newly deployed. According to Naval Intelligence, the Kilrathi have presently produced two, KIS Shiraak and KIS Kal'rakh, and have four more in production." Marakov explains. "KIS Shiraak was the first sighted, deployed in the Vega sector. For those of you who like to know who you're up against, that means the vessel in system is likely the Kal'rakh. Warrior Spirit." The last two words Marakov spits out derisively. "We know their fighter compliment has been thinned down substantially, due to the heavy fighting we've seen in this system. Additionally, with four enemy cruisers, two destroyers, and one corvette destroyed in the system, we suspect that any capital ship escort she has will be minimal at best. We still do not know the exact capacity on a Shiraak class, or what was contained on the two transports that got through to the Kilrathi carrier two nights ago. Given this uncertainty, we'll be conducting operations conservatively to guard against a second Kilrathi flank attack. TCS Horatius is already en route to intercept the Kilrathi vessel. 13th, 221st, and 1087th squadrons will join with her in the assault. The others will remain with the Majestic to defend against a retaliatory strike"

Cole remains sitting quietly in his chair, slouching a little further as he continues to listen to the admiral. His 'pen' taps lightly against the surface of his datapad, idly scrawling 'Translation: TCNI has no fucking clue' into the margin of his notes.

Sitting through this briefing, Kell doesn't even have a datapad, having found that taking notes from briefings produce pretty much nothing, especially if it's information produced by Intelligence. Instead, he is leaning back in his seat and listening silently, eyes scanning the room slowly from time to time as the three squadrons that have constantly worked together are tapped to do so again.

Tori scans the files on the Shiraak, adding notes as the Admiral speaks. She counts up the pros and cons, their forces against what they know the enemy has, and hopes that military intel knows what they're doing. For real. But she's willing to take her rapier out there and shoot some kittens. She nods briefly, at the note that the remainder of the forces will remain behind. Meanwhile, she murmurs something soft about "plans for catching up with the Horatius?" since that obviously will take a little bit of doing, especially at broadsword speed.

Kanani shakes her head a bit, giving a slight sigh, at the knowledge that no one seems to have a clue how many fighters the new kitty carrier carries. Not that it's a huge surprise considering that it's a brand new class, but it's still annoying to her.

"And that brings us to your mission profile. You'll launch in twenty minutes, once Majestic has reached this point. A little green box flares to life on the projection of the system, slightly ahead of the blue arrow that marks the Majestic's position. TCS Horatius will be waiting for you here" A second green box appears. "At nav point one. You will meet with the Horatius and proceed to the last known position of the Kilrathi at nav point two." A third green box appears on the projection, along with a little red arrow marking the Kilrathi carrier. "Once your objective has been accomplished, you will proceed to nav point three" A fourth box appears, a short distance away from the Majestic's original position. "Where the Majestic will be awaiting your return."

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Just peel in, destroy, peel out again. Here's hoping the enemy doesn't screw up the plan. Hah. Tori marks the nav points, and the projected paths, just in case. Her expression clears, as she mentally prepares for the fun and excitement that is upcoming. "Sounds just peachy," she mutters to whoever is seated next to her.

When the map projection of where they will be going appears, Kell actually pays more attention since this is concrete information of where they will be going and where their Boat will be waiting for them. With the multiple nav points for this strike mission, the young Lieutenant leans to the side and quietly whispers to a pilot next to him, "Wonder if we have time to pick up some booze on the way back."

Kanani studies the nav points as they pop up on the projector, and commits them to memory, as she listens to Admiral explaining the particulars of the mission. It all sounds so simple when it's just a bunch of dots on a hologram, and in a briefing. To bad things rarely go so easy when they get started for reals.

Marakov looks out silently over the gathering of pilots for a long moment, before finally speaking up again. "I'll spare you the bullshit speech." Markaov finally says bluntly, zooming the projector in until the red arrow of the Kilrathi carrier all but fills the image. "There's the enemy. Go kill him. Dismissed." Marakov, notably, doesn't ask for questions. Instead, he just swiftly moves back for the door to the room, flanked by the same two aides who accompanied him in.

James seems surprised and a little disturbed by the fact that one of the rarest and most advanced ships in the Kilrathi Navy is in system and they have no idea what fighter support it has. When the briefing is over he stands and nods to the pilots he nows before heading for his ship.

Cole moves to his feet, even if putting weight on his left foot still draws a little wince from the bomber pilot's face. "Well" he comments idly to his squadron. "I'll give the man credit for brevity, at least"

Kanani gets to her feet, as the briefing ends. She gives Cole a smirk and a 'don't you dare get hurt again' look, as she makes her way out of the briefing room and past him.

Tori gets to her feet, grabs her helmet and heads for her fighter. She shrugs a bit at Cole's comment, grins at Kanani's expression as she passes the man, and then makes her own way out. "Good luck everyone," is the only thing she says on her way through the door.

Cole returns Kanani's sharp look with a little smile of his own. "Don't worry Kanani, the Kilrathi used up their luck getting me last time" Cole calls after her, before limping his way to the door.