AAR Bonemeal
A Boney Surprise
Date: 2659.223
Report Writer: 2LT Bradford
Elements: CAP Espinosa, 2LT Bradford, 2LT Karde, 2LT Singh, Three Pilots and Three Gunners from the Green Knights
Causalities: 2LT Bradford - Wounded

AAR Report Text

Various shrapnel injuries to chests and arm on 2LT Bradford

Damage Report
Moderate Damage: 1 Rapier, 1 Stiletto
Serious Damage: 1 Rapier - Destroyed Cockpit

CAP Espinosa - 1 Dralthi (AK), 1 Sartha (A), Ace Drakhri (A)
2LT Bradford - 1 Sartha (K),
2LT Karde - 2 Dralthi (A), Ace Drakhri (AK)