Boarding Party Of A Pirate Frigate
Boarding Party of a Pirate Frigate
Arc: None
Summary: Paz and Phillip escort a boarding party to capture the frigate that fled from earlier.
Date: 2658.154
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Participants: Paz, Phillip, Trey, Janice, Andy, Kayly, Valdis, Jim

Regallis. A wretched hive of scum and villainy, as Majestic has already discovered. Pirates equipped with capital-class ships, entire worlds held under their sway….the Bengal-class has a world of work ahead of her, and as such, she has set out to even the odds. A starfighter patrol happened upon a Caernarvon-class Frigate flying the pirate-flag, and managed to disable the ship. Now, the TCS Normandy, a Hercules-class transport has been dispatched with a prize crew, and an escort of two Rapiers, having to board, and pacify the vessel. At the moment, all appears quiet, with the ship floating in space, under guard by Stilettos and a Broadsword, all rapidly approaching Bingo fuel.

Janice: A tall, lean young woman. Despite her otherwise smooth skin, crow's feet are already forming around dark eyes that seem perpetually narrowed, inspecting things. Her black hair is pulled tightly back into a bun.

She is currently wearing the uniform of a commissioned Terran Confederation Naval Officer. The uniform is in pieces, consisting of a blue paneled formal duty jacket with grey piping, a high closed collar, and sharp shoulders. The fabric almost resembles a wool composite. The shoulders bear a rank insignia of Lieutenant (JG). The Terran Confederation's flag sits on the left shoulder, while the other displays the emblem of the TCN and the TCS Majestic personalized badge logo. Decoration flags are affixed to the left breast and the right breast bears the nametag of DUTTA. A white undershirt is visible below the blouse. She wears a pair of dark blue slacks that hang down her legs, with the ends tucked into a pair of well-polished black duty boots.

Janice sits in one of the seats, back against the hull, a pad out in front of her with the "standard" Caernarvon blueprints laying out in front of her. "All right, gather around," she says, waving everyone forward. "The ship is disabled, so at the least we don't have to worry about them firing on us. Once we're aboard…" She glances towards Valdis. "Corporal, your team takes point, obviously. We'll secure the bridge, then move back to see how badly damaged the engines are and get them up and running." She looks towards Trey. "Lieutenant Grayson, hail the Caernarvon. Inform them they're under arrest, and give them one last chance to surrender." She exhales. "If we're lucky, this will all be nice, easy, and we'll all be back aboard ship in time for supper." She tries to give a confident smile, but looks a bit uneasy here.

In the hazy area outside of the chain of command(sort of), and very definitely unsuited to combat leadership, Lieutenant Bernard sits in the farthest corner away from the hatch, his naval rating cameraman, and TCSF NCO still photographer both filming the action, and snapping stills of the waiting soldiers and sailors. For his part, he seems content to sing quietly to himself, and look like he'd rather be -anywhere- but here.

"Got it" The short marine woman replies with a little nod to Janice. "Don't worry, we'll take care of whatever's onboard, you just find something nice to hide behind and try not to get shot" she tells the navy officer with a soft laugh, idly checking over her weapon as she waits for the landing craft to arrive at its destination.

Trey leans back in his chair while he flies the transport towards the still vessel. "Yeah. Yeah. Can do that, bosslady." He flips some switches on the ceiling, then pushes a few buttons on the console itself, setting the energy flow to the shields just how he wants them. The pilot leans back and gets a cocky, amused look on his face. Speaking is really just for the pirates benefit. One can just look at him and get the message: Smug sarcasm: «Attention pirate vessel. This is Lieutenant Grayson of the TCS La Drang. You are in violation of Terran Confederation directive 227 stroke b, subsections 'a' through 'f', conspiracy to commit grand theft in a spacefaring craft, blablabla. Also directive 187, executive orders 10217, and a few others. I'm not reaaally keeping track of this stuff like I used to. You already know what I'm gonna say, so let's just get to the fun parts, huh?" He grins at Janice, then jabs his thumb at the radio, «You're ordered to prepare for boarding, power down your stuff, come out with your hands up, but not too far out.» He laughs, «-Thaat- would be stupid. Icy void of space and all that, you know? Anyway, if you guys could take a shower before you come out? Boy… I know I'd sure appreciate that. Yeah… also if you resist you will be forcibly converted to space bacon, so help me god.» "How's that?"

Kayly looks around the interior of the shuttle, as she waits for it to reach the target, as she mentally goes over a checklist to be sure that she's got everything she might need on this little vacation trip. For whatever reason she doesn't look nearly as nervous as any of the other naval officers appear to be, at the nature of this mission.

Sprung from sickbay, Paz flexes first the elbow of her right arm, then the fingers of her right hand, both swaddled thoroughly in beige tape and lumpy with gauze bits beneath, and winces at the tendrils of pain that shoot up them. "Fuck.." she sighs into her helmet, cocking her damaged right arm at the joint of her leg and crotch. Fortunately, all she needs to do with it is guide the stick and depress triggers. «Iceblade, Tizona.» she calls over the radio. «If this turns ugly, we're going to need to take out those Talons first of all. Recommend you go to missiles and lock on.»

Iceblade's Rapier is cruising along in formation with the other two craft. He chuckles a little in his Rapier after Trey's surrender order. He hears Paz's comm and acknowledges, «Roger Tizona. Though hopefully there won't be anything flying at us tonight. Iceblade out.»

«<Right, Feddie. Last time I checked, you still had to secure us…before our friends show up.»> A fellow holding a large automatic weapon appears on the Hercules' VDU, smirking response to Trey's orders. «<We surrender. We go to prison. We go to prison, Tayla has us shanked in the shower. So, I suggest you strap the fuck up, kid.»> The sound of his weapons bolt being worked makes it across the line, before the feed is cut off.

«We're Bingo, Tizona. We're RTB»> This is all the warning that the Majestic fighters receive from the initial patrol, as they cut out, and head for home, moving at maximum cruise. It is just moments between the time they fall out of sensor range, that a total of three blips appear, and streak in a maximum burn. A pair of Talon fighters, escorting a Scimitar are at max burn, as they seem focused on making a quick pass against the Hercules and her escorting ships. Warheads are released, and shit is hitting the fan.

Janice genuinely smiles at Trey's warning, but the smile disappears at the pirate's response. She leans back against the hull and closes her eyes. "This," she declares to no one in particular, "Is the part I hate most about being in one of these little tin cans… no turrets." And then it's all up to the pilots…

"After a while, the novelty wears off" Valdis comments, looking over to Janice with a little bit of a smile. "Besides, it could always be worse. At least these are just pirates." Famous last words?

"Did he say friends?!" Andrew looks up from his silent reverie, fear in his eyes. He doesn't like the sound of friends. Not having any himself, they are a scary proposition, after all. His crew hide snickers behind their hands, before snap-zooming in on Janice, as she speaks her mind about not liking this sort of ship.
Jim arrives from the RP Rooms.

Trey peers at the VDU, "Well, that was unexpected." Trey's voice makes it sound like he totally expected that response. «Copy that, Blackbeard. Hey, you got a little mustard on your lip. Might want to clean that off before… oh, hell with it.» He steers the shuttle craft towards the disabled vessel while things begin to heat up. "Yeah. You know, I've probably had a dogfight on board a shuttle craft before and didn't know it. I'm not knocking it. «Escort wing, this is the La Drang. Was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring exceeept the three assholes in victor formation, coming in at heading one one seven with respect to Nav beacon one. We're going to come in hot.» He turns off the radio. "Really hot."

Kayly sighs slightly at the totally expected response that the pirates give to Trey's call for surrender. She also looks slightly more concerned about the prospect of getting shot at in a tiny shuttle than she is about getting shot at by the pirates on board the frigate. "Why do they always like doing things the hard way?" She comments to no one in particular, and chuckles softly.

«Tally-ho! Iceblade, Tizona, go to missiles, target that Scimitar. We gotta take out, then we can split the Talons up.» Paz radios, setting action to words and lining up a shot…

Phillip hears the frigate mention 'friends' and immediately checks his scanners and behind the frigate visually for the inbound craft. The sight of a three on two match does not make Phillip feel very happy. He immediately switches to IR missiles and sets his target on the Scimitar. He burns forward to keep to one side of the Paz, «Roger Tiz.» Iceblade keeps his eyes constantly moving from the Scimitar to Paz to one of the two Talons which has seen fit to turn towards him. The range quickly closes and the lock comes. Iceblade fires his missile to turns to one side of the Scimitar.

Trey is able to avoid the attacking Scimitar with ease, due in part to his escorts flattening the son of a bitch with a pair of missiles. It all seemed a little too easy, aside from the missile slamming into Phillip's Rapier with a fair amount of accuracy. It shouldn't take long for the Hercules to dock now, so long as it doesn't manage to get itself fragged in the next few seconds.

Janice gets up and moves towards the cockpit, to stare out at the approaching Caernarvon — and perhaps peek over Trey's shoulder to look at the sensor boards. "Any sign of activity from the frigate?"

"Alright, everyone get ready" Valdis says to her team, shifting a little bit where she's seated and tightening her grip on her own weapon. "Get moving as soon as we'd down, and for the love of god clear the hatch quickly!"

Jim finally lifts his head up from prayer, and proceeds to crack his neck. A few sweat beads, are forming on his forehead, but he wipes them away, and a smile appears on his lips. "All right, who's ready to kick some ass homies? YAY! I'm totally feeling it right now!"

Trey pulls back on the stick. The transport handles like a transport. An unsurprising fact that fails to improve things too much. Trey, for what it's worth, is incredibly casual about flying a total slug through the middle of a firefight. There's being professional, and then there's this, which goes past the cool, relaxed professional mark and comes out the other side into a very strange sort of place. "Well, I think I saw him scratch himself before he turned off the comm, so there's that, at least." Those inside the shuttle will feel some serious momentum pimming them to the walls or, if they're on the wrong side of the craft, -away- from the walls. He manages to avoid getting hit by a dumbfire. The missile sails right past the cockpit. «La Drang coming in for a landing. We're good.»

Still cowering toward the back of the Hercules, Andrew blinks at the enthusiasm from Jim, and points at him, as if indicating that the camera crew would be better served focusing on the excitement evident from the Terran Confederation young marines. Though the combat maneuvering ends up having him vomiting, and ending with a big splash of bile on the front of his uniform, thanks to the momentum.

Kayly keeps an eye on the marines, as she waits in her seat for the shuttle to hit the ground, or deck in this case. A faint smirk might be seen if one were really paying attention, when Andy throws up from the violent maneuver the shuttle makes.

Against the sound of Andy throwing up, Trey helpfully adds, "Watch it. We're in for some chop."

«Good shooting Iceblade!» Paz radios as the Scimitar detonates like a bomb. «You take one, I'll take the other…let's kick some ass!» she calls, her grin evident through the tone of her voice as she flips her remaining missile onto the other Talon.

Iceblade's missile flies forth and his craft turns, but an IR from that Talon slams across his nose, which makes Iceblade's controls a little less responsive. One red dot does, however, disappear from his screen, so Iceblade sets his sights on that pesky Talon, «Oh right buddy, you are so going to pay for that.» Iceblade's Rapier comes about in a turn and ends up right onto the Talon's tail. A lock is quickly heard and Iceblade fires, «Iceblade, Fox two.»

Shuttles aren't like fighters. They can take a few hits, with thick armor near the all-important cargo areas. The cockpit tends to be a little lighter, generally based on the flattering philosophy that people can be replaced, but precious cargo cannot. Of course, when the cargo is people, there's just not that much one can do. The other difference is that they are not designed to mitigate the damage they take too well, so when a missile catches sight of Trey's ride, Trey, an experienced airman himself, even at the ripe tender age of 23, knows what's about to happen. "OK. That's not good. I think we're going to."


It's like a car accident back there. Anything on the left side of the craft that isn't bolted down will go to the right side. If that includes people, then so be it. Whiplash is possible. «We're hit.» "Anyone dead? That's bad." Fires start all around the cockpit as the controls effectively burn themselves out in short order. But the pilot manages to get the shuttle into a docking position, "OK. This is going to really suck, because they're waiting at the door. Also I think the control panel is on fire and we're never going home again."

It was a rough, and violent docking maneuver, no doubt. But, that's the way things go. Just about the time the hatch is sealed, and the marines manage to get the door open? Bullets tear into the inside of the Hercules, indiscriminate in their targets, just trying to kill the enemy before they step foot aboard the Frigate. Muzzle flashes would indicate that a pair of assault rifle equipped pie-rats are the threat that is most pressing. Of course, with gear still settling and possible broken bones among the cargo, it might be difficult to tell -what- the fuck is going on.

One missile flies. The Talon turns. And well…the missile makes a 'less than stratifying' hit on the Talon's body doing only moderate damage. Unfortunately for Iceblade, the Talon's maneuverability allowed it to quickly turn onto his tail, so Phillip attempts to jerk the Talon off it. The result is also less than satisfying, as the Talon fires his second IR missile at him. The Talon is too close, however, for Iceblade to avoid the missile, so he quickly boosts his port shields and turns right into the missile suffering only moderate damage to the Rapier's body. Iceblade quickly afterburns away and lets loose a FF missile, doing as best as he can to avoid further hits from the Talon.

"Not yet…not yet….not yet…." Paz chants to herself as she tracks down her quarry, willing her targeting systems to align with the enemy ship. The missile hit sends her reeling for a moment, but a bit of pedal work and a little back stick puts her in the groove. "Gotcha!" she says, squeezing the trigger gently as her HUD turns green and calls SHOOT!

The Talon comes at Iceblade from the side hitting one of the last sections of forward armor Iceblade's Rapier has. Phillip's FF missile does manage to score a nice hit on the Talon's main body as it pass. Iceblade turns onto the target and lets loose another FF missile.

Both Talons strike the Rapiers but are unable to do more than scratch the nose of Paz's fighter. In return, Phillip FoF blasts into the engines of one of the Talon causing it to explode into dust while Paz's imrec smacks the other Talon in the cockpit killing the pilot and ship in one fell swoop.