Crossed Wires
Crossed Wires
Arc: None
Summary: Back on the flight deck, a few technically-inclined pilots try to dissect what happened to Kanani's fighter
Date: 2658.255
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Participants: Cole Kanani Draygo Walsh James

For Cole, at least, there's no triumphant victory-lap-barrel-roll-tower-buzzing sort of display. Just his bomber heading straight back into the landing bay, settling down onto the deck as soon as he can ger clearance to land. It's barely come to a stop when he's popped the hatch and cleared it, heading back towards the cargo section without even his usual removal of his helmet and gloves.

Not pressing his luck on having a successful mission without bringing painful harm upon himself, Kell also does not buzz the tower, though it could be because there is no afterburners on the 'Sword. Instead, he comes in for a safe and boring landing next to Cole's bomber before opening his canopy. Climbing out, the young Lieutenant pulls off his helmet and flight gloves before heading towards Cole's bomber, waiting to see the status of the ejected pilot to see if she's alright and what exactly happened.

Kanani waits until the hatch to the cargo section is opened up, and then climbs her way out, just barely managing to resist throwing her helmet out in annoyance. She peers over in Cole's direction and states in a dry tone. "You do realize that you're going to have to paint up a brand new fighter for me, don't you?"

With the aftermath of the previous assault on the carrier still fresh in his mind, Walsh is relieved to be returning to find the battlegroup unscarred. He makes a tidy landing, popping his canopy as he comes to a stop. He examines a few of the pockmarks and scratches to the fuselage as he climbs down. Waving off the anxious clipboard-wielding techs, he makes his way towards the parked broadswords.

Cole grins at Kanani under his helmet, his mood apparently nothing close to matching hers at the moment. "As long as that's all I have to do" Cole replies to her. "I think I can live with that." Of course, he'll have to add it to the list… after all, his broadsword is up there on the list of 'fighters going to have to be replaced. It takes a moment, before he finally realizes he really oughta take his gloves and helmet off. So he does.

James brings up the rear of the fighter formation and lands smoothly before powering down his bird. Once he slips out of the cockpit he gives the fighter an affectionate pat before looking around the bay.

Seeing Kanani's mood is more angry than anything else, Kell knows that the only serious damage is her pride. "Fighters can be replaced and repainted, pilots can't. Glad to see that you're alright, Tsunami." He is curious as to what exactly happened out there since there wasn't any calls for help shaking bandits off of her six, or ones that he noticed but he is smart enough not to ask now.

Kanani snorts softly and shakes her head. "I'd still like to know just what happened there. Stupid fighter decided to give up for no reason and kicked me out, while I was finishing off that one bomber."

"Might be able to go back over the flight recorders and tell. I just know one minute I had a Kilrathi carrier in front of me, and the next minute Cutlass is calling out you'd ejected" Cole explains, before giving a little smile. "I'm just glad you're safe. We can work on the 'what happened' from there"

Walsh is also eager to learn what happened to cause the ejection. Tsunami wasn't even hit to his knowledge. "Mmm. Didn't even notice you get hit. Just your fighter shooting off without you. Weird."

"You might have to drag some of the wrench monkeys into the discussion too. I'm sure they may have an idea why or atleast know how to look for the problem." Kell says as he looks in the direction of the repair bays, "They'll just reverse engineer the ejection system or something." That's the best that Razor could come up with, having not really paid attention to the academic portion of his class. "I'm gonna go grab a shower. First time after flying a 'Sword that I'm not sent straight to the Medbay."

James removes his helmet and wanders over to join the group brfore asking "Do you remember taking any hits around the time you got ejected Tsunami, and where they were?"

Kanani shrugs slightly as she leans against the Broadsword she just climbed out of. "Took a little hit in the left wing, I think it was right before it all happened. Barely enough to get through the armor though."

Cole finds a spot next to Kanani where he can lean against the hull, looking towards the other two curiously. "Think something might have cased it to go off spontaneously?" Cole wonders, perhaps following that line of thought to where it seems to be headed. "What'd be in the /wing/ to make that happen, though?" He might be terribly familiar with the broadsword, but he's less-so with the Stiletto it seems.

As the discussion goes into the technical aspect, Kell gives the group a wave since he doesn't have much to add on the subject, not an expert at all in that particular field. His job of killing Kilrathi is done tonight and he's going to get cleaned up and get some rest.

James nods "If I remember my fighter tech training right they didn't have enough space to cram all of the ejection related backup systems in a Stilleto's body so they put the secoadry controls and capacitor in the wings. One of those might have taken damage and triggered early but it would be a wild fluke at worst."

Walsh rubs his chin, thoughtfully. "Do you s'pose it's possible for an energy or particle weapon to induce a current?"

Kanani yawns slightly and shrugs again. "I suppose that could be it. Damned annoyingly lucky shot for that cat though… But at least the rest of the mission went fine, I guess.."

Cole gives a little bit of a nod at Walsh's comment. "Sure it is. You get all sorts of nasty side effect when you start slamming things together at those sort of velocities" Cole replies. "Especially with a mass driver, which is firing charged masses to begin with." Well, there's the engineer in Cole speaking up for a moment. That said, Cole looks along over towards Kanani. "Could've gone alot worse" he agrees.

James nods "Either it induced a current or it severed something which caused te fighter to believe that the eject command had been triggered. Perhaps it knocked some wires ogether so their commands got crossed. Anyway I need to get some rack time so bye everyone." this said he begins to head for the exit.

Walsh shrugs. "Hell of a fluke any way you slice it I guess. And since we can't recover it to see what actually happened, guessing's 'bout all we're gonna do." He starts to head for the exit. "It happens again, I'd be worried though. Anyway, better get some rest."

Kanani nods some, and pats Cole on the shoulder. "Hey, I'm fine. And I suppose that's the most likely reason. Not like the Stiletto's got much armor to protect against things like that once the shields are down, anyways."

Cole smiles at that, briefly wrapping an arm around Kanani in a little half-hug for just a moment. "And unfortunately, they're going to be looking for me in debriefing before too long." Cole comments as he looks between the little collection of pilots. "But good work tonight, everyone" Cole adds, leaning in to whisper one further thing to Kanani, before giving her a little kiss on the cheek, unwrapping that arm from around her, and moving toward the lift.