Kitty On The Rocks
AAR: Kitty On The Rocks
Date: 2659.101
Report Writer: 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford
Elements: CAP Ramirez, 1LT Williams, 2LT Walsh, 2LT Bradford
Causalities: None

A four ship of Rapiers and Stilettos piloted by Cap. Ramirez, 2nd Lt. Bradford, 1st Lt. Williams, and 2nd Lt. Walsh were engaged in a lengthy patrol through the sector Omega of the Asteroid field in search of anything Kilrathi or otherwise. Less than an hour into the patrol, Lt. Williams detected flashes of red and white light nearby. With confirmation by the rest of the flight, Cap. Ramirez ordered the flight to examine the contact. The flight come upon a pair of Talons fighting and dodging a trio of Sarthas and a pair of Dralthi with a fair amount of success including one Talon leading a Dralthi to crash into an asteroid. Shortly after our arrival, the Kilrathi turned to engage us leaving the Talons an opportunity to vacate the area with a quick thank you.

The ensuing sortie is fairly textbook with even odds on both sides. Though the asteroids proved a difficult complication, they were a greater hazard for the Kilrathi pilots with one Sartha colliding into a floating rock.

Unfortunately, the Talons did not leave a discernible trail in order to follow. As a result, Cap. Ramirez ordered the flight to continue on its current patrol route.


Damage Report
Moderate Damage - 1 Rapier

CAP Ramirez - 1 Dralthi
1LT Williams - 1 Sartha
2LT Walsh - 1 Sartha
2LT Bradford - 1 Sartha

Unknown Talon Pilot - 1 Dralthi