Drawn to the sector by the lure of lightly-defended resource-rich space, piracy was once the Confederation's top concern within Gemini. Operating from bases scattered throughout the quadrant, pirates attack civilian shipping (And at times even raid fixed installations) to acquire goods, as well as control the local distribution of drugs and other illicit goods. Though several dedicated efforts have been made to eliminate piracy within the sector, the pirate presence in Gemini is still substantial… with rumors of clandestine support from corrupt officials frequently bubbling to the surface. The Kilrathi invasion has drawn attention away from anti-piracy efforts, however, to focus on combating the Kilrathi. It has also left Gemini's pirates with a choice: To support the Confederation's efforts against an even less forgiving enemy, or to capitalize on the chaos.

Church of Man

Commonly referred to by the derisive slang term "Retros", the Church of Man is an anti-technology religious cult. Their militant anti-technology stance has earned them the enmity of nearly every other faction in Gemini, however they have managed to keep their base of operations a well-guarded secret. A certain degree of hypocrisy is evident in the Church's operations, using starfighters and high-technology terrorism to advance their goals of 'liberating' humanity from its technological 'encumberances'.


Nowhere in the Confederation is crime as organized as it is in Gemini. Headed by crime boss Roman Lynch, organized crime in Gemini sector is entwined in the business, political, and social life of the sector to a degree that seperation may prove to be impossible. Fierecly opposed by Admiral Mallory, new Confederation leadership in Gemini has thawed relations between Confed and Gemini's illegitimate businessmen somewhat. Their support may prove critical to Confederation efforts in the sector, however distasteful.