Captain Gwen Bancroft
Name: Gwen Bancroft
Callsign: Slayer
Rank: Captain
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 102th Fighter Squadron: The Conquistadors
Position: Pilot
Age: 32
Homeworld: Homeworld
Marital Status: Single
Actor: NPC



A stocky 6'2", Gwen Bancroft is a tough as nails pilot. As comfortable in the cockpit of a heavy fighter as she is throwing back a few pints with her fellow pilot, she is brash and rough. She'd likely have been made a major some time ago if not for her regular visits to the brig.

Prior Deployments

<Where has your char been? What ships were they on? What battles have they fought in? Maybe they had a cool assignment someplace?>


<Medals, letters of commendation, sniper-tastic awards? Dole 'em out here.>


Numerous citations for drunken brawls and insubordination. At least one note for striking an MP.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

<This is where you would put IC info that your Department Head would have access to in your file. If your prior stowage with the Admiral's daughter earned a letter of admonishment that would be hand-written and inserted, stick that here!!! Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be negative, either.>

Other IC Info

Every ship has a bully, Gwen is ready to fill that role. If she thinks she'll enjoy it.