Actor Name
2nd Lt Larry Ackerman
Name: Larry Ackerman
Callsign: Kobald
Rank: 2nd Lt
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 221st Squadron Illuminati
Position: Pilot
Age: 43
Homeworld: Erevate 5
Marital Status: Married. Possibly widowed
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Larry was born and grew up on the colony world of Eravate 5. He had a quiet life, a close knit family and a steady job as a supply pilot for one of the system's asteroid mining firms. He married his long-term boyfriend Lance Withers at 25, shortly after the war started. At the time, the fighting seemed a very long way off.

Larry was on a supply run to a mining outpost when the Kilrathi swarmed the system. By the time he heard what was going on it was over, so he dumped his cargo and loaded the miners into the cargo hold instead before setting off for the nearby Confederate battlegroup, headed by the Yorktown-Class Light Carrier TCS Imperious. By the time he got within the carrier's patrol range, Larry had picked up two Kiltrathi patrol craft, and his transport had suffered major damage. He finally landed what was left of his ship with no primary engines, half a wing and one arm, his left having been shredded by a systems overload as he made the final approach. The miners in the hold weren't in much better shape, but they were at least alive.

Larry was still in medical when the Imperious abandoned the Eravate system. He signed up as a pilot as soon as he had recovered enough to have his prosthetic fitted, and was assigned to the TCS Imperious once he had passed through OCS flight training. Since then, he has been credited with an uninspiring two kills in six combat flights. He has also developed a reputation for attracting and somehow surviving disasters that should have killed him many times over. His wing has been ambushed four times, he has lost three fighters, two flight leaders, and barely survived the destruction of the TCS Imperious, after which he was transferred to the TCS Majestic.

After losing his second ship, to a dumb-fire missile he has never explained why he failed to avoid, Larry was grounded with suspected PTSD and depression. The doctors couldn't back that up, though, and the demand for pilots for the war hadn't changed, so he was allowed to fly again.

On the Majestic, Larry has been kept on short rotations, flying close-range patrol sweeps. Ostensibly because of the fatigue he suffers from an imperfectly calibrated neural interface with his prosthetic left arm, but honestly it probably also has something to do with the fact that no-one wants to fly a combat mission with him.

Prior Deployments

TCS Imperious 2656-2659


Civilian Gallantry medal for saving all personnel of mining colony E-14-beta-9 in an unarmed civilian transport. Despite a concerted assault from two Kilrathi scout ships resulting in major personal injuries, Mr Ackerman brought his ship intact to a controlled landing on the TCS Imperious.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

Lt Ackerman's sim performance indicates a very low reaction latency and a good instinct for fighter combat. The discrepancy between this and his performance in live combat is notable and concerning. Recommend ongoing psych evaluations until this is resolved.

Other IC Info

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