Brief Visit To Medbay
Brief Visit to Medbay
Arc: None
Summary: Phillip visits Raine and Cole in the medbay.
Date: 2658.141
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Participants: Cole, Raine, Phillip

Cole, apparently, doesn't do so well as the idle sort… which might well explain why he's absconded with a datapad, typing away at it as he rests in his bed. Sure every so often he manages to move in a way that makes himself wince, and the typing he's doing is all hunt-and-peck with just his left hand. But apparently, he's not willing to be out of things entirely just yet.

Poor Cole. Raine is hovering about her domain. Mercifully, she's tolerant of such absconding sorts. The bonsai enters Cole's room first. Its leafy gaze is upon the not resting sinner! Rustling judgment! Raine follows after and pauses, noticing a wince. "Hello there sir, did you decide to come back already?" She asks quietly, peering at Cole. "How are you feeling?" She notices the datapad, but says nothing of it for now. She's quiet, but friendly at least.

Cole looks up from his work, such as it is, to offer Raine a little smile. "Like shit" Cole replies tactlessly, before he gives a little chuckle… and immediately wishes he hadn't. Those pieces of broadsword-interior that had to be removed from his chest apparently make it a painful proposition. "How're you, Doc?"

Raine smiles back then frowns. "I'm sorry. I can give you some light painkillers, if you like. Well, let me see your chart first actually-" She moves in and reaches for it to see who dosed poor Cole up last. She doesn't seem to mind the lack of tact. "I'm well enough, though I'm always sad when you guys come to me hurt. At least you got yourself a datapad."

Cole gives a little shake of his head at Raine's comments. "Don't worry about me, sure there are people here who need it far worse than me" Cole comments, before adding. "My own damn fault, really. Shouldn't have turned back in for that last transport. As for the datapad, well…" he lifts it to briefly show its contents: the action report for how he ended up here. "Paperwork waits for no man"

Sigh. Raine smiles at him, "We're not really short on them, so it's okay. I'd rather you be comfortable and resting," She offers. A shrug at that. She won't force it on him at least. "These things happen. And I suppose that's true, just don't work too hard, alright?" She looks over the poor pilot and nods again. "Miss Paz made it here too, safely at least."

"What happened to her?" Cole wonders, having not exactly been in the best condition to keep an eye on her extraction. "Saw a flak burst go off right in front of her cockpit, and didn't get any communications after. Assumed it was probably bad, but… a hit like that knocking out comms isn't unusual either"

"She was hit with some flak. Her cockpit was that is," Raine replies. Her voice is quiet, solemn. "She's alive, but pretty dinged up. You can visit her if you like when she wakes up. I was coming to see if you were fit for light duty just yet," The doctor admits and sets her tree on the night stand. "Since pilots rarely handle captivity well."

"I'll make sure to see her when she's awake then. And I see how it is" Cole replies with a smile growing on his face at the second part. "Slap a bandage on me and kick me out the door for the next poor bastard that comes along" Cole comments, seeming more amused than anything. "So what's the word, Doc. Am I going to become part of the pilot catch-and-release program?"

"Sure thing," Raine smiles at Cole then laughs softly, "I'm sorry. I like your company very much, but judging by the datapad… I doubt you enjoy just sitting here much. Birds like to fly, pilots do too," She admits with a blush. "And yes, yes you are. We even put the traps out in the hall." Wink. "I like talking to you, but I hate meeting up this way."

"I'd always wondered about those. Truth be told, I just thought they were to keep the marines out" Cole comments, giving Raine a little grin. "And trust me, I'm going to do my best to avoid coming back this way if I can help it" Cole explains. "Safer to get company and conversation with drinks instead of bandages"

Raine listens and laughs softly. She smiles. "That they are. We tend to get those guys in droves whenever we have ground action," She wrinkles her nose. "Though you do get flowers and cards?" She offers. She seems happy he's in good spirits. "I am glad. I like to see you guys - but not here," She shakes her head. Such is the pain of her job. Important, but unpleasant. "If nothing else, I can bring you some ice or heat to help the pain a bit."

"Speaking of" Cole comments, looking thoughtful for a moment. And not quite explaining speaking of /what/. "Lieutenant Nawahi isn't among your guests here at the moment, is she?" Cole asks. "I know her fighter took a few hits last night, and there's not much to those Stilettos"

A pause. Raine is wracking her brain at the speed of BONSAI. She shakes her head. "If she did, it was for a bandaid at worst. She's not here now at least," Raine replies. Hopefully that will offer some comfort. "And no, there really isn't," She frowns. "I don't know that I'd ever want to fly one of those." Raine prefers to plod along happy - with armor.

"Thank god" Cole replies, giving a little bit of a relieved smile. "And you didn't do too badly in that broadsword in the simulation, really" Cole comments, before he gives a little grin. "Though I still think I'd rather see you on this end of things. You might be able to do my job, but there's no way I could do yours" he jokes.

A nod. Raine smiles too. "I'm glad, she's kind. And ah? Thanks." She laughs. "That was kind of scary, I was worried about backing into things," She admits. "I felt like I did when I first learned to drive. I stalled my car and had to get someone help me to start it," SHe blushes, embarrassed. "And I think I am happier here anyway. It's quiet most of the time and the only thing that will run me over is a gurney." A shrug. The prospect of dodging missiles is terrifying. "Besides, it has to be tough being a Captain sometimes."

"Yeah, she's…" Cole starts to reply, pausing there. "Well, let's not go there" he decides with a little bit of a chuckle. "At any rate, if I'm going to get kicked out of here, I suppose I'd best get moving on. If you've got traps to bring us in, I shudder to think how you'd get us back out"

Headtilt. "You're not being kicked out. Actually, you can and should stay here as much as you can," Raine smiles at Cole, "But I know you're as thrilled at the idea of staying here as you are being hit in the groin with a stapler a few times." That is to say, most pilots don't want to stick in here. "And oh, we just use a trebuchet. It's very time saving." Grin.

Cole gives Raine a little bit of a smile at that. "Careful, Doctor. I fly around with four nuclear warheads strapped to the underside of my fighter. I think I outgun your trebuchet" he teases, relaxing back in his bed a little.

Raine's eyes widen a little. "Well, that's ok. We'll just launch Marines in pointy helmets," She nods sagely. She is blushing a bit but enjoying the humor and smiling. "I wouldn't do that. It just means you're free to go around the ship if you like, but I'm glad when you're resting here," She nods. Means they get better faster. "Besides, I think Paz'd be mad if you just bailed without saying hi. The bonsais are okay with you too." Beam.

"Well, if the trees are alright with it, who am I to say no?" Cole comments with a little chuckle… followed by a wince. He sinks down a little further in his beat, before smiling at Raine and adding. "Now, if you'll forgive me… since I'm not being kicked out, I'm going to close my eyes and try to pretend that everything except my face doesn't hurt," he tells her, only half in jest.

"You're still welcome to painkillers, if you wish," though Raine accepts that not everyone is comfortable with medication. She smiles at Cole and will dim the room's lights for him. "Alright. Be well then, and sleep tight." She will head out and let poor Cole sleep if he doesn't wish any medication. The bonsai is scooped up.

Phillip enters the Med bay and begins heading towards Cole's area but holds back as it looks like Cole is going into sleepy time. He just waves at Raine as she leaves Cole.

Raine and her tree are leaving poor Cole to sleep. She thoughtfully half closes the door so light doesn't bother the captain. She pauses, noticing Phillip and looks to him. She smiles politely, "Hello there. May I help you?"

Iceblade responds, "Yes actually, I came down to find out how Cole and Paz are doing after last night's run in with the Kats?"

Raine looks over her shoulder, "Well, your Captain is resting. He'll heal for sure. He's on light duty for now." She smiles. "I am afraid Paz is hurt pretty badly - her neck was injured a lot," She explains, "She's resting now and probably won't be able to talk much for awhile. I am sorry. You came in when everyone is napping. But you're welcome to talk a bit."

Phillip nods his head looking a bit less concerned after finding out Paz's condition. He then begins to look around for a certain nurse but doesn't see her. He then turns his head towards Raine, "Say, Sandra wouldn't happen to be working she is?"

Blink. Raine smiles. Oh. "Well, she's around here, I think she's in with a patient. You're welcome to some tea or coffee and to hang out in the waiting room if you like," The doctor offers. "She seems happier when you come by." Obliviousville: Population - Raine.

"Ah," Phillip nods. "Okay, well I'll wait. She's probably just finishing up, I imagine." Phillip then sits down and waits wearing rather different dress than usual. Instead of his uniform, he is wearing rather nice clothes: button down white shirt and khaki pants with black hard leather shoes.

"Yeah, I think her shift is ending. You're all dressed up," Her eyebrows lift. Raine seems boggled. But she shrugs and lets it go. Either way, their waiting room is nice and pleasant. Quiet. Eventually, Phillip's dear Nurse will arrive. Raine herself will wander off, and it's not too long. She pauses. "Everyone looks nice today." Huh. A shrug and a smile.

Phillip after what seems like ages but is actually only 5 minutes, Phillip looks up to see Nurse Sandra and gets up. After a minute of whispered conversation between the two, they both leave. Probably headed back to her room, so she can get changed real quick. Judging by the looks on both of their faces, this evening will turn out to be wondrous. Let's hope that no Kats decide to spoil it either during or after the date.

Awwww. So cute! Raine is finally catching on. Her eyes are wide seeing the two leave. But she beams and smiles, she's sure the tree would too. "Okay, I think we can give her later off if she likes…" She whispers to the tree and heads off into her office.