A Chat With The Xo
A Chat with the XO
Arc: None
Summary: Phillip talks with the ship's XO Saint-Cloud in First and Last.
Date: 2658.164
Related Logs: None
Participants: Saint-Cloud Phillip

Saint-Cloud sits quietly at the bar, nursing a tall stiff drink.. Nothing fancy. Just deep amber. probably a bourbon.

Phillip walks in the FAL and heads straight for the bar. "Usual, sir?" the bartender asks as Phillip begins to take a seat next to the XO. Phillip nods at the bartender and turns toward Saint-Cloud as he gets comfortably seated. "Penny for your thoughts, sir?"

Saint-Cloud hmms? He looks up from his glass and to the pilot. "Ah.. No need to break up a credit note, Lieutenant. I was just thinking about what the family is doing right now."

Phillip smiles a bit at the credit note comment, "It's just an old Earth saying, sir." Phillip nods at the mention of family, "Yeah I do a bit of that myself. At least most of the relations are back in safer systems or fighting in space. Uh is your world located close to the front lines?"

Saint-Cloud shakes his head. "Not so much anymore. Dusk is in the Enigma Sector. But I always worry.. That the pussies will somehow get there again like when I was kid."

Phillip nods, "Kind of far from home then, but I guess we will all get shipped over to multiple sectors in this war. If we take Gemini back, there is no doubt that the Kats will be making another thrust through Vega or try for Enigma again. I can't imagine the Kilrathi really appreciate defectors like those at Goraka…uh Ghoraka…some Kilrathi system name that I can't seem to remember."

Saint-Cloud nods and sighs. "trust me.. I have run the numbers. Something I can do. But Dusk has been on a high industrial footing since we rebuilt. If the pussies came by us again they would be in for a surprise. And if they SOMEHOW got onto the surface this time.. Well.. four million people who have thrived in an almost 2 gee environment. They would be sorry."

Phillip chuckles at that. "Yeah, they would get their tails wopped in a ground fight, though I can't imagine the Kilrathi would go in fighting hand-to-hand. Probably bombard the planet into submission and take the rest as slaves or at least attempt to." Pauses for a second realizing how depressing that sounded and quickly adds, "Course Confed would never let such an industrial world like that get taken. Besides, as long as Dusk is not in the Issac quadrant, your family would be pretty far back from the frontlines."

Saint-Cloud shakes his head. "No, we're in the Asimov Quadrant, around Brin. I am more worried about Dawn, our sister world. I would hate to see her razed. There is not much there but she was always an inspiration to my people, hanging there in the sky.'

Phillip nods, "Any world razed by the Kilrathi is a total disaster." Iceblade then at his drink and gives a sigh clearly overwhelmed by a memory for a few seconds. He takes a drink of his cola and looks over at Saint-Cloud clearly remembering their current situation, "Has there been any new information regarding the operational capacity of the scum we are after here in Regallis?"

Saint-Cloud shakes his head. "No. None. But I didn't expect us to have it yet, if at all. Intel is always two steps behind on pirates and the like. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be any to begin with, right? But I am waiting, with baited breath."

Phillip nods, "I was afraid of that. Jenthson and Trey could be anywhere in this system I guess. Assuming they are in this system still." Iceblade looks down clearly concerned.

Saint-Cloud nods and looks.. well not happy. "And we have no way of knowing one way or the other." he grumbles. "But we are keeping our ears open and I assure you, the moment we can tell you anything we will."

Phillip gives a sigh, "Yeah, but with all of these escort runs, we've barely been able to get any recon in." Iceblade thinks of something and looks at Saint-Cloud, "Say, has anybody been interviewing some of these transport captains for information regarding pirate activity in this system? Even gossip and rumors would be useful."

Saint-Cloud shakes his head. "I am not sure if we have, yet. That is for Intel to do, unfortunately. I just steer this boat and tell everyone when to not flush so much toilet paper."

Phillip smiles at the last comment. "Well, I imagine we are still pretty well stocked from Junction. Looks like I'll to talk with Cole to get some of these concerns off my back." Phillip takes his drink and finishes it off.

Saint-Cloud drains his cup as well and pushes it away. "Do that. And Remember.. we'll do our best to find your fellow pilots. You have my word."

Phillip nods as he gets up with his seat. "I know. I'm just worried. Goodnight, sir." Iceblade says before heading towards the door.