Not So Friendly Game Of Football
Not So Friendly Game of Football
Date: 2659.104 2100
Report Writer: 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford
Elements: TCS Cook, CAP Cheswick, CAP Ramirez, 1LT Foster, 1LT Martin, 1LT Williams, 2LT Aeneas, 2LT Amrita, 2LT Bradford, 2LT Walsh
Causalities: None

Football group consisting of Linebacker Flight (Captain Ramirez, First Lieutenant Foster, and Second Lieutenants Bradford and Walsh) and Frontlinemen Flight (Captain Cheswick, First Lieutenant Martin and Second Lieutenants Amrita and Aeneas) centered around the TCS Cook approached the area near the Debris field. While moving from the TCS Majestic and the Debris Field, the TCS Cook was emitting sensor output similiar to that a large group of bombers and fighters. First Lieutenant Williams remained behind Football group under low emissions to relay information to the Majestic.

As the group neared the Debris field, 8 Kilrathi Sartha fighters engaged our group. After the fight was joined, the TCS Cook disengaged the false emissions to ensure that the group was not overwhelmed by too many fighters. After 4 of the Sarthas fighters were destroyed with minimal damage to Football group, 4 Drakhri fighters approached along a vector in between the debris field and the Xytani jumppoint. Captain Cheswick led his flight of Raptors to engage these pilots.

Minutes later, a group of three Hhriss and three Grikaths approached along a vector from the Xytani jumppoint. At this point, one of the Drakhri and three more of the Sartha had been dispatched with two of the remaining Drakhri suffering serious damage. The remaining Sartha was kept occupied by Lieutenant Foster while Linebacker Flight as well as Captain Cheswick and Second Lieutenant Aeneas moved to engage the new targets. On the initial pass, Second Lieutenant Bradford crippled the Lead Hhriss with the other Kilrathi craft suffering more damage in the exchange than the Confed fighters.

The arrival of the heavy fighter and bomber group prompted Lieutenant Williams move in to assist and finished off the Lead Hhriss while most of the Linebacker Flight with Second Lieutenant Aeneas focused on the bombers.

Excluding a minor hull breach to the cargo section of the TCS Cook, the Kilrathi bombers were unable to do much damage. Both the bombers and remaining fighters were wiped out in less than minute.

With no further fighters inbound and the success of forces elsewhere, Football group returned to the Majestic with only minor damage.


Damage Report
TCS Cook - Minor Hull Breach
Minor Damage: 1 Stiletto, 2 Rapiers, 2 Raptors
Moderate Damage: 1 Raptor

TCS Cook: 2 Sarthas (K)

Linebacker Flight
CAP Ramirez: 1 Sartha (K), 1 Sartha (A), 1 Hhriss (AK), 1 Grikath (AK)
1LT Williams: 1 Hhriss (AK), 1 Grikath (AK)
1LT Foster: 1 Sartha (K)
2LT Walsh: 2 Sarthas (K), 1 Grikath (A), 1 Hhriss (A)
2LT Bradford: 1 Sartha (K), 1 Sartha (AK), 1 Grikath (K), 1 Hhriss (A)

Frontlinemen Flight
CAP Cheswick: 1 Hhriss (K)
1LT Martin: 1 Drakhri (K), 1 Drakhri (AK), 1 Drakhri (A)
2LT Amrita: 1 Drakhri (K), 1 Drakhri (AK)
2LT Aeneas: 1 Drakhri (A), 1 Grikath (A)