AAR Regallis JumpPoint Engagement
Regallis JumpPoint Engagement
Date: 2658.153
Report Writer: 2nd Lt. Bradford
Elements: TCS Majestic Battlegroup, Lt. Col Jenthson, 1st Lt. Ramirez, 2nd Lt. Bradford, 2nd Lt. Williams
Causalities: 15 crewmen, minor injuries to 1st Lt. Ramirez

Upon jumping into Regallis, the TCS Majestic made contact with a well-equipped pirate force consisting and two old Canveareon class frigates along with an Orion, three Scimitars and three Talons. The pirates were currently attacking three Drayman class merchant vessels who were attempting to escape to Junction. With the arrival of the Majestic, the pirates disengaged and attempted an assault on the Majestic. CAP and Alert fighters were immediately launched and engaged the pirate fighters while the three fleeing merchant transports managed to flee from the scene and jump out-system. Unfortunately, due to power failures while exiting jumpspace, no Broadswords could be launched for the duration of the engagement.

Lieutenant Paz Ramirez scrambled to her fighter and joined into the action just a few minutes into the engagement. After several salvos of limited damage on the Capital ships, the pirate vessel known as the Red Death took a minor hit in the cargo hold, but the blast seems to have denotated its cargo of probably warheads resulting in the complete destruction of the vessel. The pirate vessel Black Death did manage to do moderate damage to the Majestic's hull and Bridge, resulting in the total deaths of 15 crewmembers. The fighter sortie faired better with the destruction of all pirate fighters, but Lieutenant Ramirez's Rapier did take severe damage with her right hand and arm partially burned from laser fire. Second Lieutenants Bradford and Williams's fighters suffered only minor damage.

Due to the Majestic's inability to launch bombers and the Black Death's limited damage, the pirate frigate fled the scene. Lieutenant Colonel Jenthson and Second Lieutenant Bradford followed the frigate at a discrete distance to ascertain the frigate's home base, which was a small pirate outpost.

Note: From communications with the Frigates, this group of pirates is apparently working for Pirate Leader Tayla.

Majestic: 15 crewmembers
1LT Ramirez: Minor Arm Burns

Damage Report
Severe Damage: 1 Rapier
Minor Damage: 1 Rapier, 1 Stiletto

Lt. Col Jenthson - 2 Talons
1LT Ramirez - 1 Scimitar
2LT Bradford - 1.5 Scimitars
2LT Williams - 1 Talon, 0.5 Scimitar