Character Creation

Note that for the age and bio, it is currently several months into 2659. New characters would generally have joined the Majestic's crew in Perry within a few days plus or minus of 2659.205. You can have the character on board earlier than that. If you wish for your character to be fairly new, let me know via pm and we can work out a few options for your character's backstory.

For dealing with skills, I have decided to use the same setup that was used with the MUSH as it keeps things balanced with other characters that were carried over from the MUSH and this gives a fuller picture of your character. The biggest change here, though, will be the looser enforcement of the character generation rules given that certain character aspects won't be applied in most situations.

Chargen Rules:
You are given 80 points to disperse across Attributes, Action Skills, Background Skills, and Language Skills. There are also quirks, meant to provide a quick clue into your character's personality, behavior, or unique physical characteristics.

There are six attributes that must be filled. While the impact of these attributes is limited for the combat system especially the more social ones, they can be applied for die roles in various special circumstances.

No attribute can be zero. You may apply at most 32 points to your attributes. Only two attributes can be 7 or above and no attributes can be 10 or higher initially.

For reference, 1-3 is poor, 4-6 is average, 7-9 is good.

ACADEMIC (AC) - Book learning and scientific pursuits.
ATHLETIC (AT) - Running, jumping, and the like.
CREATIVE (CR) - Artistic and creative endeavors.
REACTIVE (RE) - Things involving good reaction and hand/eye coordination.
SOCIAL (SO) - Dealing with people.
TECHNICAL (TE) - Working with gizmos.

Action Skills
Actions skills are important for the combat system as they define how well your character will perform both offensively and defensively. You are only allowed to have 4 action and background skills at 7 or better. A maximum of 32 points can be applied to action skills.

Also note that military characters (even pilots) have gone through basic training, which means they will have some basic skills in ground combat (eg melee, firearms, lasers, etc.)

For reference, 1-3 is rook, 4-6 is proficient, 7-9 is veteran.

The first two letters denote the associated attribute.

General Action Skills
RE - ALERTNESS Noticing things and being aware of your surroundings. Good for Marines, Pilots, and Sensor Personnel
AT - STEALTH Being sneaky either on foot or in a fighter.|Secondary skill for marines and pilots.
Pilot/Gunner/Helm Action Skills
TE - ECM Use of EW systems and missile decoys. Primarily used by pilots. Wouldn't hurt for Navy Bridge Staff.
TE - GUNNERY Shooting big vehicle and ship weapons. Primary skill for pilots, capship/bomber gunners, and bridge staff.
RE - PILOTING Flying planes and other air/space-borne vehicles. Primary skill for pilots and Naval bridge staff.
Marine Action Skills
TE - DEMOLITIONS Blowing crap up. Primarily a Marine Specialty.
RE - FIREARMS Skill with Projectile-based Small Arms. Primarily used by Marines. Good secondary skill for pilots and naval personnel.
RE - LASERS Skill with Energy-based Small Arms. Primary skill for Marines. Good secondary skill for pilots and naval personnel.
AT - MELEE Fighting with fists, knives, and hand to hand weapons. Good secondary skill for marines and maybe pilots/naval personnel.

Naval Personnel Action Skills
TE - FIRST AID Basic first aid/paramedic medicine. Use Medicine for docs. Primary skill for medics. Good secondary skill for all personnel.
AC - MEDICINE Doctor skills. Use First Aid for first aid (ie combat situations).
TE - REPAIR Fixing things using mechanics or electronics. Primary skill for all techs whether they work on pilots or capships. Good secondary skill for pilots and Naval bridge staff.

Background Skills
Background skills are good for fleshing out your character and might come in handy for die roles if applicable.

You need to have at least two background skills with at least 8 points spent in total for background skills.

Languages and Quirks
Language skill(s) is fairly simple. You need to have at least one language that you are fluent in (7 or more) and an English language skill. Other languages are allowed (including Kilrathi).

For reference, 7 or more is fluency, 4-6 means you can speak conversationally but there are some weaknesses, 1-3 means you know some words and phrases.

Finally there are quirks, which I explained earlier. You must have at least one quirk but no more than 6 are allowed. Some examples from previous characters to provide food for thought:

  • By the Book, Cool-headed, Hides Emotions, Quick Learner
  • Fix It With Duct Tape, Good Man in a Storm, Test Pilot, There I Was…
  • Party Girl, Rebellious, Religious, Surfer
  • Fish Fanatic, Tea Addiction, Tenacious Doctor, Unlucky
  • Hot Headed, Quick Learner, Resilient, Technophile

Character Sheet

Callsign (optional for nonpilots):
Marital Status:
Actor (optional):
Prior Deployments:

Skills Sheet


Action Skills

Background Skills