AAR - Wolf In Kat's Clothing
AAR: Wolf in Kat's Clothing
Date: 2659.091
Report Writer: 2nd Lt. Phillip Bradford
Elements: CAP Ramirez, 1LT Williams, 2LT Bradford
Causalities: CAP Ramirez - Wounded

Lt. Ramirez led a medium-range patrol along one of the major approach vectors to the Majestic. Late in the patrol, 1st Lt. Williams detected the ion trail of a damaged Kilrathi fighter along with heavy sensor emissions from four fighter craft. Upon further investigation, the patrol encountered a flight of four Hhriss heavy fighters one of which showed heavy ion trail emissions indicative of severe damage. The damaged Hhriss turned out to be a ruse and was completely functional. Unknown during the course of the engagement, this Hhriss was piloted by an unknown and skilled human pilot who immediately engaged the other Hhrisses during the opening salvos.

Early in the action, the Lead Hhriss severely damaged Ramirez's Rapier resulting in significant loss of function and communications of her Rapier. As the engagement progressed, the Kilrathi turned their complete focus on the human-controlled Hhriss. Eventually, the Lead Hhriss was destroyed by 2nd Lt. Bradford. Not long afterward, the remaining two Hhrisses retreated with moderate damage. The human-controlled Hhriss fled the scene toward a nearby asteroid belt with the following transmission repeated here verbatim:

«Thanks a lot, Confed. You showed up at the wrong time. I nearly got a good look at their fleet in this system. Well, you best run back to your hole in the ground.»

This Hhriss was not followed due to the significant damage to Ramirez's Rapier, her order to Return to Base, and the potential of encountering another Kilrathi patrol along the route back to base.

CAP Ramirez - wounds to chest and right leg

Damage Report
Severe Damage - 1 Rapier
Minor Damage - 1 Rapier

Confed Tallies
CAP Ramirez
1LT Williams
2LT Bradford - 1 Hhriss