By Merit Raised To That Bad Eminence
By Merit Raised To That Bad Eminence
Arc: Paradise Regained
Summary: While the marines of the 12th Division deploy to the surface of Bodensee to set up their base of operations, the Majestic's small contingent is sent to the planet's former capital on a somewhat less savory mission.
Date: 2658.271
Related Logs: None
Participants: Oceana Valdis Kayly Hylanen

To say the dropship Arnhem's descent is rapid would be a little misleading. The craft actually drops /faster/ than a brick, its engines actively pushing it straight down towards the ground at the highest speed its hull will tolerate without melting, leveling out in a roar of thrusters with sufficient force applied to flatten the warehouse it was over. Racing in at building-top height to avoid Kilrathi surface to Air defenses, the boxy LC banks and swerves, finally settling itself directly above the roof of one of the taller buildings without actually touching the surface. The rear ramp pops open, and a handful of well-armed human figures drop out… alone on the roof, where an access door leads into the building… and to their objective.

"Alright folks, let's get moving. I'm pretty sure we'll have caught some attention, so we need to move quickly now," Cea says. They've been briefed, they're here, and they're on the roof. "Let's get this roof secure first." She glances around briefly, before she adds, "And don't forget to keep an eye on the door. If it even looks like moving, shoot it, and then let us know." She's got a group of professionals here, she's not looking to babysit them. She pulls her laser rifle out, ready to fire, and starts forward. "Bam-bam, keep watch behind us, Taylor, keep an eye on the door, and Kestrel, take point." Or something like that.

"Got it." the shortest member of the group replies, already swinging her rifle from her shoulder. Valdis brings the scope of her weapon briefly to her eye, sweeping along the nearby rooftops. "Looks like nobody up here on the rooftops but us. Think they were counting on the SAMs to bring down anything before this became a problem?" she muses, already taking her first few steps towards the door.

Hylanen is quick out of the craft, looking around with the others, weapon ready. "Who knows what they were thinking…" he mutters as he looks around the area rather carefully.

Keep an eye on the door? Kayly can manage that, at least. She gives a quick nod as the order is given and then procedes to do just that, looking for any sign that the door might be opening up. Her pistol is at the ready aimed in that direction, looking just a bit pathetic compared to the weaponry of the rest of the group, but then again shooting people isn't exactly her line of work normally.

The bright red-orange glow slowly fades from the nose of the hovering landing craft as the heat from its descent bleeds off into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, perhaps drawn by the less-than-subtle roar of the LCs engines, a pair of Kilrathi guards burst through the door and out onto the rooftop… giving a momentary stunned look towards the human marines, before raising their weapons to fire.

Marines on high alert, no doubt, as they are here to stir up trouble. Cea is carefully glancing around, paying attention to where things are, in case they move. The sound of the door popping open has Oceana turn to see 2 guards bursting through. As she gets a good look at them, and they start raising weapons, she drops to the ground, her own weapon forward to fire, hopefully before they do. "Incoming," she calls out, as she squeezes off a shot.

Since she was watching the door at the time, Kayly sees the door flying open and the Cats rushing through with no problem. She calls out, "We've got company!" at just about the same time as Oceana makes a similar warning, and seeing as the Kilrathi have their guns pointed elsewhere for the moment, she opens up with a quick shot instead of trying to find something to duck behind quite yet.

The closest to the door, Valdis finds herself in the mirror of the Kilrathi's position… momentarily stunned at their sudden arrival, before quickly bringing her weapon to her shoulder. Unlike her squad leader, she doesn't drop for the ground. Instead she remains on her feet, actually taking a step /forward/ as she lines up the head of the nearest marine in her sights and gently squeezes the trigger.

Hylanen frowns at the intrusion of the guards, and moves for a better shot, quickly. Finding his spot, he aims, and squeezes the trigger carefully.

It's safe to say that the Kilrathi are shooting better than the Confederation so far… a pair of shots slamming into Oceana's armor, and likely causing damage beneath, while the Confederation shots are very nearly stopped entirely. The Kilrathi are quick to turn their weapons on other targets, looking to put an end to the human intrusion.

Valdis curses as her shot does little more than singe some fur on one Kilrathi's ear. It does seem enough to attract some attention, however, leaving the marine sharpshooter to drop quickly to the ground, firing off one more quick snap-shot in an effort to distract the Kilrathi's attention (if nothing else).

Okay, getting shot is never fun, nope, not ever. Ow, and ow. Mumble. That's not supposed to happen. She can feel the burn, as the cats now seem to think she's out of the game. "Rawr!" she manages, not paying too much attention to ducking and running, but instead staying where she is, out of the action for the moment. And then she simply reports, "I'm hit. Kestrel and Bambam, take those kitties down."

Since the guards hasn't turned on him yet, Hylanen keeps his aggressive stance, firing at the same guard as before. "Working on it," he offers back to the shot one.

Kayly isn't particularly surprised that the pistol's shot bounced off of the cat's armor, but she doesn't have time to dwell on it, seeing as one of the Marines has been hit. She jumps over towards where Oceana is, and tries to stop the bleeding, as well as trying to administer some painkillers as well. All while hopefully not getting herself shot.

Shots from the Kilrathi snap along the rooftop, sparking as they skip off harmlessly away from the Confederation marines. The Kilrathi, however, aren't so lucky… one guard is struck for a second time, caught in the chest. The other has a laser bolt burn straight through both armor and flesh. The Kilrathi screams in pain, but keeps his feet… and, a testament to the fighting spirit of his species, continues to fire.

"Thanks, Doc," Cea says with a grin, though she winces as the treatment goes forward. Then she closes her eyes for a moment, letting the pain killers help out. "Duck," she tells Kayly earnestly, (though she's meaning for Kayly to not get in the way of her fire, not so much that she knows where the kilrathi are aimed at least until she can get a chance to see again) before she tries moving, just enough to aim her laser pistol at the first guard, aim and fire.

Valdis gives a grim little grin of satisfaction behind her scope, remaining stationary where she dropped… raising her rifle for a much more considered shot this time, before squeezing the trigger once more. Not in the mood to be the merciful sort, she's still aiming at the Kilrathi she'd just put a hole into.

Having finished up with what she can do to help Cea at the moment, ducking out of the way is exactly what Kayly does now. She does however take a quick shot at the cat that has his gun pointed at her, even as she quickly tries to get out of his line of fire.

Still aiming for the same enemy as before, Hylanen remains standing as he is for now. Perhaps aiming a bit more carefully this time. "Now comes the tricky part…" he mutters to himself, in Finnish.

Struck by fire from two Confederation guns, one of the Kilrathi crumples to the ground in a bloody heap. The other, badly wounded, continues to fire… one of his shots clipping Hylanen's neck solidly enough to penetrate the armor there. The Kilrathi falls back towards the door, yelling back inside for something.

Cea now turns her attention to the falling back guard. "He's calling for help - we need to stop him." she says. Though she does expect that the doc will look after the wounded, which this time is not her. She gets to her feet, takes a few steps closer, and fires at any part of the guard she has a shot at, letting off a quick shot.

"Bloody hell." Kayly mutters under her breath as she sees another Marine getting hit, and she once again rushes over to help out. On getting over to where Hylanen is, she says "Hold still." As she slaps a high tech non hello kitty bandage over the wound on his neck, and then administers a dose of painkiller to keep the marine going for the moment.

Valdis moves back to her feet as well, shifting herself around slightly so she can get a better shot at the Kilrathi hiding in the doorway. "Trying!" Valdis calls over towards Cea. "Having trouble getting through his armor, must be better than ours" she explains.

Firing off his shot, Hylanen nods as the enemy goes down, although there's a bit of an exclamation as he's getting shot in the neck. "Satana perkele, vittu…" he calls out loudly. "You've done it now, kitty cat…" The last line in English. Ducking down a bit as he hears Kayly's words, he still takes aim for the Kilrathi, preparing to fire when the doctor's done the doctor stuff.

One laser bolt smashes into the doorframe harmlessly (unless you count the scorched and smoldering wood as a casualty)… but the second catches the Kilrathi in the chest. He staggers back from the door, before a thud can be heard. And then, a moment later, a whole series of further ones, like an object falling down a flight of stairs.

That might be a good thing, but hrm, have to wonder what's at the bottom of the stairs now. Ick. Cea gets to her feet, glancing over to Kayly and Hylanen. "You okay there, Bambam?" She asks, though assuming he is moving (one way or another) she heads to the door. "Let's get inside, and get moving before our target is gone. Kestrel, take point - You're not injured. Be careful, he was shouting something, so we may have more company incoming." Cea suits her own actions to her words, heading to the door and in, for whatever cover that might provide.

"Yes ma'am" Valdis replies, heading quickly for the doorway, weapon still held at the ready. On the lookout for more trouble heading their way, no matter what form it might present itself in.

Kayly waits until the other Marines have headed inside the building before she moves in and follows along down the stairs. She doesn't want to get in the way of the pros, but she doesn't want to be to far back, either. She'd also prefer to not be the most obvious target should any more Kilrathi guards make an appearance.

"I'm fine…" Hylanen offers, moving for the door as well now. "Taken worse hits on the ice, really…" Looking around for a few moments, then back to Kayly. "Thank you, Doctor," he offers, then looking around for any Kilrathi foolish enough to attack.

And so on inside the team progresses. Inside the access door is a small landing, followed by a rather steep staircase, with the second Kilrathi crumpled in a lifeless heap at the bottom of it. Descending the staircase and passing through a door, the team quickly finds themselves in a rather nicely appointed office building, which appears to have been virtually untouched during the conquest of the planet. Though mostly empty, a few human figures can be seen quickly diving for the nearest bit of cover they can find. Moving away from the marine team, rather than towards them.

Hylanen gets a nod as he says he's fine, and a gesture to come along. All good, the team is still together, mostly in one piece, and now they've got humans jumping the wrong way. Which should make it tough to find out if any of these folks are their target. "Corral these folks quickly, and we'll bring 'em back with us, let the law deal with them." She has her laser rifle ready to fire. "Alright, hands up, and do as we say. Nobody needs to get hurt." But she's also not going to be staying here long, if the fellow they're after isn't among these fine folks.

"You heard the Lieutenant!" Valdis yells out to the surrounding room, even if she does keep her weapon pointed up at the ceiling. No point in looking /too/ scary while she's at it, right? "Stand up, hands where we can see 'em. We've got a transport that can take you out of here… unless you think you're going to get a better deal from the Kilrathi" No sarcasm there, nope. None.

"And if you think, you won't get any job as traders for me…" Hylanen's words are muttered under his breath, as he looks around carefully. Weapon kept ready, but not pointed on anyone yet.

Kayly keeps up with the group of marines, letting them deal with the people that they come up on. Since in her mind, it's Marine business to deal with those problems. At least for the moment, anyways. Her pistol is still at the ready, though pointed up towards the ceiling, to avoid any accidental injuries to anyone.

There's a moment's hesitation, before a handful of people slowly start to move… standing up from where they'd been hiding, moving out into the open slowly, nervously eyeing the Confederation marines and their weapons. After all, it's no fun getting shot no matter which side does the shooting.

"Make it snappy," Cea says. "We don't have all day." She probably looks as grouchy as she feels too, given she's already been shot. She looks over the folks who've come out, looking to see if their target is in among these folks. She frowns a bit, as she doesn't recognize anyone. She picks one of the people at random, and points at him, with a finger. "We're tying you up, now, and we'll pick you up on the way back. If you aren't all here when I get back, I'm coming after you." They don't have time to stick around, and she's not going to split up the group. "Bambam, check the door. Kestrel, Doc, can you tie these guys up, quickly, and we're out."

"Hate to rain on your parade, Lieutenant, but… with what?" Valdis asks curiously, looking between the stunned-looking civilians and her commander. "I came here to shoot someone, not exactly equipped for a whole bunch of prisoners."

"Got the door," Hylanen offers with a bit of a nod, moving to said door to keep a watch there. Looking to see if the door is open or closed, first…

Kayly frowns slightly at the lack of anything useful to tie the civilians up, and shrugs slightly before turning towards Valdis. "Maybe we can just lock them in one of these rooms until we're done. That should keep them out of trouble."

"Or use the electrical cords if need be," Cea says. "But locking them in a room sounds good. A broom closet preferably - something without windows and only one door." That same guy gets a look. "Where's the nearest one?" she asks, and then, "Let's see if there's one in this hallway. Bambam - status?"

"Looks good. Door is secure for now," Hylanen report. "Found our guy yet?"

"Oh, right" Valdis comments with a little embarassed smile. "Right, um… let's see…" she looks around for a moment. "Over this way" she finally orders the people after finding what, to her at least, appears to be a satisfactory looking room.

Kayly helps Valdis out with quickly herding the civilians into the indicated room. "Come on. Move, move, move." She mutters to the people shooing them along.

The workers nod and numbly shuffle off in the indicated direction, their blind obedience to the people with guns perhaps a good enough commentary on what two years under Kilrathi occupation must have been like.

Cea watches the people for a moment, and then turns back, her own injury doing quite nicely thanks to the Doc. And for a moment, Cea's attention finds the doc's shoes, black, polished, and practical. Just like everyone else's. Though she's managed to not scuff them up so far. Hrm, wonder if she uses the same dye and polish as everyone else?

"What?" Hylanen mutters to himself in Finish, then goes back to the English. "Hey you! Get out of there or we will shoot you!" Spoken as he aims his rifle for one of the cubicles. Not leaving the door yet, though.

Valdis apparently sees whatever it is that Hylanen does, raising her rifle as well and pointing it towards the same cubicle. Her mouth opens to yell over that way, before it closes again. After all, no point in two of them yelling at the same person.

Kayly is to busy keeping an eye on the last of the civilians to see anything in any of the cubicles. She's also a bit farther back as well. Anything she might notice about anyone elses boots she keeps to herself, and yes she does use the same polish as everyone else in the military.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming out!" A voice calls out from the direction Valdis and Hylanen have their weapons pointed. The sound of a weapon dropping to the floor can be heard, followed a moment later by one more figure emerging into sight. This one looking rather remarkably like the one they were sent after.

Cea's gun snaps up, as Hylanen shouts at someone, and Valdis also goes to alert. Boots? What boots? She narrows her eyes and wishes for Valentinian, just like the guy in the book she was reading could use. Ahem. "Target acquired," she says softly. "Mr. President, I presume?" she asks, her laser rifle aimed sort of at his feet, but at least not quite at him.

Hylanen still keeps his aim at the man, frowning a bit. Ready to shoot at any point now. Otherwise keeping silent as he watches now.

Valdis, meanwhile, just keeps her gun pointed squarely at the man. "Say the word, ma'am" Valdis reports flatly, regarding her target through the scope of her rifle.

Kayly finishes locking up the civilians, and then turns her attention towards the man that's got all the guns pointed at him now. Since there doesn't seem to be much point in adding her pistol to that group, she waits for the marines to do whatever they're going to do, and instead keeps her eyes open for anyone else who might approach while they're all distracted.

The man pales at the sight of those loaded weapons pointed along his way. When he speaks, he's clearly nervous… the words coming from his mouth in a rushed jumble. "I… I know why you're here!" he insists. "You can't do this! Don't you see? They would have killed us all!"

Cea brings her own laser rifle up, and nods once, expecting him to try to weasel out of it. At least the others are all locked up, and won't witness this. She has her orders, and collaboration is not going to fly. "Fire," she says to Hylanen and Valdis, figuring the marines are on this and the doc is there for back-up. fires as well, so that hopefully the three of them can't miss, or at least one can't. Instant mini firing squad, in theory.

Good to her word, Valdis regards the man through her scope for only a moment longer after the order is given, before she squeezes the trigger on her rifle. Apparently, that's an order that she doesn't particularly have a problem obeying.

Hylanen nods a bit grimly. Squeezing the trigger as he hears the order, frowning as he looks to the man now.

Kayly isn't exactly surprised as the order to fire is given to the marines. After all she knew what the orders were, when she got assigned to this mission. Once the firing stops, she says quietly. "Make sure to move him so they can't see the body, when we move them out." Motioning towards the room where the civilians are still all nice and cozy.

And suffice it to say that there are some targets even Confederation marines can't miss. A brief flash of light from the lasers, and a single crack from Hylanen's rifle… and the man drops to the floor as dead as a rock.

"Move the body into his cubicle," Cea says. She expects that the marines are moving swiftly, more or less, since she heads to the door with the prisoners, and nods to Kayly. She unlocks the door and opens it, her own frame blocking their view for a moment or two. "Alright folks, you can stay here, or come with us. But if you're coming, you need to move fast. We're not stopping from here on the way out. Let's move." She gestures towards the stairs, and to her own people. "Go, go, go. As fast as you can, and don't stop. Let's get out of here."

Without much ceremony, Valdis moves to push the lifeless body into the cubicle he'd been hiding in with her boot. No point in getting her hands dirty (in the literal sense). She looks around for a moment as the others start to file out, glancing towards Cea. "I'll take the rear to cover you" she tells her commander simply.

"What about the blood…" Hylanen comments, before he helps with moving the body before the door is opened. Getting ready to move out as well, he heads for the stairs in front of the civilians in case there's someone up there, for some reason.

Kayly nods towards Cea, and then gets ready to head back up towards the landing craft, and hopefully off of the planet without getting shot at anymore, of course.

The decision to leave immediately was apparently a wise one. An explosion rumbles through the building from below, followed by another one that seems to rock the building from the side. As the Confederation marines make their way onto the roof, a column of smoke can be seen rising from the side of the building they're standing on… and the top has been sheared clean off the next building over. With the Arnhem's laser batteries trained over in that exact direction, it can't be hard to put two and two together. The ramp of the dropship remains lowered to the roof, where the civilians rescued from the building begin to scramble aboard.

"Go, go, go," Cea says, not very descriptively. "Run! If someone drops, don't stop, get to safety, you got that?" she tells her people. And as Valdis takes the rearguard, she goes ahead of her, making sure that Hylanen and Kayly are ahead of her. Cea actually goes aboard the Arnhem, so as to keep control of the civilians, just in case. "All aboard. Kestrel, get your butt on board, damn it." Justs in case the other woman is playing hero…

Hylanen has gotten aboard, staying near the ramp, just in case.

Kayly doesn't waste anytime getting back on board the landing craft once she gets to it. No point in taking up space on the rooftop after all. Once she's on board, she moves to where she's not in the way of anyone else still getting on board, and then waits for the ships to get them all the hell out of here.

"Yes, mother" The short marine calls back irreverently, idly flipping a grenade down the staircase to discourage pursuit. That done, Valdis scrambles as fast as her legs will carry her to make her way onboard the dropship.

The ramp on the Arnhem hasn't even fully closed by the time the dropship begins to move… making its way back out of the city on the same low-altitude path it took in. A single surface-to-air missile trails after it, though a bit of jarring maneuvering leaves the missile to slam into the side of a building instead of the dropship. Once clear of the city, the Armhem turns nose-up, appearing to briefly stand still on its tail… before rapidly accelerating up through the atmosphere and back into the safety of space.