AAR: Big Red Light: Epsilon Flight Zone 1
AAR: Big Red Light: Epsilon Flight Zone 1
Date: 2659.095 1900 hours
Report Writer: 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford
Elements: CAP Ramirez, 1LT Williams, 2LT Bradford, 2LT Walsh
Causalities: None

Shortly after launch, Epsilon flight - consisting of First Lieutenant Williams as flight leader and Second Lieutenants Bradford and Walsh - were sent with the TCS Cook to engage a strike group inbound to the TCS Majestic along vector 0-0-23. The inbound group consisted of a Kamekh, 2 Grikaths, and 3 Sarthas. At the outset of the engagement, First Lieutenant Williams and Second Lieutenant Bradford engaged the bombers while Second Lieutenant Walsh provided cover.

During the engagement, Second Lieutenant Walsh was sent to scout out engagement zone Charlie due to jamming in that region. As Second Lieutenant Walsh disengaged, the TCS Cook arrived with Captain Ramirez. At this time, both the TCS Cook and the Kamekh engaged in a torpedo match while both Grikaths began attempting to torpedo the TCS Cook.

Shortly thereafter, 2 Sarthas and both Grikaths were destroyed by Epsilon flight with no torpedo hits on the TCS Cook and minor damage to the Kamekh. The remaining Sartha went into a dive on the TCS Cook in an attempt to ram it. While the Sartha did get off a dumbfire, the missile did no real damage on the TCS Cook and the Sartha was completely destroyed by Epsilon flight before he could collide with the Venture. It was at this point that the TCS Lancelot sent out a distress call, and the TCS Majestic ordered Epsilon flight to assist. Epsilon flight left the TCS Cook to finish off the Kamekh as they were unable to assist further.

After Epsilon group left, the TCS Cook retreated, ram scoops closed, back to the TCS Majestic with the Kamekh following suit. Upon closing to the TCS Majestic, the TCS Cook opened ram scoops and rapidly decelerated. The Kamekh went past the TCS Cook and was soon after destroyed by a dumbfired torpedo from the TCS Cook. The Kamekh did no damage to the TCS Majestic or the TCS Paden-Powell, but debris from its destruction did flare the shields on both capital ships.


Damage Report
Minor Damage - 2 Rapiers, 1 Stiletto

TCS Cook - 1 Kamekh
CAP Ramirez - 1.5 Sarthas
1LT Williams - 1 Grikath, 0.5 Sartha
2LT Bradford - 1 Grikath, 0.5 Sartha
2LT Walsh - 0.5 Sartha