A Simulated Meet
A Simulated Meet
Arc: Transfer To Majestic
Summary: On Perry Station, while waiting for the final transfer to the Majestic, Phillip encounters a young pilot named Cyric also headed for the Majestic's Minuteman squadron. The pair fight a flight of Kilrathi fighters in the simulator.
Date: 2659.202
Related Logs: None
Participants: Phillip, Cyric,

The new Perry station remains a center of activity with numerous ships both military and construction surrounding the burgeoning center of command and control in Gemini Sector. While far from complete, the most central portions of the massive and more defensible station have reached a functionally complete state. Fortunately, various chunks of the former station were reusable allowing for the rapid construction of even this most basic portion.

Many of these segments that have been partially completed are for the military garrisons of the station. One such segment, guarded by marines, is pilot country for the station’s garrison. It also acts as a temporary barracks for pilots coming and going as part of transfers along the stabilizing front lines of Gemini. It is here that we find a pilot entering the station’s main simulator room, which is still far from finished. There are a couple of technicians still working on networking pods together, but enough of the system is completed to allow for simple fighter sorties especially those between pilots.

Entering this room is Second Lieutenant Bradford, freshly shipped to Perry and waiting patiently - well sort of - for the techs to finish putting together several new fighters for the transfer flight to Bengal carrier TCS Majestic.

2nd Lieutenant Karde spots 2nd Lieutenant Bradford and walks over with crisp military precision. "Lieutenant Karde." He speaks in terse tone by way of introduction extending his hand out to Bradford, "at your service" he adds.

Bradford sees Karde and quickly notices the fresh TCS Majestic patch on the shoulder. Bradford gives a smile and shakes Karde's hand. "Hello, Lieutenant. I'm 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford, callsign Iceblade. I notice you are also bound for the Majestic," adds gesturing towards the patch. "So which squadron have been you assigned to?"

"The 1087 Fighter Squadron, Lieutenant Bradford." Cyric answers in a formal tone. "A pleasure to meet you."

Bradford perks up a bit, knowing he has met a fellow comrade. "Same here, I was actually assigned to them a year ago, but got transferred back for, " Phillip pauses for the briefest of seconds, " Medical Leave. The Minuteman are good group." Phillip then adds, "Oh, you will find formality tends to lessen in importance and use on the front lines."

"I will certainly take your words to heart. Just approved for transfer to a combat unit from a Gilgamesh destroyer patrolling Sol sector after graduating from the Academy." Cyric adds with a slight smile, "It is an honor to be fighting by your side in the 1087th Fighter Squadron, Lieutenant. I am looking forward to our first sortie against the cats."

"Well, don't look forward too much, the cats are not as easy to take out as the holos would make you believe." Phillip cautions before adding, "So Karde, do you have a first name or callsign?"

"My callsign is Talon from my Academy days, Lieutenant Bradford. I have prepared for this war all my life, Lieut. I hope I exceed your expectations. Do you want to test out in the simulator, Lieutenant?" Cyric adds with a predatory grin.

"Good to hear it, now let's see if they finally have these things working," Phillip responds before hollering at one of the techs in the room. "Hey, are any of this machines working yet?"

One of the techs turns to the Lt. a little startled, and nods his head - pointing to several in the front of the room. Phillip then gestures toward one of the pods, "After you."

Cyric enters the pod. Iceblade follows suit and settles into one of the pods and begins some basic setup conditions. The pod is still open for the present second.

The Pod closes for both pilots and the combat system initializes. At one end of space is a pair of Rapier IIs and at the far end of space beyond missile range is a Dralthi leading two Sarthas.
Iceblade then radios, «Okay, this is going to be a simple warm-up exercise to see how we do.» Phillip then thinks about how glad he is not to be flying a Sartha or Dralthi right now.
Iceblade then radios, «Okay Talon, I'll go after the Dralthi and you cover my tail.»

«Understood» Cyric takes wingman position over Iceblade.

As the fighters begin approaching, it is clear that all three enemy fighters have targeted Iceblade as their target. "Huh, maybe the AI is not as incomplete as I thought." Phillip says to himself as he cues up decides a FF missile to shoot off at the Dralthi as he passes. Iceblade decides an evasive approach is best in this initial pass.

Cyric switches to aggressive and targets the nearest Sarthi.

As the two groups collide, Talon's shots rapidly deplete one of the Sartha's shields and rips off its left wing. Iceblade's fighter easily evades the incoming dumbfires and mass driver rounds with the FF missile blasting into the right face of the Dralthi tearing into its maneuvering jets.
«Hah, take that you filthy felines.» Iceblade comms and he begins to lead the Kilrathi simcraft back toward Talon for another pass. An FF launches from the Rapier's pylons during a sharp turn.

«Coming around for another run.» Cyric voice is cool and professional. Switching to full-guns. Cyric dives from Iceblade's wing aiming for and smashing the lead sarthi's wing as it jukes upward but not enough to avoid the full blast of the rapier's II's gun armament as Cyric effortlessly keeps a lead shot on it.

The fighters continue to swirl with the Kilrathi simcraft suffering in the exchange with Iceblade's FF leaping through the Dralthi's top an into his lap. As Iceblade swings past Cyric, the Talon's Rapier falls onto the tail of one of the Sartha and rackets its rear with laser and neutron fire blasting shredding its core, leaving the fighter a blossoming ball of fire, dust, and radiation. The surviving Kilrathi craft struggle to fight on, but barely flare the shields of Iceblade's ship.
From the tight turn around the Dralthi, the FF leaps and catches the Kilrathi by surprise - right in the cockpit to boot. As Iceblade weaves through the surviving ships, he detects the absence of one craft with the simulated explosion coming from behind. «Nice work there Talon, let's finish them off, » Iceblade radios as he comes about for a finishing strike on the Dralthi, flying less erratically now the Sarthas are less of a threat.

Cyric comes up behind the lead Sartha's six o'clock and unleashes another full round of guns tearing apart its rear shields and armor and blowing a massive hole in the rear of the ship that causes the light fighter's small powerplant to go critical and the light fighter to explode into a nice expanding gas cloud. «Understood, Wing Commander. Lead Sartha down. Targeting: Sartha fighter two. » Cyric turns his Rapier II to gun down the remaining Sartha as he announces his first sim kill at Perry Station with a graceful Immelmann turn toward the light enemy fighter.

As Iceblade wheels about, the Dralthi's Dumbfire missile almost splashes him in the face… but almost is still no damage. For the Dralthi's mistake, Iceblade's Rapier chews through the nose of the Dralthi medium fighter. «Hah, nice try.!» Zing, swoom swoom goes the neutrons near the Iceblade ship, resulting a bit of dodging by Iceblade.

The second Sartha shoots at Iceblade as Talon swings up around and fires all of his guns from the right forward flank of the Sartha scoring a critical hit in the enemy light fighter's right wing. Talon was already correcting his target profile to come up behind it to finish it off before it could score a hit on Cyric's Wing Commander.

«You shall not survive this battle, hairless ape.» comes the canned Kilrathi response by the Sartha in a vain attempt to pull Iceblade's off of the Dralthi.

And just after voicing that comm, the Sartha finds Talon's guns ripping off its other wing, sending the fighter into a high G spiral with more and more of ship breaking into multiple pieces. Iceblade comes about again and with all of the damage the Dralthi has taken is unable to even come close to hitting his Rapier. As Iceblade flies past again, he cuts his speed, turns, and opens a full salvo - hitting only some of the time. "Okay, enough belly rubs for this cat," Iceblade says as he locks on an IR missile, «Iceblade, Fox 2».

«Target Neutralized, Lead. Targeting Drathi fighter.» Cyric smiled grimly. If the cats were this inept in real space combat, then the Confederation would split their atoms from here to Kilrah.

The Dralthi manages to turn sharply as the Laser and Neutron rounds fly into its left wing, ripping it off; an IR missile trailing it. Iceblade, still building up speed from the earlier about-face rapidly finds a missile tailing him. With the speed, the missile finds its mark and detonates his aft shields, armor and even into his power core. Fortunately, the IR missile splashed the Dralthi's right wing off. «Ouch! This is what I get for being cocky, going evasive. Tag him Talon!» Iceblade radios.

«Roger, Lead.» Cyric answers his grim smile growing with anticipation of his final kill.

Iceblade trails the Dralthi into Talon's Flight path, where the Dralthi's face meets an end via dumbfire. «Good shooting, there Talon.»

«Appreciated, Lead. This is Talon. Confirming 3rd Kill.» Cyric grins wide.

The simulator then powers down, and Iceblade and Talon can now exit the pods. One of the Tech gives the pair a thumbs up - apparently he had been watching.

Cyric nods with a return thumbs up in thanks as he leverages himself out of the simulator pod.

Cyric grins extending his hand for a handshake again. "Good Kill, Lt. Thanks for setting it up so neatly. Pity they died so easily, I was just getting warmed up!"

"Want to try it again, Lt.?" Cyric asks.

"Yeah I know what you mean," Phillip responds as he shakes Cyric's hand. "Pity we can't fight anything tougher yet, so I guess it will have to wait until we to get to the Majestic for a convoy strike sim." Phillip smiles as he finishes. "See you around Lt. Maybe I'll catch you later at the pilot's lounge."

"See you then, Lt. Later!" Cyric answers as he gives Iceblade a casual salutes and leaves the simulator pod area.