Actor Name
Second Lieutenant Cyric Karde
Name: Cyric Karde
Callsign: Talon
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 1087th
Position: Pilot
Age: 21
Homeworld: Earth
Marital Status: Single
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2nd Lt. Cyric "Talon" Karde is the youngest son of Malcolm Erikson Karde, Commodore of 3rd Fleet, 102nd Destroyer Squadron based in Sol Sector. Cyric is also the only member of the Karde family to successfully carry on a proud Karde martial tradition that goes all the way back to the Pacific Theater in World War II where his direct ancestor was awarded the Navy Cross following his actions during the Battle of Midway under Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance. That ancestor was promoted up through the ranks and was awarded the Silver Star and ultimately the Medal of Honor for his meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty in some of the most pivotal Battles of the entire Pacific War theatre.

That this proud legacy of distinguished military service reforged anew and handed down from one generation to the next for centuries had met with such vehement resistance from Cyric's eldest brother and two sisters has meant that every facet of the young Karde's life to date has been tightly regimented and controlled by his father to ensure that the family legacy of distinguished military service wasn't dishonored during a time of a multi-generational war for the survival of the human race and the entire Terran Confederation through the selfish short-sighted desires of Cyric's siblings for a trivial existence outside the rigid boundaries of military life. If they wanted to rely on others to protect them from the Kilrathi, then Commodore Malcolm Karde would ensure that at least one of his children carried on the family legacy into the next generation.

Thus, Cyric's formational years were carefully nurtured and ruthlessly choreographed from a tender age in the best military schools and academies nestled within the still beating heart of the Confederation itself. A quiet, intense, and eager child quickly grew into a solemn, zealous, and intelligent young man, Cyric thrived and even excelled in this highly regimented life performing very well in all the tasks set before him by his father or his instructors.

The only act of teenage rebellion from the young man was not to follow his father's footsteps into the Naval branch of the Confederation military but into the Terran Confederation Space Force as the glamor and glory of the Star-fighter wing had always both fascinated and driven him during his youth. Karde's mother turned a distant if supportive eye to this very mild form of youthful rebellion during Commodore Karde's rather lengthy patrol tours defending Sol sector from the occasional Kilrathi incursion (including the abortive strike against Earth in 2654) and the odd bit of trouble from pirates.

The young Karde was taken under the wing of a Colonel Bartholomew at the Central Terran Academy who was quick to recognize the young man's potential. It was there that Cyric officially joined the TCSF and learned everything he could of his chosen branch of service. He put in additional time beyond what was required on the simulator pods focusing nearly all of his energy and enthusiasm upon honing his already preternaturally keen hand-eye coordination and naturally sharp piloting and gunnery skills to a razor's edge only rarely realized at the Academy even as his social life and creativity waned for want of fresh experiences or time for further development.

His father was more irritated and surprised than angry at his son's rather mild act of teenage defiance at choosing a branch of military service other than the Navy, but the Commodore consoled himself that at least the TCSF was a well-respected branch of service at least nominally attached to the Navy. With just a few strings from extensive connections he had built up over the years, his son could be posted to one of the Gilgamesh destroyers within his destroyer fleet squadron if only to keep the kid out of any serious trouble for a few more years.

Following Cyric's graduation from Sol Academy magna cum laude his father ensured that Cyric's first posting was to a Gilgamesh destroyer attached to his father's fleet. There Cyric served for a full year under his father's over-controlling command flying endless streams of utterly pointless 3-point patrols before finally putting in for a transfer through his mentor, Colonel Bartholomew. The Colonel's contacts arranged for the young Karde to be placed in a combat fighter squadron stationed onboard the TCS Majestic.

This transfer order to a front-line TCSF combat squadron stationed within the Gemini sector placed him on the next available transfer shuttle with stunning alacrity as the orders moved through the normally strangulated Confederation bureaucracy with an uncharacteristic efficiency that allowed him to escape his father's shadow at long last for the first time in the young Karde's life.

Furious at his son for the very first time at this uncharacteristic act of childish defiance, his father moved mountains of paperwork and called in multiple favors aimed at reversing the transfer but not even the Commodore's exalted rank or back-stage connections could overcome the suddenly intransigent weight of Confederation military bureaucracy once the cement had dried on his son's transfer orders.

Finally liberated from his father's control and out on his own for the very first time in his life, the young Karde is enthusiastically eager to prove his worth and earn his glory alongside his fellow heroes in the Terran Confederation Space Force's decades-long struggle for victory and continued survival under the relentless onslaught of the powerful Kilrathi Empire.

Character Sheet

Academic:    *****   - Decent(5)         Athletic:   *****     - Fit (5)
Creative:    **      - Unimaginative(2)  Reactive:   ********* - Peerless (9)
Social:      ****    - Average(4)        Technical:  *******   - Expert (7)

Action Skills
Alertness:    ****      - Proficient  (4)  Piloting:   ********  - Superior (8)
Gunnery:      *******   - Crack-shot  (7)  ECM:        *****     - Decent (5)
Laser Pistol: ****      - Proficient  (4)  Repair:     ****      - Proficient (4)         

Background Skills
Chess:  **** - Proficient (4)
Martial Arts:  ***** - Decent (5)

Language Skills
English: ******* - Natively Fluent(7)  

By the Book       Solemn
Glory Seeking     Ardent

Prior Deployments

TCS Alexander (Gilgamesh Class Destroyer) - Sol Sector


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