Big Red Light: Epsilon Flight Zone 2
AAR: Big Red Light - Epsilon Flight Zone 2 - TCS Lancelot
Date: 2659.095 1908 hours
Report Writer: 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford
Elements: TCS Lancelot, COL Taylor, CAP Ramirez, 1LT Williams, 1LT Ichabod, 2LT Bradford, 2LT Lee, 2LT Istara
Causalities: 3 Dead/4 Injured on TCS Lancelot

Upon approach to the TCS Lancelot, Epsilon flight found the TCS Lancelot engaged with a Ralari class destroyer. In addition, November flight - consisting of three Stilettos piloted by First Lieutenant Ichabod, Second Lieutenant Lee, and Second Lieutenant Istara from the TCS Lancelot - were engaged with a flight of 5 Sarthas. There was also an inbound group of 2 Grikaths escorted by a Hhriss and 2 Dralthi.

First Lieutenant Williams - who was still the flight leader - ordered Captain Ramirez and Second Lieutenant Bradford to engage the Grikaths while he provided cover. One Grikath was able to successfully hit the TCS Lancelot with a torpedo doing minor damage, but no further torpedo hits were made on the TCS Lancelot. In addition, November flight attempted to assist in destroying the bombers.

After several minutes of intense fighting, First Lieutenant Williams destroyed the Hhriss while Captain Ramirez had taken out one of the bombers. At this point, First Lieutenant Williams and Second Lieutenant Bradford provided cover while Captain Ramirez finished off the remaining Grikath. Upon destruction of both bombers, only a single Dralthi and Sartha remained with no causalities to November flight.

During the fighter sortie, the TCS Lancelot had managed to make several successful but minor hits on the Ralari but had overall taken more damage in the exchanges. Towards the end, Lieutenant Commander Corwin of the TCS Lancelot bore down on the Ralari taking another hit and doing no significant damage to the Ralari. It was at this point that Colonel Taylor arrived, ordered the TCS Lancelot and November flight back, and proceeded to engage the Ralari without additional bomber or capship support. Colonel Taylor flew into the flak ring of the Ralari, which had halted fire on the TCS Lancelot. Seconds later, the Ralari was destroyed by a successful torpedo hit by Colonel Taylor who flew away from the explosion with minor damage.

At this point, Colonel Taylor, Epsilon flight, and the TCS Lancelot returned to the TCS Majestic.

TCS Lancelot - 3 Crewmembers dead
TCS Lancelot - 4 Crewmembers injured

Damage Report
Moderate Damage - TCS Lancelot
Captain Ramirez's Rapier received additional minor damage
Minor Damage - 2 Stilettos, 1 Sabre
Serious Damage - 1 Stiletto

TCS Lancelot - 0.5 Grikath, 0.5 Sartha
COL Taylor - 1 Ralari
CAP Ramirez - 1.5 Grikaths, 1 Dralthi
1LT Williams - 1 Hhriss, 1 Dralthi, 0.5 Sartha
1LT Ichabod - 2 Sarthas
2LT Istara - 1 Sartha
2LT Lee - 0.5 Sartha
2LT Bradford - 0.5 Sartha