Aft Lift

This lift is perhaps thirty square feet total, and can carry ten occupants comfortably (or fifteen with some crowding). The walls are unadorned durasteel, painted a flat grey color. The lift itself is controlled through a touchpanel located next to either side of the door, which shows a color-coded profile view of the carrier. Occupants simply press the desired deck.

Deck 02 - Main Engineering
Deck 05 - TCSF Officers Quarters
Deck 06 - TCN/TCMC Officers' Deck
Deck 07 - Crew Services
Deck 10 - TCN/TCMC Enlisted Deck
Deck 11 - TCSF Enlisted Quarters
Deck 12 - Operations Deck
Deck 13 - Recovery Deck
Deck 14 - Ready Line
Deck 17 - Cargo Deck
Deck 22 - Main Batteries