Catching Up In Fal
Catching up in FAL
Arc: None
Summary: James and Phillip catch up in FAL
Date: 2659.088
Related Logs: None
Participants: James Phillip

Phillip is sitting up at the bar in a very empty First and Last, tending a beer, which given its color must be a light one. His shoulders are hunched over as he leans over his drink. Given his slumping posture, he clearly just returned from a recent patrol. He looks out at space and appears lost in thought.

James comes wandering into the bar still in his flight suit, having just gotten off alert duty. He makes his way towards the bar and orders himself a scotch before looking towards Phillip. "Hi Iceblade, how have things been going for you?"

Phillip continues staring at space for a second before realizing somebody was talking. "Huh," he turns his head towards James and seems to perk up a little bit. "Oh hey James. I guess things have been going alright." Phillip sighs, "Still a little tense from being behind enemy lines."

James says Tell me about it." in a tone that's a mix of sad and angry "Chassidy and I decide to try a long distance relationship since she got transferred to R&D and first thing that happens we end up trapped behind enemy lines. If that's some kind of divine message that this relationship is a bad idea I don't care what whatever divinity which is sticking it's nose in thinks."

Phillip grimaces a little, "Dang that sucks. How long were you together before the transfer?"

James says, "Not long. It was just before she got the original transfer offer. I thought I had talked her out of taking it but apparently someone higher up the chain of command decided to make it an order."

Phillip shakes his head. "Brass. They're sometimes worse in the honesty department than politicians. Did she was at least interested in that kind of post?"

James says, "She was considering it but had decided to stay here then the order came down. A part of me is wondering if a certain admiral we all dislike is involved but realistically that's just paranoia I know."

Phillip says, "Well, it doesn't help to worry about it. It'll just bother you to distraction and there is nothing you can do until we back to the front line. Besides," Phillip attempts to reassure, "there's plenty of guys here with long distance relationships and they don't any problems." But the slight uncertainty in his voice betrays his own past relationship issues.

James nods and takes a slow sip of his drink using the time to debate whether to ask more about the issue. Deciding not push he instead says, "Am I the only one who finds the place being so empty under these conditions odd?"

Phillip looks around, "Ah yeah, I suppose it is rather emptier than usual, but there is usually only a few in here anyway at this odd hour." Iceblade nods, "Yeah, I think the around the clock patrols have pushed people to bed more than drink of late."

James says, "Yeah there is that. I'm just glad things have been quiet enough that I haven't been asked to help fix up the ships or anything. I enjoy it but that and the patrols would be too much."

Phillip takes a long sip and nods, "Definitely, I just hope something happens soon or the tension will cause everyone to self-destruct taking the ship with it." Phillip chuckles a bit with that thought. There are definitely a lot of people onboard.

James says, "I agree, and of course it's worse since we have no idea just how far behind the lines we are now. When we get back second thing I plan to do is find out as much as I can about just how the Kilrathi cut us off so fast."

Phillip says, "I don't know, maybe I'm a jinx and my return from the ..uh.. medical leave brought us this bad luck." Phillip shakes his head, "Darnest thing, too. I miss out on all of the good action. I got injured early in Nexus, shipped off right after for work on my spine and I don't return until after Perry was retaken. Then the kitties cut us off shortly afterward leaving us stuck here." Phillip ends with a shrug, "Probably not, though."

James notes the Uh but shrugs, "Someone probably underestimated the Kilrathi forces in the region and forgot to properly reinforce our defense lines as we advanced more likely."

Phillip doesn't notice that James detected the pause. There was however some scuttlebutt amongst a few of the pilots when Iceblade returned about his unusually long absence even for medical leave, which by nature has to be extremely serious to get. Just look at the number of healed head injuries over the past two years. The most outrageous ones were covert ops. In any case, Phillip says, "Yeah you are probably right."

James says, "I have early patrol tomorrow but take care of yourself." He gulps down his drink and rises then heads for the exit.

Phillip nods and waves, "Night, it was good taking to ya." Phillip then goes back to looking out at space.