Actor Name
2nd Lt Karl Walzer
Name: Karl Walzer
Callsign: Cork
Rank: 2nd Lt
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 221st Illuminiati
Position: Pilot
Age: 19
Homeworld: Homeworld
Marital Status: Single
Actor: Actor Name



Walzer's parents were privateers, often running Terran bio specimens on the long haul between Enyo and Oxford. When the Kilrathi sieged the Enyo colony in 2639, their Tarsus was destroyed on the spaceport tarmac. Karl was born 9 months later, immediately "joining the family business"and lifting off in the family's shiny new insurance-bought Galaxy.

His mother's shrewd business skills and fathers ability to patch up the ship kept the family comfortable but always moving. In 2649, Confed suffered heavy losses at Custer's Carnival. The Walzers obtained a contract for supplying noncritical components to Confed bases far from enemy lines. The contract allowed them to purchase a heavy transport and hire a crew. They were the poster children of how diligence could pay off in times of turmoil.

Then the cats came.

A deep recon in force found the Walzers' slow transport. The bridge was destroyed in minutes. Karl and his father were captured and separated. Karl spent the next 6 years on a Kilrathi Starport in the Ghorah Khar system. Kept in kennels aboard station with dozens of other human boys, the station Commander kept the children as slaves and hunting sport. Karl and the older boys were often put in unarmed salvage fighters and used as target practice. This dishonorable brutality was one of many grievances the citizens on the planet below cited when seceding from the Empire.

When the system was liberated, Karl joined the Academy. His experience in the Kilrathi targeting sights gave him an edge and qualified him for an accelerated program, but he quickly fell behind his talented peers. His pilot qualifications were "passable". It wasn't until graduation that Confed got his actual birth records from Enyo, discovering that he had entered the Academy at 16. Karl hadn't lied on his entrance exam, he just hadn't known his own birthdate. As he had turned 18 prior to graduation, he received his silver wings with his classmates.

Karl was assigned as Naval escort to Earth In-system Security Corvette TCS Blue Ridge for a year before being transferred to the TCS Majestic in early 2659. Karl earned the callsign Minuteman for his voracious eating habits.

Aboard the TCS Majestic, on his very first patrol, was engaged by a wing of light Kilrathi fighters. Karl's craft was badly damaged and ejected. After being cleared by medical, his very next assignment required scouting a Kilrathi minefield. Tactical got the location wrong, and Karl autopiloted past a swarm of magnetic mines. Trailing explosives behind him, foot down hard on the afterburner peddle, hit pointed the Stilleto towards the carrier, pitched down 90°, and ejected again. Spinning end over end, he watched the mines destroy his second ship in a month. When SAR picked him up, the flight crew sarcastically applauded Karl and rechristened him "Cork"

Prior Deployments

Served aboard the In-System Security corvette TCS Blue Ridge stationed picket around Saturn for a year after academy.


<Medals, letters of commendation, sniper-tastic awards? Dole 'em out here.>


On restricted flight duty due to the loss of multiple craft.

Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

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Other IC Info

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