Last Ride of a Sabre Pilot
Last Ride of the Sabre Pilot
Date: 2659.245
Report Writer: COL Taylor
Elements: MAJ Cole, CAP Ramirez, 1LT Williams, 2LT Bradford, 2LT Walsh
Causalities: 1LT Jenson - KIA, 2LT Coulson - KIA, MAJ Cole - MIA, 2LT Bradford - wounded

Sierra Flight lead by 1st Lt. Williams reported a group of Kilrathi capships including probable transports were moving near the main asteroid belt of this system. Col. Taylor, at the behest of the on-board Military Intelligence group, gave the order for an immediate strike against the convoy.

A flight of three Sabres, two Rapiers, and one Stiletto were launched for the initial interdiction with a followup strike being prepped. Shortly after the start of the engagement, 1st Lt. Williams flew in to intervene and assist.

While the convoy was not well guarded by spacefighters, the heavy flak from the two transports and two Ralatha-class destroyers proved highly effective. All four escorting fighters received significant damage while the three Sabres were destroyed in short order.

During the engagement, Major Cole ordered the escorts to return to base as he attempted to continue the engagement. Captain Ramirez refused to leave the lone Sabre to the mercy of 4 capships and the two surviving Drakhri escorts. At this time, 2nd Lt. Bradford and Walsh began to retreat the battle area due to critical damage to their fighters. Cap. Ramirez and 1st Lt. Williams did destroy both Drakhri, but Major Cole was unable to score any additional damage on the capships and his fighter was destroyed by flak without any clear ejection signal.

The destroyers, no longer threatened, retreated from the area to follow their transport charges. After a couple of unsuccessful scans with the follow-up strike on the way, Cap. Ramirez and 1st Lt. Williams retreated from the area to escort their wounded flight back to the Majestic.

The follow-up strike was unable to find and follow the convoy, but was able to retrieve the remains and cockpits of the Sabres. The remains of 1st Lt Jenson and 2nd Lt. Coulson were recovered. All three Sabres had launched without gunners, mitigating the losses of this engagement.

2LT Bradford - wounds to chest
MAJ Cole - Missing in Action, likely injured
1LT Jenson - Dead
2LT Coulson - Dead

Damage Report
Moderate Damage - 1 Rapier, 1 Stiletto
Critical Damage - 1 Rapier, 1 Stiletto
Destroyed - 3 Sabres

CAP Ramirez -1 Drakhri
1LT Williams -1 Drakhri