After Action Reports

Date Name Summary
2659.245 Last Ride of a Sabre Pilot Cole leads an impromptu strike against a well guarded convoy. All three Sabres were lost and Cole is MIA
2659.240 A Not So Friendly Game of Football The TCS Cook was sent out as a Q Ship to represent a strike group of bombers and fighter to draw Kilrathi forces. Linebacker Flight lead by Captain Ramirez and Frontlinemen Flight lead by Captain Cheswick engaged a number of intercepting fighters and several bombers. All Kilrathi forces were neutralized with no causalities.
2659.238 Kitty on the Rocks Captain Ramirez leads a flight of Rapiers and Stilettos on one of many patrols in the asteroid field seeking the Kilrathi base. They encounter more of the unknown human piloted craft.
2659.237 AAR - Junk Squad Paz leads Phillip, James, and Walsh on a mission to retrieve a fighter from the recent engagement zone, but does the mission go off without a hitch?
2659.235 Big Red Light: Epsilon Flight Zone 2 Epsilon Flight assists the TCS Lancelot in fighting a Ralari Destroyer and its escort of fighters and bombers.
2659.235 Big Red Light: Epsilon Flight Zone 1 Epsilon Flight and the TCS Cook engaged a Kamekh Corvette and her escorts.
2659.233 AAR - A Charlie Foxtrot Venture Paz, James, Walsh and Phillip escort the TCS Cook on an SWACS mission to analyze the Kilrathi Destroyer Group Blockading the Xyani Jumppoint, but things got go according to plan as usual.
2659.231 Wolf in Kat’s Clothing Recon Patrol of Stilettos and Rapiers encounter a flight of Hhriss. As the patrol approaches, one Hhriss is actually piloted by a human hiding among the others to scout their home base.
2659.227 AAR - End of All Things The Majestic is sent to clean out a Kilrathi mining base in the Rygannon system. While they were clearing the escorts, and just before the marines were about to land, the pilots and marines get ordered to recall back to the carrier… and on the way back, get treated to the sight of Majestic's escorts just annihilating the asteroid base by orbital bombardment. Upon landing, they were gathered up and told that a Kilrathi offensive had recaptured numerous systems in the sector, and they were now well behind the front lines of the war.