Dinner in Officer's Mess
Dinner in the Officer's Mess
Arc: None
Summary: Phillip's "Breakfast" is joined by a late dinner for James, Foster, and Raine.
Date: 2659.085
Related Logs: None
Participants: Foster, James, Phillip, Raine

Designed to seat approximately 50 officers, the Majestic's wardroom is built for maximum configurability. Small square tables are scattered through the room, able to be moved and secured together to form larger surfaces if a need arises. A cafeteria-style service line is set to one side of the room, serving the best food that the lowest bidder has to offer.

Phillip is up at the buffet for the last "real" meal onboard until morning. Of course, that assumes you can call this real food. Phillip carefully chooses items he knows don't turn his stomach. So far he's gotten chicken and greens.'

Rain is in line behind Philip. One suspects the bonsai toting doctor (And there -is- a bonsai on her lunch tray) has a cast iron stomach. It's better than what the Enlisted folk get right? Regardless, she smiles faintly. "Thank you," Chicken!

James just takes whatever looks remotely tolerable and moves on "Hi Iceblade, hi Raine he greets while debating if he wants to risk the chocolate pudding.

Foster steps in from the outside, looking rather lost in thought for the moment. Waiting for a few moments before he starts moving for the food, a bit slowly.

Phillip nods in James's direction before turning his head hearing a familiar yet small voice. Ah, it's Raine, the shy but capable CMO of the Majestic. "Oh, hey doc." Phillip says with a smile and pep unusual for officers at this late hour. "Just get a freed up?" Phillip asks while the greens are placed on his tray.

Raine smiles at Phillip. "Allo there. And yes, so I wanted to get to Mess before all the good stuff was gone," She winks. "Hello," She nods at James and - is that a Foster? "Everyone is showing up," She offers. She seems to be her usual shy self, but CMOs have strange hours it seems.

James says "Good timing I guess." to Raine after she points out that everyone is arriving together. He nods in greeting to Foster then decides to chance the pudding since if worse comes to worse expert medical help will be easily available.

Foster is unable to hold back a grin as he sees the others present. "Good…" he begins his greeting, before he trails off. "Hello. How are you people today?" Loading up some food as he speaks, quite much food, it would seem.

Phillip says a quick thanks before moving down the line and asking for the ship favorite Mac&Cheese. If the army marches on its stomach then pilots fly on Mac&Cheese. Phillip turns his head towards Raine and nods, "I hear that. I've basically been a night-watchman sense I got back onboard from… you know the medical leave." Iceblade seems a little uncomfortable as he mentions the leave (even though he has been back sense the start of March), but his smile immediately returns afterward. Phillip then turns his head around, "Oh hey Foster, pretty good I guess."

Raine smiles faintly. She will get some of the mac 'n cheese. "I see. And you're going to be flying again then?" She asks quietly. Raine doesn't seem to push the subject too much. There's a faint smile to the two, obviously amused. "I am alright. Enjoying a bit of a break."

James shrugs then spends a few moments desperately trying to keep his food from sliding off the try. Fortunately the reflexes which let him fly also apply to near disasters involving food. he looks a little abashed as he replies "I'm ok. How are you doing?"

"Bit tired, but otherwise good," Foster replies, as he keeps loading up a bit more food. "Well, it's good that you're back aboard," he offers to Phillip.

Phillip nods at Raine, "Yeah, I got my first patrol for the day in a couple of hours, heck this is actually my breakfast." Iceblade points at the food on his tray before picking it up and following James after deciding that desert from here is a bad idea. Phillip comments towards Foster, "Funny thing is I've been onboard for couple of weeks, but I guess Command decided to reward me with the worst hours, so I've only been awake when most everyone's asleep." Phillip ends with a chuckle. Definitely odd for so few to even see Phillip for such a length of time…perhaps he has been avoiding people too. hmmm…

Raine tilts her head. "Congratulations. I imagine it must be exciting to fly again at least?" She offers. "It's good to see you out and about," The doctor offers. "I am well enough. Pleased to see you all." She seems quiet, but happy. She will try dessert at least. "They likely did it to ease you back into duty."

James says "It's good to see you off the deep night work Iceblade but I think we should all find a table. I've never seen a point standing around when sitting could do as well, and I came from the showers so I've been on my feet for a while. Besides I'm pretty sure that getting cold won't help the food."

Foster grins, "Ah, so that's why it's been so silent…" he remarks a bit lightly, before he moves to seat himself at a table, just getting to his seat before he starts attacking his food now.

Phillip nods at Raine and then to James says "Good idea." He sets down his tray and takes a seat next to Foster. He then proceeds to chow down, plucking a metal fork from the can in the middle, and starts eating of all things the greens first and rather quickly but not so fast as be rude or messy. The greens are gone so fast, though, that Phillip might need a new callsign…Houdini either or polite pig.

Raine laughs and nods. "True… Where to?" She smiles at them and will follow along. She'll take a seat and eat, although she eats more slowly. "If you'd like some of mine, let me know. My metabolism isn't what it used to be. Has anything exciting been going on?"

James sits down and takes a bite of his mashed potatoes attentively. He then glances towards Raine "I know I'm about as far from a doctor as one can get but that doesn't sound good. Are you doing ok?"

Foster keeps on eating in quiet now. Not as fast as before, but still with a bit of tempo, it seems.

Phillip upon finishing his greens, turns towards Raine with a concerned look on his face.

Raine tilts her head and laughs. "I'm not getting any younger. The trouble with doctors is, we're often in school or residence until we're nearly 30," She notes. "So our shelf life… is short," She admits.

James nods and says "That's alright. I'm sure I speak for everyone on the ship when I say we greatly prefer you knowing more and having a shorter shelf life as you put it when we need your services." he takes a larger bite of the potatoes.

Phillip chuckles and nods while giving Raine a quick, good-natured pat on the back, "Well pilots aren't too far off from there either, but I dare say that a Doctor's shelf life is far better than us young mid-20 model pilots." Iceblade then starts to pick off meat with his fingers from the…yuck…thin-skinned, fried chicken thigh. "They never have breasts in the military," Phillip says softly to no one in particular.

Raine smiles faintly at James. "True. It really can't be helped," She considers. She smiles at Phillip's pat and blushes a little. She will eat as well and pauses. "Well, it's likely the most expensive meat… aside from the drumsticks," She notes. "But it would be nice."

James says "That or some Admiral or something in the sector really loves them and his personal chef has a buddy in supply who makes sure everyone in the inventory gets routed his way."

Phillip finishes off the chicken rather quickly, mostly due to the small amount of meat on it before nodding at Raine's comment and giving a quick chuckle at James's. "Yeah, I bet." Now for the main course. Best rule of the ship's mess, you can replace dessert with any non-meat side, so a double helping of Mac&Cheese is a smart move. Before diving in, Iceblade says to group, "You know the best way to eat these meals. Get really hungry, start with the worst tasting, and eat quickly until you get to something you like." Phillip actual appears to be beaming a little as he begins going in for the M&C.

Raine is eating and smiles at the theory. "That could be it too," She winks at James. She will eat away quietly then, listening.

James swallows then shrugs "Honestly I've always started by eating the stuff I hate then moving to the better stuff." he says before finishing off the supposed potatoes.

Phillip is really going through the M&C. So much for following his own advice. Of course it could be the clock ticking close to the patrol briefing.

Phillip finishes off the M&C. Jeez, watch for indigestion later. Iceblade looks to his watch real quick, "Dang, it is getting really close to time for the pre-patrol briefing. I still don't see the point." Iceblade finishes shaking his head and getting up from the table.

Raine noms quietly. "Time flies… and it's best to get into the swing. Be well," She smiles at him.

James says "Giving the briefing officers something to do or maybe there's a new asteroid field on the route they feel we need to be warned about? Take care of yourself."

Phillip waves a goodbye to the group as he takes his tray to the disposable area, "Later guys."