Almost Edible
Almost Edible
Arc: None
Summary: Majestic's crew indulge in the time-honored pastime of deriding the ship's cuisine.
Date: 2658.234
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Participants: Nucefora Victoria Raine Kayly Saint-Cloud Paz

Apparently making good on his offer to 'buy dinner' Nucefora is currently in the mess hall, trying to decide which of the evening's selections looks the least vile. Unfortunately, fine dining doesn't exactly abound on a carrier.

Tori comes along, her hair braided tightly, and apparently still a little wet. She pauses at the door, glancing around, and then heads over to meet Nucefora, once she sees him there. "Evening," she says, as she comes up beside him. "So what looks good this evening?"

"Don't ask" Nucefora replies with a little laugh. "I'd have to flip a coin to give you an answer, and I'd still be lying" he explains to her, before adding. "I suppose next time we ought to make the wager for dinner planetside somewhere"

Tori chuckles at that answer. "Hey, it could be worse - it could be the regular mess, instead of the officer's. At least ours usually is edible, if barely." She takes a moment to give a long look over the food, and then chuckles. "Okay, you pick. Shall I find a table?"

"True" Nucefora replies with a little nod. "I suppose while I'm here, I can at least conduct that long-overdue investigation into how they manage to fry a rubber chicken…" Nucefora jokes, before giving her a wide smile. "You find the table, I'll bring us some food"

"If you ever do figure that out, I'm sure you will be able to make a fortune." Tori grins and makes her way over to see where there are free tables. She finds one that is in a somewhat secluded area, or at least it's one that is currently unoccupied. She settles into a chair and rests her elbows on the table, setting her chin on her hands, and watches Nucefora.

And Nucefora, well, he gets to deal with the hassle of trying to arrange two dinners at once… finally making his way through the end of the little line, turning for a moment to look for Tori, and then making his way along over with their two plates of I can't believe it's not food.

Tori sits up as Nucefora arrives. Now you know, there might be some raised eyebrows at this, all things considered. Navy type bringing dinner to a pilot and all. "Ah, thank you. What choice did you make today?" she asks, with a curious glance.

"Well, we have… I think it's meat, let's hope they're supposed to be green beans, instant mangled potatoes, and structural reinforcement rolls" Nucefora comments, looking down at the selection of food on the plates. Safe to say, he doesn't think an awful lot of the Majestic's mess.

Tori has to laugh. She's not even sure how to reply to that list of food. But as she does look at the meal, she shakes her head a bit. "Stellar. They've outdone themselves." Haute cuisine, it's not. "It might be edible, I think." She hopes. "Better than the food in medbay." As she knows for sure. "And thank you for collecting it for me. That's very kind of you."

Nucefora smiles a little bit wider at Tori's words as he moves to take a seat, setting one plate in front of her before putting the other one in front of himself. "Well, it's the closest thing I could think of to 'buying you dinner'" Nucefora explains. "And it isn't a sandwich…" see? Meets all his criteria.

"True and true," Tori says, with a nod. "And thank you for buying dinner." She's happy enough to have such good company at dinner, it's a nice thing. "Though how you will top this one, I don't know. It'll be tough." She takes her plate and cutlery, settling back down in her seat.

"Oh, that's easy" Nucefora replies. "I'll take you to the worst dive on New Detroit I can find" he comments, giving her a little grin. "And it'll still seem like an upgrade." That joke made, he gives a little wider smile. "Tell you what, next time we're planetside I'll make sure to take you somewhere nice"

For the just-arrived, Tori and Nucefora are sat at a table off to the side quietly talking over a dinner of (in Nucefora's words) I think it's meat, let's hope they're supposed to be green beans, instant mangled potatoes, and structural reinforcement rolls.

Look, there, in the queue, it's a Paz! Currently waiting in line just shy of the serving line, drumming her fingers on her tray impatiently.

Even bonsais require nutrients. Rain peers warily at the food. Still, eventually she grabs a tray and files in behind Paz, looking somewhat dubious. "Hey there," She smiles at the Tizona.

And that's enough to get Nucefora looking up from his meal towards the pair in the line. "See? I'm not the only naval officer entertaining a pilot tonight" Nucefora jokes to Tori. "Doesn't quite have the dogs and cats living together thing that would come from, say, a pilot and a marine"

Paz turns and offers a smile and a nod in return to Raine. "Hey, Doc. How's things going?" she inquires pleasantly, stepping forward and placing her tray on the guide before looking around for what she hopes to be the more edible choices.

"Pretty good, haven't seen any of you folks in MedBay awhile," Raine smiles over at Paz. Though she doesn't seem to notice Nucefora's comment. She does /spot/ them and wave over. "How about you?" She asks Paz, and debates… which choices. "Hey, I spy a few familiar faces," She smiles and motions over to Nucefora and Tori.

Watch out! A Kayly approaches and gets into the serving line. She grabs herself a tray, and glances over the 'bountiful' offerings that are being served on board the ship today, her expression more neutral to the prospect of ship food, than the usual looks of horror, that most people would tend to have.

And spotting Raine looking over his way, Nucefora looks back towards the doctor… offering her a little wave in return. "Don't get the beef" Nucefora calls out in warning. "I think it's really leftover leather from the captain's chair"

"Heh, thanks for the tip, Commander." Paz calls back. "Eh…I'll take the chicken." she smiles to the server, getting a mild scowl and a pair of fried drumsticks in return, along with a curt nod to move along.

Raine decides… to get the chicken instead too. She offers the server a polite smile. She pauses, "Hello there," And greets Kayly quietly. She smiles at Nucefora too. Her eyebrows life. "Really? Poor Captain, that chair…" It was such a nice chair. "But thank you."

Kayly grins at the food comments by the Commander, and chuckles slightly, as she starts to load up food onto her tray. She gives a nod to Raine, and says, "Hey there boss. How you doing?" As she continues on down the line.

"Not a problem. That's what intel is for" Nucefora comments with a grin, even as he takes another bite of the ill-advised beef. Apparently, he' slearned through his own negative experience. But, it's a bit late to fix that particular error now.

"Oh, hey, Kayly." Paz waves, both to greet the overlooked Doctor and distract the server long enough to spear a thigh with her fork and put it on her plate before moving down the line. Mashed potatoes and mac and cheese later, she's got a serving of spinach, a mug and is headed for the bug juice dispenser.

And Tori has the beef as well, alas. She laughs outright at Nucefora's comment about navy and pilots, but she does at least eat a little of the food. And she shakes her head at Nucefora. "Pilots are good to entertain, I think. Evening, everyone," she says, flashing a smile at the familiar faces.

Raine smiles at Kayly, "Well enough. It's been pleasantly slow." She seems happiest when she doesn't have pilots and such to tend to. She grins back at poor Nucefora. She would giggle at Paz, but figures it's not wise to blow cover. Instead, she loads up some side dishes of her own and find a beverage. "I don't know how entertaining I am, all I can do is tap dannce," She notes wryly.

Kayly waits until Paz has stolen another chicken thigh, before responding to her. "Hey there, Paz. Nice to see you've been staying out of the Medbay as a patient lately." She comments with a smirk, before giving Raine a nod. "Yeah, it's been pretty good lately. All sorts of time to catch up on paperwork."

What do they put in the bug juice? Why, bugs of course? It would explain the particularly, almost radiological greenness of the liquid Paz is dispensing into her mug. "Mind if we join you, Cap, Commander?" she asks, walking in their direction.

"You certainly are at that" Nucefora replies to Tori with a wide smile, before looking back along towrds Paz at her question. "And I don't mind at least. If I was going to try and keep you out, I'd have gotten some mortar and built a wall with the rolls" as if to prove his point, he taps it theatrically on the table. Apparently, the intelligence officer is particularly unimpressed with the mess hall tonight.

Raine looks amused. She nods, "That's… kind of good." Not a fan of paperwork, this one. Either way, she's loaded up on juice and following Paz along. At the news about a mortar and wall of rolls, Raine blinks, "But then you'd be trapped in the mess hall." FOREVER. She widens her eyes a little. "Extra hard today huh?" She frowns. "I think I almost broke a tooth last time." Sadness. She smiles at Kayly. "Hopefully not too much paperwork or the surgeons are sneaking out of it again. I think they give them ninja training sometimes."

Kayly grins slightly at Raine and nods. "Yeah, wouldn't surprise me any. Those surgeons are pretty damned sneaky." She says as she finishes loading up her tray and heads off after the others, towards the table. "Though I don't see why you guys complain so much about the food here. Back when I was a kid, this'd be considered a something like a holiday feast."

Tori just chuckles softly, concentrating mostly on eating and not breaking any teeth on the food. "Come on over and pull up chairs." She tilts her head, and then suggests, "green bean artillery?" That's about all she says, before she goes back to eating, at least just for the moment.

"It's actually not so bad as we make it out to be." Paz admits, chuckling softly as she snags the bottle of hot sauce on the table and laces her spinach with it. "But, we're soldiers and as soldiers, it is our time-honored tradition to bitch."

Saint-Cloud quietly enters the mess, the navy's shortest XO nodding to a few personelle who are leaving as he comes in. Tugging at his uiform he makes his way towards the cafetria-style line. When some of the officers offer to let him pass he shakes his head and lets them go first, in their turn, before getting himself some "grub".

Raine laughs softly and nods, "Comes from all those scalpel skills." She settles in as Tori offers a seat then. "I am not sure why I hit my tooth on something hard. Might've just been bad luck or my tooth is going," Sigh. "I hope not," She rubs her jaw. Then a grin. "Green Bean artillery? Someone could lose an eye." She's willing to giggle about it, but eye loss is serious business. She smiles- wait, is that a red haired XO? It is! Raine offers a little wave to Saint Cloud. "I think I see our XO," She seems pleased enough. "I'm glad to see everyone. How are you guys?"

"Now there is an idea…" Nucefora agrees with Tori. "Has to be better than eating them" he adds with a little grin, before he looks along over Kayly's way. "I think she's got it right" he tells Kayly, pointing to Tizona. "I'm sure that this is really the finest that the lowest bidder can supply" There's a moment's pause and then he jokes. "I wonder if the Kilrathi have that problem…"

Kayly gives Paz a nod, and chuckles as she approaches the table. "Figures. Though we do get better food here, than on my last ship, anyways." She smirks at Nucefora's comment and shakes her head. "Probably, since it doesn't seem likely that they'd be able to bring large amounts of live animals for them to freshly kill every meal."

"Heh, Commander, _please_…tryin' to eat over here." Paz chuckles. "Last thing I need is to try and imagine a Kilrathi wardroom." she grimaces playfully, setting about her spiced-up spinach with gusto. "Hey, look, it's the XO." she says, catching a glimpse of the man and offering a polite nod. "Descended from Olympus to dine with the mortals this evening."

Saint-Cloud looks down at his tray, raising a brow.. But seems happy enough.. It could just be for show, though. He doesn't eat down here /too/ often but he doesn't NEVER eat here so he should know what to expect.. He probably even ORDERED the supplies, as XO. He sighs and makes his way across the mess, looking for a table. He looks over at Paz as he passes, catching what she says. "if I am descended from Olympus, I am probably some minor god." he tells her. "Palaemon, perhaps…" he looks at his plate. "I swear I requisitioned some better protein supplies.." he mumbles.

"I don't know," Raine admits, considering. She smiles a bit and gently starts to nibble on green beans. She grins. "I dunno, I bet lots of intel officers might not wanna wear pants to meetings," She considers. She looks to Saint and peers over. She grins at the Olympus comments. She frowns, "You didn't get them yet?" She remembers his dietary needs and seems concerned. "That's no good. I'll see what I can help," There's a sigh. She shrugs for now, "It's good to see you all."

Tori shrugs a bit, shaking her head. Sheesh, Nucefora has some wit, doesn't he? She listens to the conversation quietly, though as the XO arrives, she nods her head politely as well. "Oh, come on, it could be spinach," she says, flashing a grin at Paz. "At least the green beans can be used as building materials. Not so sure about that spinach."

"What?" Nucefora asks, giving Raine a rather odd look at her comment about intelligence officers. Apparently, he's a little confused by the Doctor. Though that shouldn't be much of a surprise. To Paz, he offers an apologetic smile, raising his hands in mock-surrender. "I promise, no more talk of Kilrathi mess halls."

"Thank you, sir." Paz replies, giving a little mock-bow in gratitude before turning her attention back to her spinach. "Well, sir." she notes for the XO's benefit. "Next time you decide to cross the Rainbow Bridge…Wait…wrong mythology.." she says, stopping herself. "Decide to take…oh….however you get down from that mountain, could you be so kind as to bring along some ambrosia?" she asks the man with a cheeky, teasing little smile. "I'll erect a shrine in your honor, sir."

Saint-Cloud huhs and looks over at Raine. "Get what? No, I have my meds. I will take them after I eat. I meant I requisitioned some fresh meat from a nearby colony for the crew." he tells her. "Sort of a morale booster.."

Kayly chuckles at the banter, as she sets her tray down at the table, and then sits herself down at a chair. She gives the tray another glance as she ponders. "Now just what -did- I grab anyways?" She asks herself as some of the food isn't so recognizable to her. She peers over at Paz, and comments. "You sure you ain't mixing up a -whole- bunch of mythologies there, Paz?"

Raine goes quiet, blushing. She's still got a lot of catching up to do it seems. She's /trying/ to be social at least. Flailing at it, but trying. She tilts her head. A shrine to Cloud? That could be interestnig. "Oooh." She blushes, "I'm sorry. That's very kind of you sir," She smiles at him. "You're very thoughtful." And they might well all be grateful. "If you want to sit, I think that'd be okay," Nod. She looks to Kayly and Paz. "Beats me on both accounts. Mine's chicken. Or at least an ex-chicken."

Tori sets her fork and knife down after a moment or two, and listens to the banter. "If it isn't moving, then you didn't get the Jello," she tells Kayly, unable to avoid the comment, even if Saint-Cloud is right there to hear it. She also scoots her chair over, a little closer to whoever's beside her, making room for the incoming crowd.

"Looks like we've drawn in half the ship" Nucefora tells Tori with a little bit of a grin. "Who knew we were so popular" he jokes, before turning his attention towards the rest of the conversation. "Look on the bright side, sir" Nucefora says to Saint-Cloud. "We can consider the shared suffering a form of team-building and call it done"

Saint-Cloud raises a brow in Tori's direction but he doesn't seem like he can dispute that observation. "I swear we will get that ground beef if it kills me." he grumbles. He takes the now open seat and sits down.. poking at the jello with the.. is that fruit or vegetable bits floating in it. "It looks like a model from the blob.. I think of of the carrots looks like a semi dissiolved Steve McQueen.."

"Oh dear sweet, Mary." Paz sighs. "Please, _gentlemen_…All due respect, but I know this may not be four star cuisine, but I would like to be able to eat it, just the same." she protests gently. "Honestly."

Kayly rolls her eyes a bit, as she starts to eat some of her food, rather than commenting any more on it herself. She gives a shake of her head, as she listens to the XO's words, and seems to be about to make a reply, before she glances at Paz, and decides not to.

Saint-Cloud shakes his plate, the multicolor mass jiggling ominously. "Heeeeeeelp Meeeeee." he squeeks, in a The FLy like voice.

Raine considers that, and pokes her dessert. Poit. "Hmm, nope. Looks like I got the cranberries," She grins. "No Steve McQueen here either," She looks sad. She smiles at Cloud, "It's stil very tthoughtful of you sir." Then a wince. "Um. Yeah." Her eyes are wide, peering at hers. She seems less confident in eating it now. "Maybe I can just eat part of it and some later…" As if she needs to lose weight. She grins at Kayly. "So, how go things? Any interesting plans?" She offers a subject change.

Tori looks over at Nucefora and then she grins. "Must be your charm," she says. Cause you know, he is the new guy, right? Time to pick on him for a bit. Ahem. At Paz' comment, she gets a mischievous look on her face, but then decides to give it a rest. Though, at Saint-Cloud's imitation of the fly, she blinks. "We could mount a rescue. Green bean artillery, I'm telling you." And when they start building a little battle scene with dinner, that's a bad - uhm, hey … wait a minute. Jello isn't really supposed to talk.

"I'll take that explanation" Nucefora tells Tori with a wide smile, at her comment about the reason for the gathering. "Not sure I believe it, but I'll take it" he adds, pausing and giving a strange look to Saint-Cloud's jello. "Ok, suddenly glad I didn't have the jello…"

Saint-Cloud blinks at the speaking Jello.. "My word.. It's been sittin around so long it evolved sentience.." he says, deadpan.. Then chuckles and looks around at the group. "if I catch anyone doing that again, I will draft them for a special project. because I know NONE of you listed ventrilquism in your extra skills." he says as he takes a bite of the jello salad… and chews… and chews some more.. Then swallows. "Saint Thorgrim.." he says hoarsley…

"Hey that actually wor…." Paz begins, beaming, then turning attention swiftly back to her plate and the task of giving her mac and cheese a few dots of hot sauce. "This actually looks worth eating." she notes, using her fork to indicate her mac.

Kayly raises an eye at the 'talking' Jello, and gives another shake of her head, as she continues to eat her food. "That's why you're supposed to save the dessert for last, sir." She comments with a smirk towards the XO.

A few blinks aat the jell-o. Her eyes are wide as saucers. "Me too…" Cranberries are nice and friendly by comparison. "It's very ill mannered," Raine states simply. "At least mine invites you over for tea," She nods. She watches the Jell-o and grins. She lets it fade to a smile. For now, Raine learns from her mistakes and seems content to watch and listen for a moment. Then it hits her, she smiles. "I will name him Sir Jiggl—" And then Cloud takes a bite out of it. "Well, dinner." She smiles at Paz. "Yeah? How is the mac tonight?" She looks to kayly and smiles again.

Tori eyes Paz for a moment, but just shakes her head. "The mac and cheese, hmm? Well, guess it's hard to ruin that," she says. By now though, she's eaten all that she can stomach of the food that she had on her plate. She grins at Nucefora. "Well, you're welcome to come up with your own idea," she tells him. "But maybe you can tell me next time? I should go get ready for my shift. Have a good dinner, all." She gets to her feet and collects her tray.

It's true. Good ole mac 'n cheese. Surviving the centuries through tastiness. She smiles at Tori, "It was good to see you.

Nucefora gives Tori a little bit of a nod. "Of course, wouldn't want to keep you from your duties. Have a good night, Tori" Nucefora tells her with a wide smile, before turning his attention back to the other craziness going on around him. "Wait, there's macaroni and cheese?" he asks. "I suppose we'll have mortar for our roll-wall after all"

Saint-Cloud chews some more of the Jello… stuff.. And is trying to make the bst of it..Really he is.. FInally he looks a bit peeved and pushes it away. "Okay.. This isn't right. We fight on the front damned lines. We have shortages of everything but the one thing we should have is DECENT food." he mutters as he pulls out his notepad. "The military travels on it's stomach.. A good meal can be the decisive factor between winning or losing. If I have to invade the nearest colony myself, I WILL get us some fresh supplies."

"Actually, all clowning aside, the mac n' cheese is usually pretty good. Like Tori said, it's hard to get it wrong." she smirks, shoveling up a few forkfulls in the traditional manner of fighter pilots on standby, read - quickly! Her manners are good, but her velocity is impressive. "Well, sir, Napoleon Bonaparte always said that an army marches on it's stomach." she notes, then gives Tori a wave as she makes her exit. "Take care, Cap. Glad you're feeling better." she smiles.

Kayly gives a nod to the departing Tori, and offers. "Take care of yourself." She then turns towards the XO as he makes his declaration. "Whatever you do, don't try and get food from New Detroit. Nearly everything from there tends to end up tasting and smelling all smokey. " She comments with a bit of a grimace.

It's true. Good ole mac 'n cheese. Surviving the centuries through tastiness. She smiles at Tori, "It was good to see you." Raine nods and nibbles on some green beans. Mmmm, artillerylicious. Taste the shrapnel. Nom! Raine looks quietly happy, reverting to a bit of a shier state. She looks sympatthetic to Cloud. "Though, I have to admit seeing you on a one man invasion for supplies would be really, really impressive," She looks thoughtful, envisioning cloud on such a thing. She seems happy. "Be well," A wave to Tori. She looks to Kayly, "Really? I've never been there…"

Saint-Cloud bahs and does wave to TOri as she leaves, then looks at the remaining 'forces'. "I like mac and cheese. It is a universal constant. But sometimes.. SOMETIMES.. I need something more. And if it is some smoky, new detroit hamburger mixed in then so be it.. I will find the largest transport I can, drop unpowered behind 'enemy' lines and rustle us some grub."

"Well, there's some fisheries in New Illyricum could stand to have a few contracts." Paz muses, dotting her mashed potatoes with hot sauce, yes, hot sauce, the secret of galley cuisine, before proceeding to plow through them with robotic precision. "I could get you some contact information, sir." she smiles.

"I know the people that sell my bonsais might have fruits available," Raine offers. She smiles at Paz. "That'd be nice, I like fish…" To eat and to keep! "I'll keep my eyes open for any good veggies," She promises. "What kinds would you guys like anyway?" She asks quietly.

Kayly chuckles some, and nods at Raine. "Yeah, that's pretty much what happens when you take a planet, and turn it into what's mostly a giant industrial sector or city, over most of the planet. Lots of pollution, especially since the people who made it that way, didn't tend to care about anything other than money in the first place." She replies with a grin. "Probably just as well that you've missed it so far." She concludes with a firm nod at her reasoning.

"Amazing how quickly this turns from talking jello to what's almost a serious conversation" Nucefora notes with a bit of amusement, finishing off the last of his entirely-not-appetizing sort of meal.

Saint-Cloud hmmmms and looks to Paz. "That would work. Fish is high protein.. And stores very well when prepared and packed properly. Hell, I would kill even for /smoked/ fish.. " he mumbles.

"Jell-o is inspiring," Raine nods and grins. "I have my tiny trees, though I usually just nibble on those fruits," And a frown. "Aah… that's sad." She smiles. "Fish is definitely good," She agrees. "Though - I'm kind of sad. I gave someone one of my tiny citrus trees… they didn't take good care of it." Sads. Oh well. "People are strange when money gets involved." She is finishing her own meal, glad for the distractions.

Paz tucks into her pseudo-fried chicken with hungry gusto. "Caul-caul smokes pretty good, but it's best grilled.." Paz nods. "Intagglio's got enough meat on it for a lot of steaks, keeps good, if you freeze 'em _fast_…" she muses between bites and swigs of bug juice. "Oh…and there's always Illy-Willy…tiny little buggers, but they make _great_ soup stock."

Kayly refrains from commenting anymore on things like pollution, as she works on finishing eating her food. She peers over at Paz, as the names of what are apparently fish get named off, and she ponders out loud. "Who comes up with those names, and what drugs where they on, in the first place?"

"Probably the same people who name the colonies" Nucefora comments with a little laugh. "I figure at some point, they probably just start running out of sensible names for these things and go with the first thing that comes to mind and isn't taken"

Saint-Cloud smirks at Raine. "I would guess that fresh citrus, even that tiny, would make big bucks. I was thinking about trying to build a small aeroponics garden somewhere but then remember the last time i tried.. and failed. My third wife is the gardener, not me.." he looks to Paz and his mouth seems to water. "Got anything like crawfish? We could have a huge fish boil…"

Raine smiles, "Yeah? I'll see what the company offers. If not, I'm - glad to show you what I know about aeroponics or bonsai. At the least, we can make sure you have some berries or citrus around. Maybe dry them and save them up if you cared to share." She doesn't seem too confident, but willing. Her eyes widen at the stuff offered. "really?" Oooh. Even Raine likes meat it seems. She grins at Nucefora. "Or just slam their heads onto a keyboard and hope for the best."

"Heh, you got me, Kayly." Paz chuckles, shrugging a little before tucking away the last of her meal and using the standard-issue wet wipes in her plastic-wrapped 'mess kit' on her face and hands. "We all think the people who ran the final survey team were eating whisky grass." she winks. "Shame we can't get some of _that_." she grins wolfishly. "But ICC quarantines are ICC quarantines." she shrugs. "Crawfish?" she replies, pivoting her head towards Saint-Cloud. "Not in New Illyricum, but around the poles, you've got crustaceans like nothing you've ever imagined."

"Or that" Nucefora replies to Raine with a little bit of a laugh. "And sorry if I'm not a whole lot of help here, by the way" he adds to the others doing their plotting. "My job's more worrying about the other side of the fence than arranging the logistics on this end. Much less knowing where the fish are"

"I didn't know where the fish and meat were either," Raine admits. She smiles a little at Paz. "Best to keep it that way, it'd be icky if someone got germs or something," She sighs. "Hopefully it'll work out. I'll keep my trees happy," Beam. Although, she looks to Kayly then her watch. "Oh! I guess I'm up this round. I'll see you guys soon… I'm sorry about the weirdness." Clumsy, but trying.

"When you live in an Archipelago, you get really familiar with seafood, seaweed, sea grass…." Paz chuckles. "And you don't so much care what it's called, but what it taste like."

Kayly grins slightly and shakes her head. "Heh, as far as I ever knew as a kid, most forms of meat and fish, came from commercial transports. Never really occured to me much that they 'grew up' or were raised anywhere." She states with a chuckle. She gives a wave to Raine, as the CMO gets ready to leave. "See ya later boss. Don't let the nurses take over this time, though!" She jokes, smirking a bit.

"I suppose you've got a point there. Nothing at all grows where I'm from" Nucefora explains. "So it literally does all come on a transport for us" he adds, before looking along towards Raine. "See you soon, Doctor. And don't worry about it, I think we're all weird tonight"

"Take care, Doc." Paz smiles, waving as she settles back into her chair for a post-meal 'grunt'. "Good seeing you under less..official circumstances." she winks. "Tell the Bonsai Army I said hello."

"That's probably true," Raine smiles at Paz. She lookss over to Kayly. A soft laugh at that, "Oh. I'll try… it's tough, they've got the numerical edge." She grins. She looks to Nucefora and nods. "It can be kind of weird. Honestly, a lot of fresh produce looks odd compared to what we see imported or sold," She notes. "Be well, all of you. And I certainly will." BONSAI ARMY! With that, Raine goes to return her tray and tend to her 'baay.