Confederation Capital Ships



The Drayman handles the majority of bulk-transport duties for both Military and Civilian uses. Originally designed as a civilian craft, the Drayman is slow and unwieldy by military standards. Its bulk cargo carrying capacity is unmatched among human starships, however, ensuring the Drayman will have a long service life.



Designed to correct some of the shortcomings of the Drayman, the Diligent is a purpose-built military transport. Smaller than the Drayman, and with a slightly reduced armor belt, the Diligent is both faster and more maneuverable than the Drayman it was designed to replace. The most significant improvement is the addition of a flak turret, giving the Diligent increased ability to defend itself from inbound missiles and torpedoes.



Replaced by the Venture-class, the Caernaven class frigate served as a fleet reconnaissance and light escort vessel. Vastly under-armed and under-armored by standards of modern space combat, the Caernaven is still employed by a handful of Naval reserve units in Gemini, primarily to safeguard civilian shipping well behind the front lines.



The lightest capital ship in the Confederation inventory, the Venture is purpose-built for combat against other capital ships. Anti-fighter armament is minimal, but the torpedo tube mounted in the front of the hull is enough to pose a threat to any capital ship in space. The Venture is lightly armored, but equipped with phase shields… rendering it all but invulnerable to fighter attack, but reliant upon its speed and maneuverability to keep it out of the reach of a capital ship's main batteries in combat.



More Exeter-class destroyers have been produced than any other capital ship class in Confederation service. Well armored for its class, the Exeter serves primarily to directly engage other capital ships. The anti-fighter armament carried onboard is moderate, but is beginning to prove inadequate for the modern battlefield. Some of the latest ships of this design have two small hangars added to accommodate a full (16-18 fighter) squadron of fighters for point defense while some older versions are being slowly refitted with them.



Designed as a replacement for the aging Exeter-class, the newer Gilgamesh-class Destroyers have only recently begun to launch from Confederation slipways. Armed with flak cannons rather than the traditional Confederation choice of heavy laser batteries, the Gilgamesh features greatly improved anti-fighter defense capability over the Exeter, while retaining similar direct engagement performance. While certain members of this class have been refitted with small hangars capable of supporting 12 fighters, their primary role is pure anti-capital ship assault meaning most such destroyers lack fighters.



Developed early in the war to fill the role of heavy escort for carrier battle groups, the Gettysburg-class cruiser has been designed from the bottom up with a support role in mind. Anti-Capital armament is comparatively light for a cruiser, but a formidable point-defense battery and a small native fighter compliment make bomber strikes on a task force defended by a Gettysburg a daunting proposition.



An old, pre-war design, the Yorktown-class carriers were pressed into service to make up for the staggering Confederation losses at the battle of MacAuliffe. With a smaller flight deck capacity than many newer designs, the Yorktown is often relegated to strategically insignificant roles, escort duties, or forward scouting assignments. A large battery of lasers serves to render the Yorktown a hard target for fighter attacks, however it is extremely vulnerable to enemy capital ships.


StandoffBengalImage.png StandoffBengalImage2.png

The Bengal-class Heavy Strike Carrier is the largest carrier employed by the Confederation. Its massive flight deck provides launch space for over one hundred fighter craft, and eight dual batteries of laser cannon make attacking a Bengal-class with fighter craft all but a suicidal proposition. Designed for independent operations at a time when the Confederation was short on escort vessels, the Bengal also sports eight Anti-Matter Guns housed in four turrets.

Images for Bengal, Gilgamesh, Exeter, and Venture are from the Wing Commander Standoff Fan Project Website. The Gettysburg image is from an mod called Wing Commander Tactics fan mod, which appears to be defunct; image taken from WCCIC forums post by ChevieBlazer. The Yorktown class Light Carrier, Exeter class Destroyer, Caernaven class Frigate, and Drayman class Transport images are provided by Defiance Industries. All other images are from the Wing Commander official games.