AAR Action
Date: 2659.051
Report Writer: Cap. Carruthers
Elements: MAJ Cole, CAP Carruthers, 1LT Nawahi, 1LT Nickles, 2LT Walsh
Causalities: None

Major Cole led the briefing for this mission. A squad of fighters was sent to the Rikel jump point to escort the TCS Galahad back to the Majestic, as part of a newly forming battle group gearing up for a push back into Perry. The squad, led by Captain Carruthers, arrived at the jump point without incident. The Galahad came through the jump point, trailed by a Ralari, 2 Grikath and 4 Drakhri. The squad engaged the Grikath, assisting the Galahad as much as they could, eventually obliterating both Grikaths and 2 of the Drakhri. The Ralari and the remaining two Drakhri escaped back through the jump point, though not without damage.


Damage Report
Minor Damage: 2 Stilettos
Moderate Damage: 1 Stiletto

MAJ Cole -
CAP Carruthers -
1LT Nawahi -
1LT Nickles -
2LT Walsh -