Aar For Auld Lang Syne
For Auld Lang Syne
Date: 2659.002
Report Writer: Cap. Carruthers
Elements: CAP Carruthers, 1LT Nawahi, 2LT Lane, 2LT Williams
Causalities: None

While on patrol, flight Alpha 3 Fiver is called to the other side of the planet to help the TCS Horatius with a group of retreating Kilrathi. While the Horatius engages the Kilrathi cruiser (Fralthi), the small patrol of fighters takes on 4 Kilrathi Jalthi and 2 Dorkir transports. A chaotic dogfight ensues with both remarkable and insignificant shooting taking place.

Notable action: 2LT Williams fired a missile at the Fralthi once all other targets had been destroyed knocking the Fralthi out of commission.


Damage Report
Minor Damage: 2 Stilettos, 1 Rapier

Flight Wing - 4 Jalthi, 2 Dorkir
CPT Carruthers
1LT Nawahi
2LT Lane
2LT Williams