Arc: None
Summary: Voodoo calls Razor into his office to discuss the recent altercation on the flight deck
Date: 2659.054
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Participants: Cole Draygo

Cole lurks in his office, waiting behind his desk… standing, rather than perching in his chair it seems, as he waits for Draygo's arrival. It can't be that tough to guess what lead him to summon the man here.

There is a knock on the door to the office and a brief moment passes before Kell opens the door and enters. Instead of leaving it open, he shuts it behind him since the Lieutenant has a feeling of what is to come, especially after seeing his Commanding Officer standing instead of sitting. Walking to the desk, Kell stands to attention and snaps off a salute, "Lieutenant Draygo reporting as ordered, sir."

"This won't take long" Cole assures Draygo, regarding him for a long moment before he asks simply. "What's this I hear about you and Cutlass deciding to have a boxing match down on the flight deck?"

Kell doesn't answer immediately as if he is trying to gather his thoughts and decide on a course of action. What is decided is that he decides not to make excuses, instead of telling it as it is. "I let my emotions get the better of me. The way that Cutlass flew and acted had me infuriated, I wanted to know if he cared about his actions and when he didn't, I… suggested that he re-evaluate his thinking. I guess it ended up being a physical suggestion, sir."

Cole can't help but give a little chuckle. "Physical suggestion? I'll have to remember that one" he admits, before he gives a little shake of his head. "So am I really going to have to give you the whole rant about why punching your escorts is a bad idea?"

"Probably not sir, I know if I had a cooler head, I would know that punching our escorts is a bad idea, hell, I use to be one. It's just that at that time, I didn't see Cutlass as an escort." There was a slight pause before Kell continued, "I even reviewed the flight tapes today and… well, I still believe he could've made better choices, but I'm sure I could have imparted that knowledge in a different manner."

Cole nods slightly at Draygo's words, finally moving to take a seat in his chair again. "Well, I suppose that saves me a fair bit of the theatrics then" Cole comments with a little chuckle. "So, allow me to impart a couple pieces of advice instead." He pauses for a moment there, and then explains. "First off, if you feel your escorts aren't doing their job, let me know. Believe me, my chat with Cutlass isn't likely to be nearly this cordial."

When the first bit of advice is given, Kell only nods his head, showing he understands what his CO is saying, "Understood sir." His response is brief and to the point, knowing that Cole has more to say.

"And second, if you absolutely have to punch the son of a bitch?" Cole adds with a little amused smile. "The flight deck is a really lousy choice of spots. You're much less likely to have someone come pull you apart down on one of the cargo decks."

The second bit of advice is certainly not what Kell had expected, and the surprise shows on the Lieutenants facial expressions. That, however, quickly turns into a grin as a nod is given again, "Now that you mention it, I did end up having quite a large audience, not my intention though. I was tunnel visioned at the time. I will definitely keep that in mind though I would like to avoid a 'next time'."

"Glad we've got that sorted then" Cole replies to Draygo with a firm nod, before he looks up to deliver the bad news. This wasn't all going to be cheerful, after all. "That said, I'm pulling you from flight status for forty-eight hours. During that time, you will be on loan to the mess hall for whatever miscellaneous duties they may require an extra set of hands for. The first part's for doing something goddamned stupid, and the second is for making me take time to deal with it. Dismissed."

The hammer of course has to drop, since it would be suspicious if nothing had happened to Kell so the pilot was expecting something along the lines of this, just not the other stuff. There are no complaints from the Lieutenant as the punishment is issued, his only response is to give Cole another salute with an 'Understood, sir' once he is he dismissed. With that, Kell does an about face and heads for the door.