Anger Cannot be Dishonest
Anger Cannot be Dishonest
Arc: Cloaks and Daggers
Summary: An old friend gathers some of Majestic's crew on New Detroit for a special mission
Date: 2659.009
Related Logs: None
Participants: Pickett Kayly James Aiden

The meeting instructions weren't the most detailed things in the world, just a simple instruction to meet their contact in the conference room of the Titan hotel. Pickett loiters waiting for their arrival, slouched in a chair and with his feet propped up on the edge of the conference table while he reads over a datapad.

Kayly wanders into the conference room, looking as if she's just idly wandering around the hotel, as she enters. She pauses to look around the room, curiously for a few moments, before she finds herself somewhere to sit.

James makes his way through the hotel with his lucky novel tucked away into a jacket pocket as a percaution. He doesn't have the slightest clue why his name came up for this but decides to see if it makes sense after he meets his contact. He eters a little behind Kayly, trying to hide his surprise at seeing her. Then he turns towards the man waiting for them and blinks to make sure that he isn't seeing things before saying "Hello, It's been a while sir."

"That it has, Cutlass" Pickett replies. "Pull up a chair and we'll get started" he offers, before he gives a little grin and adds. "Since I'm sure right now I've probably got both of you confused as all hell"
Kayly leans back a bit in her chair and shrugs a bit at the comment, as she glances at the other two in the room. "So what is this all about, anyways?"

James smiles "Oh trust me ifthat was part of yourplan you've at least got it well covered." He makes his way towards the conference table and takes a seat adding "Atfirst I was wondering if there had been some data mix up at HQ."

"I'll give you the short version" Pickett explains simply. "While the Majestic was in Tingerhoff, the TCS Winterrowd was going to take a force into Perry and try to catch the Kilrathi by surprise. The only catch was, when the recon screen jumped they had company waiting for them. Six destroyers and a pair of cruisers, to be exact. We lost fourteen of the sixteen pilots in the recon screen, as well as the corvette TCS Foreman."
James grimaces at the news of the losses but his expression shows that he is still confused about what that has to do with him being here.

Kayly ponders that news stoicly, and then asks out loud, "Which leads to us being here, why, sir?"

"Obviously, we've got good reason to suspect the Kilrathi were tipped off. Further, there's suspiction a group calling themselves the 'society of mandarins' are responsible." Cole explains. "TCNI is going over things from the fleet end, but someone's got to get their hands dirty planetside to check out this end of things as well. And that's where we come in. We've got a little group of now-officially-former Confederation personnel, most of whom have a reason in the records to have a grudge with Confed one way or another. So we're going to play Mercenary, and see if we can get someone to take the bait."

James nods after a few moments thought "Ok that explains what we are doing here at least. Please tell be that we'll get to lookover whatever we are flying before we go out, and what will we be flying for that matter? Stilletos don't exactly do much good as merc craft unless you've rammed a jumpdrive in some how, and I would imagine there aren't many mercenaries with them anyways."

Aiden enters into the conference room nodding to somebody behind him probably having asked directions. He turns around to look at the others here. "Uh, hey had to pick some things up." The young man approaches in time to hear the questions but waits to be caught up on what's going on after rather odd orders after all.
The sound of the door opening leaves Pickett reaching briefly for the pistol at his thigh (See, he wasn't just sitting with his legs propped on the table out of laziness!), though he relaxes his hand from the grip as he recognizes the face that wanders in as one of his 'recruits'. "Take a seat" Pickett tells Aiden. "We've just briefly been discussing why you're all here."

The pilot nods to the speaker as the door shuts behind him and to what he's missed hoping he'll get the short version of the backstory. He moves a bit further in and takes a seat as he was asked. Aiden cant help but glance around at others as he waits. He seems to be doing his best to look un-concerned over the whole thing about coming here and such.

James glances towards the newcomer for a moment, and nods in greeting then turns back towards Pickett while silently making a note to look into getting a weapon ASAP.

"What we were just discussing" Pickett explains for the benefit of the new arrival. "Is that we suspect there's a leak in our operations somewhere, with a coordinated group behind it. You're all here because we needed someone to look into whether that was coming from the civilian side of things, and a disgruntled group of ex-confed mercenaries seemed the best of bad options" Pickett summarizes. "As for your question" Pickett comments, looking back to Cutlass. "We're going to see if we can't procure a few fighters off the local market. Talons if we can get our hands on them, Orions if we can't."

James nods as he tries to recall what he knows about those craft. "Just let me know when we have them, and I'll look mine over, and anyone else's if we don't have any technical support on this one or they would like."
Aiden lisens closely getting an idea of what's going on quickly enough. "Ah." He says the response on fighters gives him a chance to think about things. "So we're going to be picked up by these guys as some rogue pilots on the fringe?" He asks to be sure he understands or hopes so anyways. His attention is fully on the other now who's speaking of the mission.

"That's the plan" Pickett replies to Aiden with a little nod. "Though it might mean taking a bit of busy-work around here until we get ourselves established. Once everyone's reported in, I'll call you all together and we'll have a little meet-and-greet, so you'll know who's with us. We've got the 72nd floor of the hotel at our disposal, so it's safe to assume anyone who's staying up there is one of ours. You can speak freely here or in your rooms, TCNI has already gone over them with all sorts of technical devices I don't understand" Pickett admits. "But, anywhere else, assume someone might be listening with intent to do us harm. Other than that, you're here as civilian mercenaries. Feel free to act the part. When I don't need you for a job, go out, blow some money, get drunk, raise hell. I really don't care. Just don't do anything that's going to put the mission at risk."

James nods before asking "Any idea howlong we will be roaming until the ships get here?" while debating how to spend his unexpected leave time.

"We might be up to a week or so before we find an acceptable source on the ships. But I suspect we'll have some work to take care of planetside before then, so don't get /too/ comfortable" Pickett replies.

"Gotcha Sir, so blend in but be able to pull up in time to fly when needed." Aiden says unable to help the smirk cross over his face he's not had too much down time since starting as a pilot.

James grimaces at this news "Fixing ships, or flying ships I'm good at. Ground fighting not so much. I'm qualified with either a laser or slugthrower but not much more sir."

Pickett gives a little nod at Aiden's words. "That's pretty much it" Pickett confirms. "And don't worry too much about that" he adds to James. "We've brought along a mix of personnel for this. We should have a few experts to cover most any situation, even if the rest of us are having to make it up as we go along."

James nods and says with a smile "I'm decent at that part at least. So just how many people that we all know are going to be part of this party anyways?"

"Less than a dozen all told" Pickett replies. "If we brought too many in it would look a bit suspicious. As it was, we had to be careful about routing you through different spaceports, with a whole litany of different reasons for your departure from the Confederation, with the dates spead out as widely as we could manage"