Concealed Under Daring
Concealed Under Daring
Arc: Cloaks and Daggers
Summary: Having convinced their contact of their credentials, the undercover team on New Detroit is tasked by their traitorous employers with blowing up a civilian manufacturing facility.
Date: 2659.035
Related Logs: None
Participants: Pickett Kayly Paz Draygo Oceana James Raine

It's another rainy night on New Detroit (ok, let's face it, they're /all/ rainy nights here), and Pickett lurks just outside the offices of Javelin Munitions with his little group of cronies. "Good to see everyone made it. Would you rather have the good news or the bad news first?" he asks, in a tone that's far too amused for the circumstances.

"There's good news?" Paz acts, looking astonished. "Wow….you'd better start with the bad, or we might all go into shock." she chuckles.

"Bad news first. That's always the order of things." Kayly comments quietly as she tries to remain unobtrusive from where she's lurking.

Raine is here. She's among the cronies and looks to Kayly. She smiles on seeing familiar faces, but stops smiling. Then peers at Pickett. She tilts her head. "Yeah. Um, let's get the bad knocked out early."

Before Kell could ask the same question, Paz already asked it for him so he remains silent and verbally non-committal while he waits for both the good news and bad news to be distributed. He already has a bad feeling about this current mission, not only about how to accomplish it but how to accomplish it without killing any innocents.

"Alright. Bad news is, tonight's job isn't going to go down as planned." Pickett replies. "In fact, it can't go down as planned because this is an office building, not a research facility" he explains with a little grin. "Our friends from on high fed a few people some bullshit, and waited to see who bit" Pickett explains. "And this gave us our answer."

"Oh, and me without my suit and pumps." Paz chuckles darkly. "Munitions company…That makes a kind of sense, I guess." she adds. "So what is the job, or do I wanna know?"

Arching a brow, Kell frowns at the apparently bad news since his bad feeling just went from bad to worse. "Great… so we're not blowing this place up or are we still going to blow this place up? At least the security shouldn't be as tight as it would be at an actual research facility."

Kayly smirks a bit and shakes her head. "Well, I suppose that's one problem solved. So what are we planning to do instead?" She asks, as she leans up against a wall, looking around the surroundings a bit, idly.

Raine is quiet for now, eyebrows lifting at the idea of explosives.

Cea has been remarkably quiet so far, just tagging along for now.

"Tonight's probably going to be the last time we're working for our traitorous friends" Pickett explains simply. "And all we need to do tonight is convincingly botch the job. Get in there, figure out a way to make sure we've cleared as many people out as we can, and set off a moderately sized explosive device inside the building." Pickett explains. "Enough to make it clear the facility was attacked, but obviously with less result than everyone was expecting. Which should get use one more meeting with our contact…" Pickett trails off there, giving a brief, vicious little grin.

Paz begins to get that certain, slightly crazed grin that those who know her have likely come to recognize as a sure sign trouble is brewing behind those dark eyes.

Raine listens, nodding. Her eyebrows lift. Uh oh. Pickett and Paz on the prowl. WITH EXPLOSIVES. She seems relieved about clearing people out at least. "That's a good plan," She offers quietly but looks around.

Hey, explosives are good. Cea has always thought so. "You giving out assignments, boss?" is all she asks, though there's an interested look on her face. Just that though - this is work, so even if it might be fun, she's taking it seriously. It's not just any old bar brawl after all.
Kayly snickers softly as she listens to the plan, and smirks slightly as she comments. "Sounds fun. So I take it we're going to try and do this with as much noise and as little damage to anyone we run into, as we can, huh?"

"That's the idea" Pickett confirms to Kayly. "A whole lot of sound and fury, as much property damage as you feel like, but we're going to try and minimize civilian casualties." That said, he looks along towards Oceana. "Only real specific assignment's the explosives, and making sure we don't screw that up is your job"

"Looking forward to that final meeting… would love to give him some comeuppance." Kell says with a smirk as he thinks about how much fun and interesting it will be. There is a few seconds where he thinks about what is to come but forces himself to focus on the current task at hand, "We could pull the fire alarm right before we set the timer on the small bomb. I'm sure that'll get any civies that are still inside out pretty quickly, we can even set a small but real fire elsewhere in the building first to make it more convincing."

"I think we should just go with a fire." Paz says, frowning thoughtfully. "Fire alarms in big buildings are usually connected to security systems. All our client would have to do is pull the logs and he'd see the alarm was pulled before the smoke detectors picked anything up. That might make him annoyed."

"Or do something like burn popcorn," Raine offers. "In Medical school, they evacuated our dorms once because someone put bread with butter in the toaster," She offers. "That would be a pain to trace and produce lots of icky, black smoke."

"The only problem with that approach is that fire alarms tend to be responded to by the fire department" Pickett replies to the others. A moment of supreme obviousness, yes, but one with a point… which he continues. "Which means we're going to have a pretty short window between setting off the alarm and setting off the bomb, since I have no desire to blow up the New Detroit fire department"

Kayly hmms thoughtfully, and comments. "I wonder how quick the fire departments around here are to answer those calls. Back when I was growing up, it could take them quite a long time to even show up when there was a fire."

James is listening carefully "I know, and we have absolutely no idea how long it would take them to respond, and no way to find out unfortunately so we would have to guess it and hope."

"Or we set up the bomb and have it ready to go when we set the fire alarm off?" Cea suggests slowly. "Or do both in parallel." She isn't too concerned about it - there's bound to be ways to get a distraction up, a bomb set, and folks evacuated.

Tapping his chin, Kell then adds, "After the fire, what about calling in a bomb threat too? Hopefully they treat it as legitimate and the fire department won't have clearance to enter until the bomb squad gets here. So we set the timer, set the fire and while we exit the building, call it in." He then nods at Cea as she has a similar plan with his, since it comes down to timing.

"That was kind of what I was thinkin', Cea." Paz says, bobbing her head a little. "We get a little blaze going, I like Raine's idea of involving the kitchen. That kinda thing happens all the time. Set the device and get evacuated with the rest of the employees. Though, if I can make a suggestion, I was kidding about the suit and the pumps at first, but I'm thinking we'd better make an effort to blend in."

"Sounds like a smart way to play it" Pickett agrees with a little nod. "Sneak in, set the bomb somewhere it won't be found, start a fire in a kitchen-type area. Get out when the alarms run. Unless someone's got a better idea in about the next thirty seconds, we'll go with it"

Kayly shakes her head and shrugs. "Sounds like a decent enough place as far as I can think of." She comments with a smirk.

James nods in agreement then says "And simple enough to adapt to whatever surprises get thrown our way."
Raine is quiet for her part. She smiles. "Yeah." She settles in, perhaps pleased the bonsais could help. "Besides, depending on traffic… I'd guess you have at least 5-15 minutes."

Cea is still trying to come up with holes in the idea, but not coming up with any at the moment. No doubt she's missed something, but oh well. "Do we want to try to fit in with business suits then? Or just go in as a cleaning crew?" is the one question she asks.

"Business attire. Dress nicely, walk quickly, act like you know what you're doing" Pickett explains simply. "I'll take care of getting us in, and keep an eye on the door in case something unexpected shows up. I think the rest of you can handle the plan once you're inside."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Now, if you folks will excuse me, I need to go get in costume." Paz grins, shouldering her umbrella and making her way towards the nearest women's shop.

"Fucking A…. so I have to wear a suit?" Kell grouses at that thought though it is for the good of the mission. But he really hates wearing 'business attire', feeling ridiculous and uncomfortable in such an outfit.


A short while later, the doors to the lobby of Javelin Munitions slide open to reveal a man in a courier service outfit who looks rather suspiciously like a certain Confederation Lieuetenant Colonel. The receptionist smiles up at the man cheerfully as he makes his way over, a clipboard in hand.

"Yeah, I've got a package here for a.. uh… Mister Goodnight?" The courier comments.
The receptionist looks up at the man with confusion. "You must have the wrong building" she comments, still cheerful. "There's no one by that name here"

The courier gives a little shake of his head. "Look lady, it says right here" he explains, holding out the clipboard in front of her face for just a brief moment. Just long enough to for his other hand to reach around behind her head and slam it into the desk. "Goodnight…" he comments a moment later to the unconscious receptionist. After all, nobody said she had to be conscious to activate the retinal scanner leading further into the building.

"Alright, get in here!" Pickett calls out to his accomplices. "Make it quick, I'll try and stall anyone at the front as long as I can."

When the all clear signal is given, Kell walks through the main entrance towards Pickett. His eye patch is gone, he actually shaved off his scruffiness, and dressed smartly. When the young Lieutenant sees the unconscious receptionist, he smirks and shakes his head at the Lt. Colonel. "You certainly have a way with women…" Kell certainly looks a little uncomfortable right now as he tugs at the tight collar while trying to stretch out the dress shirt that is a little tight on him.

You know, some decisions were so clearly right it's not funny. Ahem. Cea is wearing slacks and a dress shirt, with a nice jacket. She tidies up fairly well, all things considered. She steps in at the call, her gaze going to the receptionist and then over to Pickett, a very neutral look on her face, but she doesn't say a word.

Paz. now clad in a 1940's style gray business suit, complete with jacket, white blouse, knee length skirt and veiled pillbox hat, comes clicking into the lobby. "Subtle. Very subtle." she comments, shaking her head a she makes her way towards the elevators. "Anybody know the layout of this place?"

James is doing his best not to look uncomfortable in a suit. This leaves little energy to avoid wincing when he sees the poor receptionist. "Which way?" he asks in a carefully controlled tone

Raine looks like the database woman is about to go on a date with the IT guy. She seems in place, though likely like she might get shooed back to the server room. "I should've offered a dart or something," She rubs the back of her head. She winces sympathetically though. Poor receptionist. She is quiet otherwise though. "Who goes to the kitchen then? There's likely a directory."

Kayly doesn't comment at all at Pickett's handling of the receptionist as she looks around the lobby. Unlike a few of the others, she doesn't look particularly uncomfortable in her business suit. As Picket gives the order to get moving, she asks. "So which one of you crazy people secretly have an inner arsonist in you?"

Pickett looks to Draygo, and then along to Paz. "Just hope that's the only place they have those scanners. Since I doubt anyone inside's going to volunteer to trip 'em for you" Pickett comments flatly, even as he moves to arrange the senseless receptionist somewhere out of sight, popping open the 'package' he brought for delivery to reveal a suit to change into.

For the curious, beyond the secured access door and by the elevators leading up further into the building, there is indeed a directory. It's largely a whole bunch of differently named administrative offices… but with mentions of kitchen facilities on floors 10, 22, and 37.

Paz scans the directory, frowning her now ruby red lips thoughtfully. "Okay…so, which one you wanna go for?" she asks no-one in particular. "Not a decision we should take much time in making, mind. We're on camera now, I think."

"I vote for the top or middle, just because people could get down faster maybe unless someone knows better," Raine offers quietly.

James disagrees quietly "Floor 10. It's the closest., and thus the easiest for us to leave from." He glances towards Raine then towards the others to see how they reply.

Draygo doesn't seem to have much to say where to go, instead he continues to fidget with his outfit as if doing so will miraculously make it more comfortable.

"I think that's fine for one step, but we have to dance a two step," Cea says softly. "On the same floor? or do we care? Where gives us the biggest bang for the buck?" She glances over the layout again, trying to see if genius strikes or if she sees anything that makes sense to her.

"I'm with Raine. The last thing we want to do is be seen scurrying away the second we start the music." Paz muses. "Though, we do have a sanction, of a sort. Confed'll probably keep us out of jail."

Cea considers for another moment, looking over the directory. "I think the tenth - " she starts, and then she sighs, shaking her head. "Guys, I vote for 37. Especially if we're doing both on the same floor. All we need is to structurally damage the building on the tenth floor and have the whole thing cave in on us. And everyone else. That would so not be good. Besides, we're probably going to be able to outrun any of the suits in here anyway."

"Thirty seven it is." Paz says, pushing the up key the elevator and waiting for it to arrive, attempting to look as blase as possible. Another day, another dollar, yadda-yadda-yadda.

Kayly shrugs slightly as she listens to the discussion. "Thirty seven sounds fine to me. Just so long as we get moving and not wasting time."

Following Paz to the elevators, Kell leans against the wall near the button while they wait for the elevator to arrive. He then jabs at the summon button a few more times, as if doing so will make it come faster.

Ding. Thirty-Seventh Floor. Well Dressed Miscreants, High Explosives, and Ladies Lingerie. Ok, maybe not all of those. The elevator opens onto what looks to be a generic sort of cubicle farm, with the kitchen visible as a small room built out from a wall to the right.

Cea comes off the elevator on the balls of her feet, glancing to see if there's anyone in sight first up. And yes, she even glances at the ceiling just cause. Now then, where to set a bomb, in this crazy place. "broom closet or cubicle?" she muses as she glances around to see where a good place to hide the payload is. She's really got the following on her mind - any people? Any cameras? Where the bleep to we set a bomb?

"Okay, showtime." Paz says, stepping out of the elevator and trying to act like she belongs there, just another secretary, maybe a slightly senior secretary, yeah. Put a little of the 'I might've slept my way to where I am, but those I slept with aren't complaining' kind of attitude into it. "Your pick." she says simply.

"I'd say whichever is away from the most traffic," Raine notes quietly. So likely a room closet. She has a meek 'escaped from IT' aura, but seems thoughtful. "I guess I can go to the break room and find myself a snack." She offers softly.

Following the ladies, Kell steps out of the elevator too and begins looking around, "I suggest broom closet, somewhere out of the way so a worker doesn't see the device, then gets curious and starts poking it." He begins walking by some of the cubicles and pauses at one where no one is around. Arching a brow, he reaches over and picks something up that catches his interest, a red stapler.

James glances towards Paz surprised by the attitude that she has chosen to project for this mission. "Yeah a broom closet would probably be best unless we find an unassigned office somewhere in here."

And here comes trouble. A man in a suit moving towards the group with quick, determined strides… and a rather angry look on his face. "You've got a hell of a lot of nerve showing up here" the man greets grumpily as he approaches.

Cea sort of blinks as someone approaches them, grumping at them. Hey now, who the heck does he think they are? She steps off to one side, looking for said broom closet, and hoping that the janitors aren't working at this time of night. Hrm. She pauses though, hoping that the distraction team is on the guy like butter on popcorn. It's kind of important, after all, that nobody see where she puts the darn thing.

Okay, this is unexpected. "Excuse me?" she says, turning slightly to square up to the man. "I'm not entirely certain what it is you mean, sir. Would you kindly explain?" she asks, arcing an eyebrow.

Uh oh, it looks like someone forgot to submit their TPS reports. Kell looks at the approaching man in a suit before glancing at the rest of the group, trying to determine if he is talking to them all or someone in particular. He still has the red stapler in his hand, forgetting to let it go as the new arrival causes him to forget about the stapler.

Kayly hmms thoughtfully at the man in the suit, as he speaks up and approaches the group. She smirks a bit out of the corner of her mouth, as Paz starts to talk to the man, and she turns in his direction as well.

"Don't give me that 'I'm not certain what you mean, sir' crap" The man snaps as he looks at Paz. "Jean? From accounting, right?" he asks, before apparently deciding he's right without waiting for an answer. "I've been waiting up here for you for /three hours/ for you to have those reports on my desk."

James glances towards the newcomer and while tempted to end the problem with a punch he decides to let the others handle this. He kneels seeming to adjust his shoe though he can also move to attack the man if necessary.

"Oh, yes….the reports." Paz replies after a moment's worth of mental fumbling. "They didn't get to you?" she asks, eyes going wide. "I sent them out just before I went to lunch!"

It takes a great amount of effort for Kell to keep from bursting out laughing at Paz's misfortune for being singled out. Instead, he just snerks and slowly inches away from the boss and Paz, trying to move farther away to and search out a suitable closest to place the package in.

The man seems to stop in his tracks for a moment, looking flustered. "No, I didn't get them, I've been waiting up here all day!" The man grumbles, before moving to push past the group for the elevator. "Damnit, trust IT to screw up a simple report transmission…" Look, he's got a new target for his ire!

Oh dear. Poor Raine. She looks horrified at the IT comment and starts for the break room. Nothing to see here.

Cody now has to stifle her laughter, as the guy stomps out towards the elevator. Perfect! Hey, that's one guy down and out of the way, after all. Even if he's a jerk. She moves forward once he's gone, looking again for any little closets to be used. "Some people get all the luck," she murmurs. "Even when its bad."

Cea now has to stifle her laughter, as the guy stomps out towards the elevator. Perfect! Hey, that's one guy down and out of the way, after all. Even if he's a jerk. She moves forward once he's gone, looking again for any little closets to be used. "Some people get all the luck," she murmurs. "Even when its bad."

Paz just holds her tongue, waiting for Grumpy Guy to get into the elevator before following Raine to the break room. "It never fails…It never fails." she grumbles. "Why do I always pull the alpha asshole in any group?"

Going a little farther down the hallway he has chosen, Kell finds a door and looks around, to see if anyone is watching. When no one is around, he opens it slowly and sees that they are in luck, it is indeed a small custodial closest. He looks towards the group and motions at them to come to him so he can show them what he found.

James rises to his feet and dusts his suit off before saying "Bad luck?" in response to Paz's question. He waits until the guy is gone before looking around for a broom closet while considering other options.

"Something like that." Paz sighs as she hits the break room. "Okay Raine, you're up." she adds. starting to poke through the contents of the fridge. "Hey…a free sandwich." she grins, popping the thing in her handbag.

Cea catches the wave from Draygo, so she heads that way. It's as good as any other. Besides, Raine and Paz are obviously on distraction duty. "Whatcha got?" she's asking as she nears Kell, but then she can see the door he's found. "Top notch, ace," is all she says, with a bright smile his way.

"You know it, finding little nooks to make out in is my specialty." Kell responds with a grin, his tone showing that he is joking. Probably. Moving out of the way, he gives Cea more space to poke around and do her thing while acting as a lookout, ready to head off anyone who may be approaching their location.

James joins Kell on watch duty and says "Somehow I'm not surprised by that though I'm somewhat more surprised by the fact you were able to adapt the skill to an office building slash lab complex so easily."

Kayly decides she'd best keep an eye on the area along with Kell and James, seeing as everyone else's got their own pieces of criminal mischievousness to get done. She smirks slightly at the banter between the two pilots and shakes her head in amusement.

Cea starts checking out the closet, looking for the right spot and making sure she's getting this set up right. She does pause to add, "Multi-talented, hmm? I'll keep that in mind." She doesn't seem bothered by the playboy attitude. She does grin at James too. "I bet you could do the same if you wanted to," she says. And then she goes quiet, concentrating on setting us up the bomb.

The little kitchen area is pretty simple, really, but there's plenty of potential there. Even if the room is mostly a fridge and a microwave, along with a couple of tables. Oh, and a quaint little sign reminding employees that 'There is no kitchen fairy. Clean up after yourself'.

In the broom closet, on the other hand, there's a now bomb.

"It could be an office building, a lab complex, a ship. If there is an out of the way area, you can make out safely." Kell says with a grin that is directed at James now. When Cea starts fiddling with the package though, he does shoot a glance at her from time to time, as if in the back of his mind he wonders if she would accidentally set up the wrong wires or press the wrong button, then kablooie. The red stapler is still in his hand though.

Hooray! He doesn't follow her. Paz is welcome company and Raine looks over. "Let's find some popcorn, or butter and bread. Those smoke nicely. Maybe foil to microwave if you're feeling ambitious," She murmurs.

James smiles "I've never exactly been the make-out session in dark corners type. I barely dated before I graduated the academy though I did a lot more afterward."

"Butter…butter….eh….Here we go." Paz says, retrieving a few packets of the kind you get from fast food joints. "Looks like somebody around here likes Momma's Fried Chicken." she grins, passing the butter over to Raine before going to cover the entrance.

And as is the way of office buildings, the closet where the bomb is being placed goes largely ignored. After all, what do people care about a broom closet. On the other side of things, though, a pair of workers chatting with each other do appear to be angling for the little kitchen area. Wouldn't that be just a lousy way to get caught at all of this?

Cea does have some experience with the darn things. Bombs that is, not make out hideaways. We'll leave that as Kell's expertise. She ignores the conversation until she's done and then once it's all set, she steps back and nods to the two gentlemen who are with her. "Time to close the door and start on our merry way out of dodge," she says, starting by closing the broom closet door.

"Raine, you're going to have to forgive me for this." Paz says as she notes the two bogeys inbound. Without another word, Paz moves to practically scoop the CMO off her feet, planting the biggest, wettest kiss she can muster on the other woman's lips. That ought to buy them a little privacy.

Nodding at Cea, Kell takes a look around and sees that no one is around. "Well, let's go join the other at the kitchen, see what kind of trouble they are getting themselves into." He does pause for a moment to look at the door, as if to see if he could jam it somehow. Looking at the doorknob, then at the red stapler in his hand, he ponders for a second before shrugging ad moving off.
When Kell gets to the kitchen, he was about to say hello to the second half of the team when he stops short and is at a loss of words. His mouth hangs open for a second as he watches Paz and Raine make out.

"Huh?" Raine seems concerned as she's gathering bread and - her eyes go wide as plates. Her face is pale. Uh oh. She's gonna keel over. She did not, in a million billion years and three Lost specials, expect this. She almost goes kinda limp. But. It looks genuine at least. Bread and all. Snuggles 'n Toast. That's how we roll in IT.

James notes the two heading for the Kitchen and barely manages to avoid groaning. He moves towards the kitchen mind hireling looks inside and then….he turns a very interesting shade of red before looking away with a mumbled apology.

Only if IT stands for 'Includes Tongue'. The two wanderers slow to a stop as they catch sight of what seems to be going on inside the break room, blinking. A jaw drops in surprise. A quick, furtive glance between each other, and they're quickly moving for the elevators instead. Time to find another lunchroom!

Kayly glances into the lunchroom as she notices the look on both James' face, and the two employees who've mysteriously decided to head elsewhere, and barely manages to keep from bursting out laughing. Leave it to a pilot to come up with something like that to get out of trouble…

Paz breathes a sigh of relief as the two would-be interlopers scamper to find another lunchroom where they will, no doubt, gossip like twelve year olds about what they just saw. "Sorry, Raine. It was the only thing I could think of on short notice." Paz murmurs, herself starting to turn a lovely shade of crimson.

Poor Raine. She's turned into plywood. Eyes still wide. Her jaw closes. She kind of just stares, baffled. She nods meekly. "'s okay," She offers quietly. She'll forgive, but - wow. Paz couldn't've done better if she nailed the poor CMO over the head with a frying pan. "… shall we toast some bread and butter and get that foil and popcorn going?" If one source of smoke fails, another should make it good and inky right?

After the two workers leave and the pair of lovergirls stop their kissing, Kell laughs, obviously amused at what has just transpired. He also raises his hands and gives the two an applause. Still grinning, he lets the girls find ways to burn the food while he goes and starts pulling out sheets of paper towel and tears them up into smaller pieces. Kindling will definitely help feed the fire so people will need to leave instead of putting it out quickly.

James looks back though he briefly pinches himself trying to wake up from what is most likely either a dream or a nightmare though he can't decide just which at the moment. After a few moments he realizes that yes what he saw was real and says "Interesting diversion."

The important thing is that, with their bomb merrily awaiting its chance to go all explodey like, the team is free to work their mischief in the kitchen as well. Even if there's a rather fixed limit on how much mischief they're going to have time to arrange.

"Shut up, Draygo." Paz grumbles as the man starts to applaud the performance. "Again, sorry, Raine. Short notice." she sighs. "Oh, I'm gonna be saying rosaries until I wear the prints off my fingers." she adds, nodding and motioning to Raine in a definite 'Get on with it' kind of way.

Having been told to shut up only causes Kell to grin a bit longer. After dumping the small pilot of ripped up paper towel on the counter near where the fire is to start, he looks at the group and waits, though starting to look a little impatient. "Just letting you guys know, we should hurry it up. Clock is ticking… literally. See you guys at the elevator." With that, he begins heading towards the elevator and presses the summon button, not wanting to wait for the elevator after the fire has started.

"Yeah, I hate to ever agree with something a pilot says, but there is a bomb in the building, so we might want to get moving and everything." Kayly adds with a smirk, as she starts to turn towards the elevator. "No matter how much fun you two might be having right now." She can't help but add over her shoulder with a mischievous grin.

James joins the group though still looking away and saying "We should probably have someone waiting to hit the elevator button as soon as we are done here." Then he realizes that Kell is already heading that way and says "Never mind."

"I am going to kick all of your asses when we get outta here." Paz grumbles as she makes her way to the elevator. "Not for my sake, but for poor Raine's." she adds. "I am sorry, Raine." she says again. Never alienate your gunner.

"It's okay… If it had to be someone…" Raine offers quietly, lifting a hand. She's not faulting Paz for it. "Righto," With that, it's time to nuke some foil, popcorn and paper towels! good 'n stinky 'n smokey. "We got the butter and bread in the toaster?" She follows then, going quietly. "It's okay."

It doesn't take long for the mess in the kitchen to begin to cause a stir. The elevator is about halfway through its descent when alarms begin to sound through the building, alerting people to leave through their assigned evacuation routes. Ironically, the message also warns people quite specifically not to use the elevators. By the time the elevator reaches the lobby, there's already a stream of people from the lower floors moving out from the staircases.

James follows the group silently and spends the ride down trying to flush the image of Raine and Paz kissing from his mind along with the ideas that the little demon-James on his shoulder has been spouting since that incident.

Paz makes her way as quickly as possible without drawing attention to herself, finally winding up on the curb outside of the building. "Well, now what?" she asks no-one in particular. "If we can't go back to work….." she muses. "Let's go get some food and a beer…or…eight."

When the fire alarms sound, Kell let's out a sigh of relief, glad that at least people will leave the building now. Hopefully they gave people enough time to exit the building, especially the top floors, before the bomb goes kablooie. "With what we did today, I'm all for eight beers. Maybe those nice pilots will be back and we can buy them a round, or get in another fight."

James says "Yeah some drinks sound good." Hoping they will finally silence or better yet drown demon James who refuses to shut up.

Kayly shrugs slightly and smirks a bit. "Well, whatever we do, we should probably get as far from here as possible."

And Pickett, well… he's already outside, having done his good deed for the day in dragging the knocked-senseless secretary out with him. It's simple enough, really, to explain to someone that she fell down the stairs in the rush to get out. The slipping away from the group he'd handed her off to part is somewhat harder, but comes a moment later.

"Heh, you know what I'm jonesing for. A baked potato. A big baked potato with sour cream and butter and maybe something chive-like." Paz muses as they walk away from the soon-to-be-bombed building. "And a glass of half-ass decent whiskey."

James says "The potato sounds good but I'll have to taste the latter before I believe it exists here. After this though I don't feel choosy."

When Pickett rejoins them, Kell gives the leader a nod and says, "It looks like everything is going as planned. We're gonna go grab a few drinks, much needed ones." He then arches a brow at Paz when she mentions potato but doesn't ask.

And so, the group wanders off into the darkness of a New Detroit evening, even as the street behind them fills with the sound of sirens at the approach of New Detroit's fire department. For a brief instant, the sound of sirens is overwhelmed by a booming explosion and a crash of breaking glass at the top of the building. A stunned silence sets in for a few moments, before the panicked screams start. Mission accomplished.