C And K In A Tree
C and K in a Tree
Arc: None
Summary: Cole and Kanani are chatting away in Cole's office when Phillip stops by.
Date: 2658.165
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Participants: Cole Kanani Phillip

13 BS Commander's Office, Deck 6

This small office seems to have been given over to someone with more interest in technical matters than any sort of decorating. The portside wall is nearly entirely covered in schematics of starships, both Terran and Kilrathi. Two bookcases are set against the aft wall, mostly filled with what look to be various technical manuals, collections of design documents, and astronautics journals. A simple wooden desk is at the center of the office, with a chair behind and two chairs placed in front. Resting against the starboard wall is a loveseat-sized sleeper sofa, for long nights on the job.

Kanani snickers and nods at Cole. "Yeah, and I'm sure all of the pilots would rather have things being ran by a crazy Brit again, instead of a crazy Aussie." She states matter of factly though she does grin too.

The door chime is heard at the door. No voice is heard outside. After several seconds, a second chime is issued.

"Oh, I don't have any doubt about that…" Cole starts to reply to Kanani, cutting himself off at the sound of that chime to the door. "For the love of god, what now?" Cole calls towards the door. Not the height of tact, but… nobody ever said he made for a graceful acting Wing Commander.

Kanani snickers slightly at the door chime and Cole's reaction to it, even as she glances towards the door herself. "Another problem with being acting Wing Commander. People are always dropping by wanting to talk, huh?" She remarks with a smirk.

A voice can be heard through the door, "Lt. Bradford, sir. If you wish I can come back at a later time." Phillip's voice sounds somewhat apologetic.

"That too," Cole replies to Kanani, before turning towards the door. "Come on in. Just make it quick." Cole calls along over that way. "They're burying me in paperwork as it is."

Kanani grins some more and shakes her head slightly. "Wonder what he's looking for today." She ponders with a chuckle.

The door opens to the Iceblade, still wearing his flight suit apparently having come here straight from the flight deck after a recent patrol. He enters the room and nods toward Kanani. A slight reddening can be seen on the young pilot's face as he seems to get the impression he is intruding on something a little more intimate than paperwork. "Uh, sorry sir. I'll try to be brief." Phillip pauses for a second, "I am rather concerned about the welfare of our abducted comrades and wondering how far off we are from a possible rescue attempt. If you don't mind me asking, sir." The pilot seems to be rather nervous in asking this and seems to be unsure how to effectively ask it.

For the curious, Cole and Kanani are currently seated on opposite sides of the desk. If it's more intimate than paperwork, it's at least not by very much. "The fact of the matter is, I don't know" Cole replies to Phillip. "The decision to go for that is waiting for word from upstairs. I suspect that means we're really waiting on the Marines to say they're ready to go, and have a plan that isn't likely to get everyone killed. Either way, the bulk of that one isn't going to fall to us. Fighter is a bad choice for a precision hostage rescue op. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you."

Kanani nod over towards Phillip and then again as Cole replies to the question. "Yeah, I don't think anyone's very thrilled at the idea of leaving them in the 'loving' care of our pirate 'pals'. But moving too fast on it, can be just as bad as not working fast enough."

A big grin and relief appears across his face. "So do we know the probable location where they're being held?" Iceblade quickly asks seeming to already gather that the answer will be in the positive.

"We've got a pretty good idea" Cole replies with a little nod. "A couple old abandoned mining bases out this way that make for pretty prime choices. It's not the finding that's the problem. It's the marines getting their dirty work done in a way that our people can walk away from. Not a trivial problem."

Kanani ponders all that, and hmm. "So it's pretty much going to be something the Marines are doing? Or are us fighter jocks likely to have any part to play in any of that operation?" She questions thoughtfully.

Phillip nods understanding clearly. "Yes, not very trivial indeed. I've actually been involved in one such operation before. Only flew escort for the marine shuttles though, and the mining base had already been neutralized of any exterior defenses. Doesn't exactly compare though. Hardened criminals and terrorists are two different beasts all together."

"We'll still have a heavy edge in firepower, to say the least," Cole replies. "And I don't know exactly what our role will be, until they fill me in on what the plan is, Kanani," Cole adds. "But I suspect it will mostly come down to clearing local space, and then keeping the rats in their cage." That comment made, he turns back to Phillip. "Was there anything else, Lieutenant?"

Kanani nods some at Cole, and chuckles. "Makes sense to me. Though I really wish we'd finished dealing with pirates a couple of months ago." She comments with a soft chuckle.

Phillip shakes his head in the negative, "Nothing at this time. Just I would like to be involved in the rescue op, when the marines are ready."

"There's really no such thing as being 'finished' with them," Cole replies. "Pirates have been a problem since the time of Julius Caesar, I don't think they're going away anytime soon on account of one carrier. But, we can at least see about getting our people back," Cole comments, before giving Phillip a little nod. "I'll keep that in mind, Lieutenant. Dismissed."

Phillip goes into a salute. "Thank you, sir."

Kanani waves a hand around vaguely as she comments. "Oh, I know they're not just going to -go away-. I was just hoping that they'd find someone other than us to go and deal with them." She finishes with a snicker, and a shrug.

Cole returns Phillip's salute in that 'vague wave to the eyebrow' sort of style. Seems that he's at least got that part of the Wing Commander's job down already. That done, he turns back towards Kanani. "We can hope, can't we? Wonder if we could convince the TCS Origin to trade places with us…" he jokes.

Phillip finishes the salute and turns around heading out the door.

"Seems like the Origin would be better suited to use against pirates than a strike carrier at least." Kanani remarks towards Cole. "Or so it would seem to me, anyways. But then again there's a good reason that I'm not the one making all the decisions, I suppose." She finishes with a snicker, and a wave towards the departing Phillip.

"Only thing I can think of is that we've got an advantage in heavy firepower," Cole replies to Kanani. "If they've got something dug into an asteroid, we've got the AMGs to blast it back out."