Terran Confederation Fighters

F-47 Stiletto

Guns: 2 Mass Drivers
Missiles: 3 Heat Seekers

Designed purely as a combat craft, the Stiletto is built on a different design philosophy than its predecessor, the Hornet. Speed and Maneuverability have been further emphasized (the Stiletto is the fastest ship in the fleet), and armament and armor are both high for a light-fighter design. The Stiletto pays for this in its reduced sensor capability, limiting its utility in the reconnaissance role. The craft does come equipped with a sufficient sensor package for scanning cargo holds and it can easily link up with long-range scanning equipment used by capships for broader target detection.

F-54 Epee

Guns: 2 Particle Cannons
Missiles: 3 Heat Seekers, 2 Dumbfires

A relatively new light fighter design developed to serve as a patrol and escort craft for various star systems and capital ships on the war front. There small frame and narrow profile give the fighter high maneuverability and excellent speed allowing it avoid shots from enemy fighters with relative ease. The mounts armament far superior than other light fighters with dual, close-in particle cannons along with heatseekers and dumbfires. Such armament, combines with its speed, made it a potentially dangerous foe on the battlefield. However, these advantages come at a steep price with the lightest armor of any military light fighter currently in service. As such the Epee could be an even more vulnerable target than the Ferret or Hornet in the sights of a professional Kilrathi pilot.

CF-105 Scimitar

Guns: 2 Mass Drivers
Missiles: 2 Dumbfires, 3 Heat Seekers

The century plus old Scimitar has proved to be an effective fighter even during the much of the Kilrathi to the present. In 2654, this aging fighter was retired from frontline units and replaced with either the Hellcat or Rapier II. Even so, the Scimitar is still deployed by a handful of reserve units and various miltia units across Terran space where it continues the decades-long tradition of being derided as a 'Gun-Heavy Slug'. While the medium fighter is not fast or maneuverable, the Scimitar makes up for its performance with a solid armament loadout and extremely tough armor for a ship of its class.

F-44C Rapier (II)

Guns: 2 Lasers, 2 Neutrons
Missiles: 2 Image Recognition, 2 Friend or Foe, 2 Dumbfires

Even though, the fighter is still fairly new on the frontlines, it has fast become one of the most popular fighter designs. Already, the medium fighter (sometimes referred to a space superiority fighter) is already in its third iteration. Its armament and shielding are much heavier than previous designs matching that of the heavy Raptor fighter, however, its has significantly lighter armor for a medium fighter. This lighter armor does allow for increased maneuverability and speed that is on par with most light fighter designs.

A-14 Raptor

Guns: 2 Mass Drivers, 2 Neutrons
Missiles: 3 Heat Seekers, 2 Image Recognition, 1 Mine

By far one of the oldest and most famous fighters used in frontline units today, the Raptor-class heavy fighter bears the brunt of the Confederation's war against the Kilrathi. The fighter was originally designed to serve as part of the Grand Fleet in the early days of the Kilrathi war and has served with distinction throughout many of the toughest fights in Vega Sector. Mores specifically, during the McAuliffe Ambush and Enyo Engagement, then-Captain Geoffrey Tolwyn's daring plan rested on the abilities of a small force of Raptors outfitted as mine-layers. The plan worked, rescuing hundreds of thousands of captive civilians. The design has proven effective in a number of various roles including commerce raider, a heavy handed answer to swarm fighter tactics and a strike craft against line targets as large as cruisers during the days before Advanced Phase Shielding. Even today, the Raptor's heavy armament and armor make it easily a match for even the toughest Kilrathi spacecraft, but it does come a cost to maneuverability.

A-17 Broadsword

Guns: 3 Mass Drivers, 3 Dual-Neutron Turrets
Missiles: 2 Friend or Foe, 4 Torpedoes

Tracing its lineage from a pre-war design, the Broadsword is among the oldest craft in the Confederation inventory. It is also among the most effective. Armored nearly as well as some small capital ships and equally armed from all sides thanks to three dual-neutron turrets, the broadsword truly is a tough nut to crack. More importantly, however, are the torpedoes the Broadsword carries, which can destroy even the heaviest ships in space.

F-57 Sabre

Guns: 2 Mass Drivers, 2 Particle Cannons, 1 Dual-Neutron Turret
Missiles: 2 Dumbfires, 2 Friend or Foe, 4 Torpedoes

The latest in bomber and fighter designs, the Sabre combines the best of both paradigms being built on a heavy chassis with a large weapons load-out including torpedoes while showing considerable ability to dogfight multiple Kilrathi fighters for a prolonged period of time. While this fighter/bomber is still fairly new, it is seeing rapidly deployment to front line units. In addition, it comes equipped with a rear turret manned by a gunner for basic defense. All of this, along with its maneuverability, made the Sabre a formidable all-purpose fighter in the Confederation Space Force. Finally, it smaller wingspan allows it to be used on the decks of smaller installations and fighter-capable capships including the new Gilgamesh class ships.

Images are from the Wing Commander Standoff and Unknown Enemy Fan Project Websites