Coconuts Kangaroos and Penguins
Coconuts Kangaroos and Penguins
Arc: None
Summary: Victoria returns to the Majestic, meets some new faces and converses with some old ones.
Date: 2658.183
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Participants: Victoria Cole Raine Paz Kanani

The elevator is heading towards the officers' level, Tori leaning back against the wall. She's got a sober look on her face, a hint of tiredness there. So far, she's managed to pass by only new folks who don't recognize her. Not that she's been trying to do so, but sometimes that happens. She reaches a hand up, as if to reach for her hair, but it's back in its usual braid and so her hand just drops. The rucksack she's got just on the floor leaning against her leg as she heads for her quarters to drop everything off.

And what should come wandering along in but a Cole, offering the loitering woman a little bit of a smile and a simple greeting of "Evening" as he moves his way along into the lift.

A nod is returned, though Tori does actually stand to attention and salute. Cause major does outrank captain, right? Uhm, yeah. She shuffles over a bit, making sure she's not taking up more than her fair share of room. "Evening," she says. "How are things?" There's curiosity in her voice, though her tones are muted and soft.

Cole replies to the salute with a little bit of a nod and what could best be described as a sort of vague wave to his eyebrow. "Better than they've been in quite a while, really" Cole replies with a little grin. "Just transfer in?" he wonders.

That gets a half chuckle from Tori. "Not exactly. Captain Victoria Carruthers, AKA Queen, returning from leave," she says, with a sweeping gesture that turns into a mock bow of sorts. "I've just been gone for a while - things change." Solar systems, planets, ships, CO's… fighters. Most anything, really. "I think you were just transferring in when I got - " she sighs a bit, "- when I went off on leave." A half shrug, though her eyes darken slightly at that topic.

"Ahh, so you would be the mysterious Captain Carruthers" Cole replies with a little grin. "I was beginning to count you alongside unicorns, mermaids, and other such fictional creatures" Cole jokes. "A pleasure to meet you at last. And welcome back"

"Any stories told about me are probably only half as good in real life," Tori says promptly. "Depending on who's telling them, of course. But I'm fairly certain I'm not imaginary. Unless I've imagined myself." She pauses, reaching out to actually press a button and make the lift head to where she wants it. "Where are you headed to?" she asks, her hand hovering over the buttons. "I need to drop off my stuff, and then go hound some folks to fill me in on all I've missed, I suppose."

"Hadn't quite figured that much out yet" Cole admits with a little chuckle. "Just finished playing 'fun with paperwork' and figured I'd run far, far away from my office before anyone else decided to find me" he jokes. "I'm sure I could fill you in on the details easily enough, though"

"Off duty then?" Tori asks. As the lift comes to a stop at the right deck, she hefts up her rucksack, and offers a hint of a smile. "I would love to hear all about the details," she says. "Did you want to meet up somewhere?"

"That I am" Cole replies with a little nod. "And tell you what, I'll meet you in the bar… can happily go over all the non-classified details there. The classified ones are more fun, but… I'm afraid they get a little upset if I talk about those" he jokes.

Tori chuckles briefly, though her amusement doesn't last too long. "Classified details can wait until tomorrow morning, I expect," she says. "At least those I'm cleared for." And any others, well, they can wait until she gets clearance. "But okay, First and Last it is. I'll meet you there in ten minutes." She raises a hand in a bit of a wave, and steps out of the lift, heading to her quarters with the ease of long familiarity.

Time to get some tea! Raine wanders in for her usual watering. Her bonsai tags along too. The duo meander over towards the bar and grins, seeing Paz. She waves to the familiar pilot.

Uh-oh, Bonsai at eight o' clock! "Heya, Doc." Paz replies, turning to return the wave and gives the woman a wave. "How's you and buckaroo bonsai there?" she asks with a smile, turning back to scowl at the video screen where a player in the uniform of the Erewhon Seahawks gets _owned_ at the net by one of the Oxford Cavaliers. "Oh come on, man!" she sighs, shaking her head and nudging one of the others watching the game. "McDowell _always_ does that with Shep. And Shep, you'd think he'd learn by now." she sighs, sipping at her beer.

And here comes a Cole, in search of booze. After all, why else would he be wandering along this way? As he makes his way along in, he takes a little glance around the room for a moment, offering Paz and Raine a little wave as they're spotted.

Bonsai incoming. Bonsai making contact. Raine smiles at Paz. "We're doing well enough." Then her eyes widen a bit as Paz reacts to the game. The Doctor from Oxford just smiles sheepishly. "Oh dear. Poor fellow," She seems sympathetic to the pwnee. She asks quietly, "I hope the game is fun to watch?" And then along came Cole, who gets a wave. "Hello there." She pauses. "This is the best place to find people. If anyone escapes from med Bay I know just where to look…" DUN DUN DUn.

"Heh, right now, Doc, it's kind of painful." Paz replies, pointing towards the score box on the screen. Cavaliers - 106 / Seahawks - 60. "It's a rebuilding year." she sighs. "Heh, yeah, that's true enough." she nods and chuckles. "Heya, Voodoo! C'mon over! We won't bite….too hard."

Oh, hey now. It's not medbay Tori's escaped from. Well, not that anyone here knows anyway. It's a few moments behind Cole (slow walking Cole? slow talking Cole? Along came … never mind), but Tori pokes her head in and then enters the First and Last for the first time in a dog's age. She looks maybe a little tired, a little bit sober, but otherwise, eminently recognizeable. She slips quietly inside, pausing just by the door for a moment, before she squares her shoulders and steps in, heading quietly to the bar.

"Why Doctor, why ever would I want to try and escape…" Cole comments less than seriously to Raine, before looking towards Paz. "And the hell you won't. Last time I believed it when you said that, I nearly came away missing a finger" he jokes, wandering along over in that direction regardless.

"Oh dear," Poor Paz. Raine looks sympathetic. "Well, then hopefully they will do better." She smiles. She says nothing about where she's from for now. And - gasp! A Tori! Raine waves to the pilot, "Hello there. It's been too long," She greets the pilot warmly, gladly. And then her eyes widen at Cole. "You'd be surprised. The no booze rule tends to get most 'em," She admits thoughtfully.

"Well, this time keep your hands to yourself and I won't have to." Paz snerks to Cole. "You're a _Major_ for God's sake! There are regs about that kind of thing, you know!" she chuckles. "How's it going?" she asks, and starts to say more when she spots Victoria. "Captain?" she asks, astonished. "When did you get back?"

Now see, Paz and Raine manage to get a big smile on Tori's face. The light up her face and prove that she really does have a personality kind. "Evening," she says, with a nod. "I just got back about half an hour ago. Barely enough time to stow my stuff in quarters, since I ran into the Major - " a nod towards Cole - "on the way. I thought I'd come down here, have a drink and let you all fill me in on everything I've missed." A pause. "And by the way, it's really good to see you both." The last is heartfelt, though softly spoken.

Kanani wanders her way into the FAL, and heads on over to the bar, to get herself something to drink. Once she reaches the bar, she orders something from the bartender, and then turns around to look around the lounge, as she leans against the bar, waiting for the drink to arrive.

"There are?" Cole replies, blinking in mock surprise at Paz. "Christ, make sure no one tells Tsunami, hmm? I'd really be in for it!" Cole jokes with a little grin on his face. It's only then that he notices that Kanani has actually made her way in. "Guess I kinda blew that, huh?" he adds with an amused shake of his head. "So what sort of stories do you think we should invent for our wayward Captain?" Cole asks a moment later, glancing towards Victoria.

"It's damn good to see ya again, Cap." Paz replies, turning and slipping out of her barstool to offer the woman a warm handshake. "I'm sorry for your loss." she adds quietly. "Tsunami, Voodoo's flirting with me," she pouts to Kanani. "Break his arm or something for me? Pweeeze?"

Raine smiles at Tori, "Really? It's good to see you!" Raine nods. Awww. She looks touched. "There's lots to catch up on I think," Raine admits and taps her chin thoughtfully. She smiles at Cole. And a look to Paz, "I guess he thinks you're really pretty," Nod. Raine affirms this. Pretty Pazness! She looks a bit flustered as the crowd grows and settles to listen and speak alternately, hazel eyes wide and warm.

Tori shakes Paz' hand and nods at the other woman. "Thanks," she says softly. A moment as she orders a whiskey from the bartender and then finds a seat over by Cole, without even asking. Flirting with Paz, is it? Interesting. She smiles a bit, but her expression sobers swiftly. "If you're making them up, better make sure they're good ones," she says, tilting her head a bit. "Must be a lot of true stories to catch up on, not to mention the made up ones." And then she takes a sip of her drink before she adds, "Tsunami! Good to see you as well. Any surfing lately?"

Kanani smirks as she grabs her drink, and then heads over towards the group. Once she's close, she looks over at Paz and grins slightly. "As much as I'd love to do that, Tizona. If I did, then -I'd- be the one that would have to put up with all his bitching, for who knows how long." She chuckles a bit, and shakes her head. "So how're all of you guys doing, anyways?"

"Ouch" Cole replies with a wince, before turning a grin towards Kanani. "A little friendly fire there, huh?" he teases, before turning his attention back to the more serious converastion. "Let's see…" Cole says, ticking things off on his fingers. "Had a hell of a fleet action in Junction, but I'm sure that one probably made the news. Pip got captured by pirates, then got freed again. We've mostly been fighting 'em since Junction, really. Oh, and the head Kitty out here tripped over his fur and fell into an oven. Or something. But he's dead, anyway" Cole explains with a grin.

"Oh, no worries, Boss ma'am. We've got _tons_ of stuff to tell you about!" Paz replies, giving Tori a feral grin. "Should we start with the one where we kicked the Fuzzy Wuzzies _ass_ at Junction?" she asks, winking. "But…Tsunami…" she pouts again. "Doc's right here! And there's booze. We could use the booze to kill the pain and Doc could get him set up with a splint or something."

raine watches the gaggle of pilots with a smile. She seems pleased. "Med Bay is as usual. Duct taping people back together, keeping an eye on things," She nods. Humming right along. She looks relieved to see them in good spirits. "I'm glad we have Pip back too," Nod. Relief. Then a pause. Her eyes widen. "You got the Head Kat?" Really? Boggle. "huh. And er - I'd better not look if you're breaking arms. Something about do not harm includes do not watch things that make you queasy. The tree agrees," Nod. They don't wanna look! Kindly, an umbrella is set in the bonsai's pot and a little water sprinkled over it.

Tori flashes a grin at Raine at her desription, happy to see that some things don't change. "Glad to hear that, Raine. It sounds like business as usual for you? And Pip is okay?" Hey, she's got a soft spot for that old geezer. After all, he used to CO the 1087th. She manages to keep a straight face as she looks to Paz and Kanani. "Here now, I'm sure there's something about not breaking officers' arms in front of witnesses in the regs.

Tori flashes a grin at Raine at her desription, happy to see that some things don't change. "Glad to hear that, Raine. It sounds like business as usual for you? And Pip is okay?" Hey, she's got a soft spot for that old geezer. After all, he used to CO the 1087th. She manages to keep a straight face as she looks to Paz and Kanani. "Here now, I'm sure there's something about not breaking officers' arms in front of witnesses in the regs. At least let me have a couple drinks so I can't be sure what I saw." And then she turns back to Cole, her expression sobering a touch. "So really what you're saying is I can sit back and kick up my heels? Everything is all golden?"

Kanani grins some more as she takes a seat. "I already said I wasn't breaking anyones arms. Wouldn't be worth it to try anyways, never was any good at that sort of thing." She chuckles, a bit, turning to Cole. "At least the fire's friendly though? That's gotta count for something, doesn't it?"

"Oh okay…_fine_!" Paz sighs, returning to her seat to take a long pull from her beer mug. "Gosh, you guys are, like, no fun what_so_ever!" she grumps. "This is officially a No Fun Zone." she concludes. "Mike, post a sign will ya? 'No Fun Allowed - Violators will be Arrested!'" she quips to the bartender, who replies by flipping her off with the casual scorn of a close acquaintance. "You do, mister, better hope I don't find out about it." Paz shoots back with a chuckle. "Yeah, Cap, last time I saw Pip he was fine. He's just busier than a one armed paper hanger." she replies for Tori's benefit. "Apparently being the WinCo isn't all cushy leather seats and three martini lunches."

"Oh, of course it does" Cole replies to Kanani with a little grin. "Though I'm still going to hold it against you later" he teases. "As for the boss kitty…" he tells Raine. "I really can't officially say what happened. Just, one minute he was there and the next he was not. Any involvement this ship's crew might have had was purely incidental" he explains with a grin… and then it's on to trying to catch Tori up again. "And no, no. There's still a war on. Not quite heel-kicking territory just yet. But what I'm saying, Captain, is that we are winning."

Poor Paz! Raine laughs softly, "Oh. I'm sorry," She pouts. Boring Raine. She shrugs and sips her tea. "Okay, fair enough. I'm just glad to have him back. We'd be behind on our Englishness if he was missing," His English-self seems to amuse the heck out of her. "And I see. Well, I guess the darn cat had it coming." She's having sometrouble keeping up with the conversation, but does her level best. She's less skittish than before, but still not quite up to speed with most. She smiles at Tori, "You should at least get some time to rest. Although some people who dole out time off measure in nanoseconds. Well, break's up."

Now that's gotta be a fun report to read. Makes one wonder. Tori takes another sip of her drink, gaze flashing from one to the next and back as the conversation continues. She smiles at the amusing repartee happening, relaxing back and for a moment just listening. It feels like she's home again, which is not a bad thing. "Thanks, Raine. It'll be okay. I think I'm glad to have work to keep busy. And you're right, I'm definitely not English enough. Besides, it wouldn't be half so much fun being Queen if it didn't annoy Pip." She shrugs slightly, and then glances back at Cole, fingers on her left hand snapping lightly. "Darn. I was hoping. But that's okay, I'm glad to hear we are winning. We'll just have to keep it that way." A moment before she gives Paz and Kanani a sidelong glance. "Hey, I just got back and already you're calling me boring? Guess that goes with the job, huh?" A deliberate pause and a sip of her drink. "Good to hear that Pip is okay, and when you all start in with the surfing lessons, I'm sure it'll be a Fun Zone again."

"Hey now! I'm not the one that called anyone boring here!" Kanani remarks in response to Tori's comment. "But, that is true. Surfing lessons are a lot of fun." She adds with a grin, before glancing over at Cole. "Yeah, sure Voodoo. I think I'll just take my chances on weather you'll do that or not." She comments to him with a chuckle.

Cole just offers Kanani a wicked little grin for a moment, though apparently he decides against making any sort of comment to go along with it. Probably better that way. "Besides, look on the bright side" Cole says a moment later as he turns his attention to Tori. "It means that you haven't missed out on going along for the trip to Kilrah""

Raine listens, and smiles. "Understandablee. If you ever need somewhere to come crash and take a nap, there's usually a spare spot in medbay," She grins.. She seems pleased to listen. "You guys are great." She shakes her head, amused. "You'll get those Kats," She thinks so at any rate. "Surfing seems kind of much, I'd faceplant on the ocean floor. Is it okay to just watch?"

For her part, Paz is distracted by the last few minutes of the third quarter, during which, to her sorrow, the Oxford Cavaliers improve their lead from 108 to 122, with the Erewhon Seahawks just kind of fizzling out like a guttering candle. "Surfing lessons?" she asks, turning a little. "Oh…oh…right…sorry."

Victoria nods to Raine. "Absolutely. And to try if you want to. Heck, if they're going to let me try, they can't argue about anyone else. Heaven knows I'm likely to crash and faceplant myself. But Tizona promised to pull me out if that happens." She picks on the distracted Paz, even as she continues to sip at her drink, not in any great rush to finish it. "And I'm sure there were two or three others with similar offers." Though they might have had ulterior motives, but who's counting? She sets her glass down on the table and flashes a feral grin at Cole for just a moment. "Now that is a day I'm looking forward to."

Kanani snickers some, and shakes her head slightly. "Surfing's not nearly as hard as most of you people make it sound. All it takes is decent balance, and learning just how to catch the waves right." She says with a grin. "Nothing to it."

"You and me both" Cole replies to Victoria with a little nod. "Means I can get back to the flying without as much of the worrying about being shot at" Cole jokes, before turning his attention to Kanani again. "And sure, the person who's been surfing her whole life makes it sound easy" Cole replies. "I'm sure if you got me out there with you, I'd find all sorts of clever ways to embarass myself"

Raine smiles. "Sure thing, although I may mostly watch." She doesn't seem eager to /try/ that surfing thing. Still, it's fun to listen to and she watches them, sipping her tea. "I suspect so. But I never had much of that balance thing," Grin. Raine seems pleased soaking up the atmosphere. "I bet she's an ace at it," She notes. "Either way, I suspect I should get back to herding cats so people can keep fighting them.

"Yeah, surfing's more a mental thing than a physical one." Paz offers with a nod of affirmation to Kanani. "It's about finding a groove and staying in it as long as you can. Kind of like flying, really. Only, less with the getting shot at and more of the 'splashy-splashy'." she smirks.

Kanani nods a few times at Paz, and snickers a bit. "Yeah, though I guess for some people the 'splashy-splashy' part can be dangerous if they aren't careful." She responds and shrugs slightly. She smirks at Cole and nods. "Yeah, I'm sure you could, Voodoo. But then again, that's probably not all that difficult for you to do anyways." She adds, with a giggle.

"Now there's a description for you," Tori says, shaking her head slightly. "Well, it's something to look forward to, at any rate. And I'm all for not getting shot at, when we can avoid it." Like when the war is over, yup. That's a good thought. She stays out of the Voodoo teasing, leaving that up to those who know the major better than she does. For now. "Are you heading out, Raine? I'll stop by to visit you in medlab later. I think I'm supposed to get a checkup done anyway." Well, just back from leave and all. "Tomorrow." A slight sigh and she falls quiet.

"Ouch" Cole says with a wince, theatrically clutching at his heart. "You all see what I have to put up with here?" Cole asks, though it would probably make a more convincing objection if he didn't grin when he said it. "And thanks for stopping by, Doctor. Was good to see you out of your medical cave" he jokes. "Have a good evening"

"Yeah, take care, Doc! You too, Bonsai boi!" Paz grins as she polishes off her beer. "Don't let 'em drive you too crazy over there." she smiles.

Nod. Raine laughs softly, "Poor Broken Hearted Man," She seems sympathetic to poor Cole. "Sure, it'd be good to see you and make sure everything's in line," She nods at Tori. "But when you like, I'll be around and I don't need much sleep at all." At least Raine still keeps her gentle touch on running MedBay. A grin at Cole, "It was good to see you too. I am happiest seeing you all outside the Bonsai Cave," She agrees. A wave to Paz, "I won't. I still need to meet up with Veritas sometime. Maybe we'll go swimming. Be well for now." Time for the Bonsai Shuffle!

Kanani offers a wave to Raine, as the Bonsai train leaves the building. "Take care, Doc." She then snickers at Cole's act, and shakes her head slowly. "Oh, seriously, it's not like anyone's going to believe you with such bad acting, you know. I would have thought that history would have proven to you, that the majority of Aussies aren't really cut out for serious acting roles."

Oh, ow. Tori arches a brow as the teasing continues, a hand raised in friendly goodbye to the departing Raine. And the tree. She takes a sip of her drink, managing to not spew it all over everyone even with Kanani's zing. "Sheesh, apparently I'm going to need more alcohol around here, it seems," she murmurs lightly, and not the least bit seriously. "If you all keep this up, I'm going to have serious trouble living up to my callsign."

Paz just snickers at the duo, signaling for a refill of her pint. "Heh, well, you are the Squad Leader, Cap. Nobody's in any position to give you any static if you take it easy tomorrow." she comments, nodding her thanks to the bartender. "Pip'll be too happy to see you back to care and you outrank everybody else." she snerks. "And seriously, you two are just so freakin' _cute_ I could puke my guts out!" Paz beams to Cole and Kanani.

Cole can only laugh at the continued commentary that comes from Kanani now. "You know, Kanani, there are times I think you just enjoy getting yourself in trouble…" Cole replies to her, before he's caught a little short at Paz's comment. It's actually enough to draw a bit of a nervous chuckle from the bomber pilot. "Well, I doubt they'll be putting us on greeting cards anytime soon" he manages to retort.

Kanani smirks at Paz, and laughs softly. "Yeah, if you do that, kindly puke away from the table, huh?" She remarks with a shake of her head. She peers back at Cole and says. "Psh, I don't get in trouble. I'd of thought that was obvious. And more alcohol's never really a bad thing is it?" This last comment to Tori, of course.

The good thing about all the nonsense flying faster than a rapier is that it gives Tori a chance to adjust a bit back into thet swing of things without a lot of trouble. Her glass empty, she manages to flag down the same waiter who the others were bugging earlier, and gets herself a second. At Cole's reaction though, she gives him a thoughtful glance, before she turns to Kanani. "Well, generally no, I have to admit. Especially when nobody is in a position to give you static about the hangover." Thank you, Paz. "Actually, I have plans to spend as much time tomorrow as I can in a sim." Rapiers, yay!

"Heh, no worries, I can keep my supper down." Paz chuckles to Kanani. "Though, I may have to stop by Med Bay on the way back to my rack for an insulin shot." she quips. "And they call it puppy love…" she croons, off-key and with a singing voice that sounds like it's primary influence was drain cleaner.

"You just keep telling yourself that, Kanani" Cole replies with a little grin, before her looks back towards Paz. "Knock that shit off will you, some Kilrathi's gonna mistake it for a mating call." The singing, at least, gives him his chance to get Tizona back for her commentary.

"Ya know Paz? It's a good thing you're a lot better pilot than you are a singer." Kanani remarks matter of factly, grinning slightly. "Cause if that weren't the case, we'd probably all be in a lot more trouble, I bet."

"So, Kanani is the current one who is always in trouble, is that what I'm hearing? Not Paz any more?" Tori says after a moment, when there's a break in the conversation. "Good to know, so I have someone to blame in a pinch." She reaches a hand to rub at the back of her neck and then stifles a yawn. "Course, they might be right about the singing, Tizona."

"Yeah, I know, shocker right?" Paz chuckles softly. "Me, being all…responsible and stuff." she sighs. "Comes with having to be in charge of a bunch of gourd-green pilots still picking the shit out of their toenails after they got drafted from planet Goatfuck." she grumbles, shaking her head, even though she is smiling with what might even be called pride. "And you all can board the first transport headed for hell for the cracks about my singing. I sing just fine! It's your hearing that's the problem. Might wanna stop by Med Bay, get yourselves checked out."

"Clearly, Paz is so traumatized by her own singing voice that she's in denial…" Cole comments with a little grin. "And you can still blame Paz for things, really. It's good sport" Cole explains to Victoria. "Kanani just enjoys blaming me, so I figure it's the least I can do to return the favor…"

"Not so much you, as it is Australia. You just happen to be the only one on board the ship that I know, though, so I have to target you." Kanani remarks with a chuckle. She peers at Paz and shakes her head. "No, no. My hearing is perfectly fine, actually. And my hearing tells me that you just can't hold a tune."

"Aha, I can blame all three of you," Tori says with a grin at Cole. "I got it now." That's a bit of triumph in her voice, though it's muted. "And I am getting myself checked out, Paz, but I'm sure that the doc won't find anything wrong with my hearing. My sanity maybe, but not my hearing." She glances at Cole, a brow arching slightly, though her eyes are gleaming, amusement showing only there, even though her expression is deadpan. "so what did you do to get shipped into this madhouse anyway?"

"Philistines! The lot of you!" Paz scoffs, waving her hand scornfully at the others. "History will record my genius for later generations to study and strive towards." she boasts, drawing herself upright in her seat. "So, Cap, without trying to make this awkward, how's Terra these days?" she inquires curiously.

"I was with Seventh Bomber" Cole explains, gesturing to his jacket for a moment. "We got cut up pretty bad, and those of us who were left got scattered halfway across the universe. This is just where I ended up" Cole explains, before his eyes flicker to Kanani for a moment. "Still, I can't say that it's all bad…"

Kanani chuckles a bit at Paz. "I think that's not very likely to be honest." She gives Cole a little grin, and says "Aww, are you trying to imply there's any bad, huh?" She asks with smirk.

"It's a good place, all things considered," Tori says after a moment. "And welcome to the madhouse, Major." Seems a little odd what with her being on leave, but well, she's not new. As she sits there, various folks wave and nod, though for now they are leaving her to her own devices. She returns the quiet greetings, just settling in and listening. "I think many of us just ended up here, but it's still somehow got a way of making itself home." Yeah, some ice queen. Oh well. A large sip of her drink and then Tori gives Paz a glance. "Big. Busy. And still one of the most beautiful places in the universe, at least if you ask me."

"Yeah, she seemed like a nice enough gal when I was there." Paz nods, shrugging a little. "Just wondering if they'd cocked her up since last time I was dirtside there." she comments idly, seeming content to sip at her beer and just enjoy the fellow feeling for a moment or two.

"Well, there does seem to be a shortage of grass skirts and coconut bras for the hawaiian pilots onboard…" Cole replies to Kanani. After all, if she's going to make Australia jokes, it's only fair he return the favor, right?

Kanani smirks at Cole and shakes her head. "Don't you start with that, now. But, as it is, I should probably go head off to get some sleep. See you guys later." She slides her chair back and stands up, offering a bit of a wave.

Aww, hopefully Kanani isn't leaving mad? Tori waves, and takes a moment to say, "Good to see you, Tsunami. Have a good one." And of course, now that she's back, Tori will no doubt be around. "It is quite a mix though. From everywhere, for every reason, and here we are, all together to drink, flirt and be merry." Before hitting the hell of the next fight. "And I don't know if it's any better than before, but I think at least things han't gotten worse back home. I'm not sure they really get that there's a war though."

"Night, Tsunami!" Paz waves, quaffing the last of her second beer of what might just be many. It being just…that kind of night, if that makes any sense. "Sleep easy. Catch you on the flip side." she calls. "Hey, if you ever find somebody knows how to make those grass skirts and coconut bras, lemme know okay? I'll get a fitting in next time I get some leave." she chuckles.

Cole tries his best to keep from looking too disappointed at Kanani's departure. "Sweet dreams, Kanani" Cole offers her, eyes lingering for a moment longer before his attention turns back towards the conversation. "And fair enough, Tizona. I ever find out about one, you're the second person I'll tell" he jokes.

Kanani snickers, and waves on her way out. "You guys take care. Was good to see you all." She comments and exits the lounge.

A swift glance at Cole and Tori's lips curve in a smile. "Paz is right, you two are cute," she offers after a moment. If she's lucky, she'll catch Cole about to drink. Hey, you never know. "You can keep that information for these two - I'm too old for that sort of fashion," she says a little wryly.

"Heh, I'll tell Tsunami you said that." Paz winks, sipping at her beer. "And, I dunno, Cap. You can lead a Fighter Squadron in combat, learn how to surf, why not go for the grass skirt and coconut bra if you can get it?" she smiles. "You're only as young as you feel, ya know?"

"Ok, I'm staying out of this conversation now" Cole comments with a little laugh and a shake of his head. "Headed into territory that can only serve to get me in a whole world of trouble" he jokes. "Wouldn't want to get my arm broken"

"Smart choice, though I'm sure we already agreed that nobody was breaking any arms," Tori says, though she does offer a smile. Paz actually gets an outright laugh, before Tori shakes her head. "I'll keep that in mind, Paz. Maybe fore Hallowe'en," she says, with a wink. "Though really, are you trying to totally destroy my callsign? If so, you're going to have to help me come up with a new one." Hah.

"True enough" Cole replies with a little laugh. "But, why take the chance, hmm?" Cole adds, before he gives a little bit of a grin. "Besides, if it's being considered for a halloween costume, my mission's already accomplished"

"How can you break a call sign?" Paz inquires simply. "You're Queen, he's Voodoo, I'm Tizona." she says, pointing. "It's who we are inside…" she shrugs. "Got nothing to do with anything else, Cap. You're my Squad Leader, your call sign is 'Queen'. Not sure how you got it, don't really care, honestly." she smiles, nodding. "It's the _rank_ and the _woman_ I respect, _sir_." she says, stressing the last syllable.

That gets a blink from Tori, and then a nod. "Did you want to know how I got it?" she asks, a little quizzically, even though Paz /said/ she didn't really care. Heh. Well, then, maybe not. She shoots Cole a look and shakes her head. "Hallowe'en is a long way off, maybe I'll change my mind and be a penguin instead." A toss of her head, though she honestly probably won't dress up at all. But never mind that. "Sorry Paz, just - I've been doing too much thinking lately."

"Probably better for all concerned that you're a penguin anyway" Cole replies to Tori with a little laugh. "Not so sure Kanani would appreciate my drumming up competition for her in the grass skirt category" he jokes, even as he moves to stand from his chair. "And on that note, it's time I called it a night I think. A good evening to you both"