Disrespecting the Classics
Disrespecting the Classics
Arc: None
Summary: An attempt at watching a recorded classic sporting match leaves Majestic's officers unimpressed.
Date: 2658.187
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Participants: Cole Paz Raine Saint-Cloud

There's about fifteen minutes before the game starts, so Paz is able to snag her and the Doc some choice seats at the bar before the thundering heard of off-duty hoops fans cram in. "Oh man, this is going to be _epic_." Paz grins, ordering a beer and giving a little shiver of excitement. "Old NBA stuff's almost impossible to find anymore in any format a modern player can read."

Happily oblivious to what he's wandering into, Cole makes his way along into the lounge. Not like he'd planned on wandering into the middle of something big and exciting, he'd mostly just come here for a bit of booze.

Sports! Not … really Raine's thing, but hey. Raine seems happy to follow Paz, bonsai in tow with a smile. "Thank you, these are good seats. And really?" She tilts her head, seeming pleased. Less excited, but still pleased for company and to watch pilots in their natural habitat. She does wave at Cole though. "Guess a long island tea wouldn't kill me. That's one thing Earth does right I've noticed." Drinks!

"Yeah, back when this game was filmed, they were using tapes, chromium oxide and plastic, magnetically encoded." Paz explains, sipping at her newly arrived pint. "Worked just fine, but didn't last long unless you took _really_ good care of them." she adds. "Heh, yeah, where would we be without Terra and her many cocktails?" she smiles. "Speaking of other things Terra does." she comments to Raine before waving to Cole. "Hey Voodoo!" she calls. "You here from the game?"

"Game?" Cole asks, looking towards the other two curiously. "Is that what all this mess was about?" he asks, looking a little more curious at that. "Didn't even know there was supposed to be anything going on"

Raine tilts her head. "I see." She is learning! She even has something alcoholic! Heck is freezing over! "I can imagine though," She admits to the film comment. A soft laugh. "I'm trying something new while I am here I guess." She's open to new things. Voodoo gets a smile. "Hey there. And apparently a sports game."

Paz has noticed, and is duly impressed as she watches the Doc slowly shrug her way out of her shell. "I'm corrupting her." she smirks to Cole. "Give it a year and she'll be as cracked and damned as me." she says, saluting the notion with her pint. "Boston Celtics versus Detroit Pistons, circa 1990."

"Not that I don't believe for one minute" Cole replies with a shake of his head. "It's taken you a lifetime to get that cracked, not sure the Doc's gonna be able to catch up in a year" Cole tells Paz, before he gives Raine a grin. "No offense"

Raine laughs softly. "It's just one drink. I think it's okay in moderation," Raine smiles. "I'm always afraid of big groups… but some people are okay." She's growin! Slowly, but surely. A deep blush. "I don't know if I could ever match the Pazinator," She admits and smiles. A little salute with her Long Island Tea in turn. "That's alright." A grin at Cole. "She's at a professional level." Sagenod.

"Heh, yeah, well, we try..we try." Paz says with mock humility, letting out a contented little sigh. "The Pazinator?" she says, turning to quirk up an eyebrow at Raine before giggling. "Heh, okay, that's a new one." she hoots softly, taking a sip from her beer. "But yeah, not to fret, Doc, I've got your back." she smiles. "So, if you ain't here for the game, you must be on a booze run?"

"I'm not sure if you'd want to match Tizona. There's some places that people just aren't meant to go" Cole tells Raine with a little grin, before he looks back towards Paz. "And yep. Booze run it is!" he confirms.

Raine smiles at Paz. "Yup," She nods. A pleased look. Nicknames for Paz! Funtimes. She's still not fully out of her shell, content to mingle and listen as much as speak. "Thanks." A look to Cole. "I see. Like those little birds that dip from water. But with pilots and booze," She's learning! A grin at Cole. "I doubt anyone would object if you wanted to stay," She notes quietly. She pauses. "No, I don't think I could match her if I tried. I am not a Paz. But that's alright. One Paz is enough awesome."

"Heh, its a stress reliever." Paz comments with a snerk. "It's that or go buggo inside a few months." she notes, taking a slower, slightly pensive sip of beer. Raine's comment about one of her being enough awesome draws a throaty chuckle. "Well, that and that little detail of the universe collapsing if there were two of me." she snerks. "Yeah, stick around. Mike'll have the video up and running in a couple minutes. See what basketball was like before performance enhancing surgeries and a break of the steroid ban."

"Exactly!" Cole tells Raine. "Fighters need fuel, pilots need booze. Just the way that it works" Cole explains less-than-seriously. "And I think I'd have to agree, one Paz is scary enough thank you. I'm not sure what would happen if there were two, but… I'm sure that it wouldn't be pretty"

Raine wrinkles her nose, amused. "They might either team up or fight like bettas," She considers. A nod at Paz. "That sounds nice. And heh. I wish people would remember surgery is still surgery, even for enhancement or cosmetic purposes." She seems troubled by how lightly some take it. A headshake. "Either way, it will be interesting. Vintage stuff is fun. I've never been to Earth personally though," She frowns. "Is it nice?"

"Heh, true enough. All I know's it makes 'em jump higher and run faster." Paz chuckles. "Terra? Eh, what little I saw of it when I was there seemed okay. Awful crowded though. And _way_ too expensive."

"Depends on where you're at, as far as the crowded bit goes" Cole replies. "Some bits of it aren't. Middle of Australia still barely has anyone, but… that's largely by virtue of being one big goddamn desert" Cole points out. "And the bit about being too expensive is dead on" he explains. "And personally, my vote's that they'd team up against us all, /then/ fight when they were done."

Raine hms, "I can imagine that. It's had people a really long time," She considers. "And with lots of things that wanna kill you right?" Raine remembers geography to a point! She smiles. Then a soft laugh. "Not if we can distract them with lots of booze and games?" She offers. "But I think I am happy with one Paz."

"Eh, I dunno about the lots of things that want to kill you part." Paz replies, cocking her head a little. "Or was that for Cole?" she asks. "Cause I never saw anything that looked like it wanted to even hurt my feelings." she smirks. "And, for the record, we'd team up, conquer the universe and _then_ we'd fight. But only after vanquishing all of the free peoples of the galaxy with our hordes of dark minions."

"Careful, Tizona, you're looking like you enjoy that thought far too much for the civilized people of the galaxy. Makes me wonder if there's a little Kilrathi somewhere in your family tree" Cole adds with a grin. "And not that many things that want to kill you. Unless you want to count the spiders the size of dinner plates, or the poisonous snakes.."

Raine laughs softly again. She seems amused. "I don't know about that. Paz is too nice and not hairy to be a Kilrathi. Although I guess a bald, naked Kilrathi would really want to drink booze too," She considers, rubbing her chin. "Like those Sphinx cats with their perpetually snarky expressions. 'I'm naked, so what?'" She ponders this. She sips her long island tea. Whoa. She considers it, lets it roll a moment and ponder it. "At least we'd be sure to get lots of broadcasted sports."

"The Kilrathi'd be the first to snuff it under the wrath of my Dark Minions." Paz grins ferally. "No worries, I'll get to the human race last of all." she reassures him. "And you'll be comforted to know that your names have gone onto the Protected Scrolls, and no harm will come to you or your families."

"Well, I suppose that's a plus" Cole replies. "Good to know I'd be among the survivors of the Paz-ogarchy" he adds with a grin. "Is that a word?" he asks a moment later. "Suppose it is now. And Doc? I'm not letting you drink again" Cole tells Raine. "Not if you're gonna be putting a mental image of naked furry Paz in my head. I just ate."

Raine smiles at Paz's grin. "That's good," She seems pleased. "Paz-ogarchy," Ponder. She repeats it. Then a sip of long island tea and she looks sad at Cole. "I've had two sips! And she's not fuzzy. She can be naked but not fuzzy," Raine wags a finger in thought. "So there." She's sure Paz isn't bad looking at any rate.

"Good _God_!" Paz cries quietly, "What is it with you and Kitten and my nakedness?" she says, incredulous. "One little conversation between you two and you're both undressing me with your eyes!" she grumbles. "You gotta stop using the morphine, Doc. Seriously…I'm getting worried."

"Hey, hey, I've got no part of this" Cole comments, raising his hands in mock surrender. See, he's gone from Australian to French in the space of one topic change. "And I'm stopping there, because there's no way I can keep talking without getting myself in trouble"

"Huh? I didn't say you were naked. Or that you wanted to be. I said you COULD be but that you were not fuzzy," Raine seems confused. She rubs the back of her head. "I don't take morphine or I'd be asleep." Shrug. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject. I bet you are beautiful, but most people are even if they don't think so." Beam. She's either digging to China or attempting redemption.

"Heh, I'm a good Catholic girl, Doc. The whole girl-girl thing's a mortal sin." Paz replies simply, content to let the subject drop. "And no comments from the pig-sword gallery, either." she smirks to Cole.

Cole, for his part, can't help but give a little shake of his head and laugh. Sure he really should leave the topic alone, but… well, that would also require more sense than Cole's got. "Tizona, I've already commented enough to get me in trouble for a lifetime" Cole explains. "There's either no point in making that twice over, or no harm in it. I'm still not sure which"

"… I still have no idea where people get that idea," It baffles Raine too. She shrugs and drops it, sipping her long island tea. "I am pretty sure it's best to stop before you become the first pilot to land on Kilrath by being roundhouse kicked through the side of the ship," Her eyes go wide at that.

"Heh, well, I don't really care what anybody else does." Paz shrugs simply. "It just isn't my thing." she adds. "And relax, I'm not mad." she smiles, patting Raine on the shoulder gently. Cole's comment is met with a grunt and an eye roll. "They ever going to start this damn game?" she asks, fidgeting under the attention.

"I don't think I have to worry about that" Cole tells Raine. "Tizona's far too sweet and innocent to do such a thing" he adds jokingly, before he turns towards Paz. "And hell if I know, what time was it supposed to kick off?" Ok, bad choice of terms for a basketball game.

Raine shrugs, "Not really mine either." She admits. A smile at the pat, although Raine freezes briefly. "I think in a moment. If not, I can ask." She offers quietly. Another sip. She's been at it. Her eyes are looking a bit more peaceful. Someone's not been drinking much. But she'll get there. "Exactly." Dear, sweet, innocent Paz.

No sooner is the question asked, then every video screen in FAL switches on and the lights dim ever so slightly. The NBA logo along with the roundel for a long-defunct cable network appears. "Hey-hey!" Paz grins as the picture changes to a quartet of athletic-looking men in suits begin to dissect the potential meanings of tonight's match.

"So are they gonna show us a game, or try and sell us a slightly banged-up model 2652 Orion?" Is Cole's first question upon seeing the sportscasters and their attire. Apparently, he doesn't exactly spend much time watching classic sports either.

Raine looks up and smiles. Almost on cue. She watches and sips her drink.. She tilts her head. "I think the first." She stays quiet for the most part, trying to take it in and understand at least.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me." Paz grumbles as the game's first, seemingly endless quarter comes to an end. "Did you see those guys? They were movin' like they had dead lice falling off 'em." she sighs, polshing off the last of her beer. "They looked like my high school squad. Thought these were professionals."

"Yeah, why're we watching this again?" Cole asks Paz curiously. "Aside from a good reason to remind me that I very clearly haven't had enough to drink yet tonight?" He adds with a chuckle. Safe to say he's not hugely impressed.

Raine tilts her head. "They are better than me," She admits sadly. "Maybe this is lesser teams? And not the really, really good ones?" She offers quietly. She's curious, not raelly /impressed/ but curious, learning and glad for the company. Although her long island tea is disappearing and she has a wiiiiiiiiide-eyed expression.

"I'm starting to wonder myself, Voodoo." Paz scoffs. "Jeez…hell, that one guy on the Pistons, the forward? I could probably out maneuver him." she sighs. "I dunno, NBA was like the premiere league in its time. Of course, that's before basketball took off in other countries…so that might explain it." she replies to Raine, noting her pie-eyed state. "Here, lemme get you some cheese sticks…you need something to soak up all that alcohol or you'll be keeling over by halftime."

"Here I thought the idea was to have her keeling over by halftime" Cole replies to Paz with a chuckle. "Drunk doctor's probably a fair bit more entertaining than a badly played game between folks who've been dead a few hundred years"

Raine bobs her head as she listens. Uh huh, basketball. basketball nice… she's a faintly dozy, giggly drunk it seems and smiles at Paz. "Cheese sticks are good," She agrees quietly. She smiles even more. Happy sauced bonsais. "Thank you." Though she doesn't comment on Cole. "That is the idea? Am I doing it wrong?" Frown.

"Heh, yeah, but I don't wanna be the one holding her hair back if she gets sick, or carrying her to her berth." Paz chuckles, signaling for an order on the little touch-screen affair at the bar. "Yeah, cheese sticks are awesome." she says, deciding to snag an order for herself. "You're fine, you're just a little on the tipsy side's all."

"Yeah, I suppose I wouldn't have much problem carrying her back, but… might end up in a few funny rumors the next morning, if I start carrying drunk navy gals back to their rooms" Cole comments jokingly. "And not doing it wrong at all" he adds to Raine.

Raine nods slowly. "Don't think I am going to have more than this," She admits quietly. Raine doesn't seem to be eager to push her limits. She's seen hangovers aand doled out asprin. A deep blush at the being sick comment. "Thank you for thinking of it though." Then her eyes widen at Cole. "Really? Hmmm." Ponder. "That wouldn't be nice of them…" She trails off, to lala land as she watches.

The beauty of modern technology is that where, with deep fat frying, an order of piping hot fried cheese sticks used to take three whole minutes, with magnetic induction suspension technology, the same effect can be achieved in less time than it takes to dump a bag of eight frozen sticks into the field and hit 'start'. Eight golden brown and delicious cheese sticks, sprinkled lightly with parmesan cheese and parsley with a little cup of marinara arrive in front of Raine and Paz within minutes of the order being placed. "Okay, here we go….This'll get you right again with a quickness, Doc" Paz replies, gesturing to the yummy-smelling little golden fingers of goodness. "Want some of mine?" she asks Cole.

"Yeah, sure, why not." Cole comments with a little chuckle. "Might as well add freeloading to the list of the evening's offenses, hmm?" Cole asks, giving the two women a little grin. "And don't think too hard on what I said, Doc, your head'd probably explode" he jokes.

"Aw. Thank you," Raine is not ungrateful. "I owe you one." She's quietly orbiting the station - at least in spirit - but pleased. She will accept one carefully. Yay cheese sticks! Beam! She will finish the drink, leaning for a second, blinking. "Probably not, no." She just agrees with Cole. Nodnod. "It's … an interesting feeling."

"Nah, it's all good." Paz smiles, tucking into one of her cheese sticks and frantically trying to suck down enough air to cool off the molten hot core of mozzarella before it permanently damages her tongue and cheek. "Hot! Hot! Hot!" she giggles. "That was _really_ stupid!" she chuckles, taking a sip of a newly arrive pint to put out the fire. "No worries, Cole." she grins to the Major. "I put it on your tab." she winks.

Cole blinks at that, and then laughs. "Ah, who cares. Not like I've got anything else I'm gonna spend the money on" Cole admits. "Probably gonna screw the economy over something fierce when this is all over, all the poor bastards like me raking it in and never getting a chance to spend the first credit. Besides, I think the price is worth it just for the entertainment"

Raine blows on hers a little, to cool the molten cheese of doom down. She laughs softly at the giggling, "Be careful. And no … maybe more eager." Her voice is slow, distant. But she's pretty happy. She tilts her head. "I don't know, spending is good for it isn't it?" She considers. "You could really have something nice when you get home." Nodnod. She carefully nibbles the mozarella happily. "Thank you again, then, both of you."

"You're very welcome, Doc." Paz beams happily. "Most of my check get sent home." she adds, shrugging a little. "Helps, ya know? Though, after the drubbing we gave the Fuzzy Wuzzies and the Pirates, I'm betting commercial traffic's about to start booming back home."

"Guess it's a little different for me, really." Cole replies. "As much crap as you lot give me about where I'm from, the truth is this is home more than anywhere more or less. Not much for me to send things back for"

Raine nods, "More ships can fly safely." Raine hiccups. "My family does alright… so I mostly save mine too. Maybe live in a nice, big greenhouse." Aw yeah. Bonsai house! She seems happy, eyes half-glazed at this point. "So this is home mostly. I'd have to rent an apartment on Oxford or something. Dunno," She shrugs. She's sympathetic towards Cole. "I'm kinda the slow one of the family."

"Horseshit." Paz scoffs, offering a cheese stick to Cole and snagging another for herself. "You're the CMO of a Confed Carrier, slow people don't get jobs like that." she says firmly. "Wait..Oxford?" Paz asks, recoiling slightly to peer at Raine. "Tell me you're not a Cavalier's fan."

Cole takes the offered cheese stick. "Truth is, I'm more or less the black sheep of mine. I'm the crazy thrill-seeking one who went off and about to fly fighters for a living" he explains with a little bit of a chuckle. "And tell me you were kidding about living in a greenhouse?"

A soft laugh. "I guess. My family was always big on research but - I'm either slow or not competitive enough. I didn't do as well on the IQ tests either," Though in fairness- Raine can appear slow to one who doesn't know her. She blushes at Paz. "No not really. I never paid much attention to be honest," She admits. She finishes her cheese stick. "These are really good," She considers it. A smile at Cole. "Nothing wrong with that. And … mostly. If I could find one without transparent walls…" Raine probably /would/ be freaking happy to just live amongst plants.

It's Hoops time in FAL. Somebody, nobody's quite sure who, has managed to shag a copy of a 1990 game between the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons. A crowd of b-ball fans have descended, among them, Paz, dragging Raine with her and meeting up with Cole. Alas, the game's a disappointment. 20th Century basketball players lacking the surgeries, steroids and other performance-enhancing tech now standard in all true Pro teams. In short, it's like watching to really talented High School teams go at it.
Paz, Raine and Cole arrived early and snagged prime seats, but now Raine's sagging tipsily while Paz and Cole encourage her.

"Yeah, I can certainly think of a few problems with the whole greenhouse plan" Cole tells Raine. "Kinda have to be careful about taking showers and all" he jokes. "Not to mention you'd never be able to throw stones again." Ok, that was bad even for Cole.

Raine is … tipsy. Not sauced or toasted, but definitely a little green around the edges. She's quietly happy near Paz, a dumb, content expression on her face. "Things've changed a lot since then it seems…" She offers quietly. Then a grin at Cole's comment. "True." Ponder. "Maybe just an apartment with lots of plants."

"Nah, you could work out a house in a greenhouse…you'd just have to separate the two…" Paz muses. "Like, attach it, somehow." she replies, gnawing her last cheese stick into submission.

Saint-Cloud saunters into the FAL, pulling open his collar to denote he is going offduty. The vertically challenged XO stands within the doorway for a moment, frowning as he spots the game on the far screen. The scowl could be fairly understandable given that very few of his people grow any taller then 5'5" in extrememly rare cases and he is at least three inches shorter then that. Add into the whole at least double gravity of his homeworld and,Thus, probably not many basketball players on Dusk. HE sighs and makes his way over to the bar, ordering a gin and tonic before making his way over to the game. "Good Evening…"

"But then she wouldn't really be in the greenhouse" Cole objects. "Though I guess she could sorta have a house within a house… and we are thinking about this way, way too much" Cole finally decides with a chuckle. Thankfully, he's saved by the arrival of Saint-Cloud from any further stupidity for the moment. "Evening"

Raine smiles and nods. "Maybee. Oh hello siiiiiiir," She's happy to see Saint Cloud. A smile despite his scowl. She's pleased at any rate. Seems fond enough of the fellow. Could be booze too. "How are you? You seem … scowly. Everything ok?" Her eyes are still wide as saucers. At the talk of the greenhouse she considers and nods. "It's good ideas… maybe when I am retired. I doubt that will be long or that I'd have enough leave time to worry about a house." Yawn.

"Probably a bit of both." Paz smirks to Cole, giving a polite nod to Saint Cloud. "Evenin' XO." she says. "We were just perusing the differences between antique and modern basketball." she replies with a wry twist to her mouth. "Notably, the former's kind of boring unless you're playing it." she adds. "You okay, Raine?" she asks, glancing over to make sure the Doc hasn't faceplanted.

Saint-Cloud makes a face. "I am /not/ scowly. I just.. Do not like basketball." And the way he says it comes off as "there-is-a-story-behind-it" kind of way. "Modern.. antique.. It's just a bunch of grotesquely tall guys dribbling a rubber ball around.. Always showboating and no teamwork." Nope, doesn't like it at all. He looks now at Raine, noticing her.. inebriation. "I think the doctor is two out of three sheets to the wind…."

"Don't think she's that far gone" Cole comments with a chuckle. "Just enough to enjoy herself. At least, so I hope" Cole comments, before he looks along towards Saint-Cloud. "Besides, I thought that when you get right down to it, the point of most sports is showboating"

Raine nods. She's a little tipsy, but happy! Just a wide-eyed, vacant drunk. Oh dear. "Oh, that's okay. What kind of sports do - oh." tall people. Her eyes widen. "I seeeeeeee," She gets it now. Poor XO! There's sympathy. She smiles at him. "What? I'm not in any wind." She peers at him curiously. "I'm fine. Just really light headed. Like I had lots of medicine and I don't know. It's nice to see the XO too." She is happy. Dork.

"Eh, her mains and gallants are out." Paz smirks to Saint Cloud. "But her top gallants aren't unfurled just yet. And she's not quite tacked proper." she adds. His commentary about basketball draws a deep, wounded, hissing, intake of air. "With all due respect, sir, bite your tongue!" she states. "It's got nothing to do with being tall or not being tall. It's about precision. About putting your shot _exactly_ where it's supposed to go. How to figure out how to pass the rock to someone on the other side of the court through the les of four defenders trying to snag it. And _teamwork_? A good b-ball team's a well-oiled machine…."

Saint-Cloud shrugs at Coles and Paz's points. "Yes.. but the showboating should be as a team. There is no I in team. I don't care who the best sports stars were, they never did it alone. basketball was one of the worst perpetrators of a single team member taking Most of the glory. Larry Byrd? Magic Johnson? Shaq? Rocket Norton of the 2302 Bouroughsville Tharks? If you want a good sport with precision, Try Rugby." he states matter of factly. "Or even, god forbid, Hockey." he looks to Raine now and raises a brow. "Uhm, it is nice to see you as well, Doc."

"Just remember" Cole comments. "As it was once pointed out to me years ago. There's no 'I' in 'team'. But there is 'me'" Cole replies with a little grin. "And on that note, I'd probably best hit the rack. Sorry to say it, Tizona, but this sporting spectacle isn't exactly thrilling. Conversation's been a riot, though"

Raine rubs the back of her head. "I think they're all good sports. Basketball has teamwork and tall people, rugby - well, a tall skinny guy would probably end up a tall, 2-dimensional guy," She gestures a little eager to make peace. She's holding up fairly well despite never really drinking and having downed a full long island iced tea. Daw. She beams at Saint-Cloud. "Thanks! How are you? You're very vibrant today." She takes a deep breath. "I think she said this wasn't a good example. It's way vintage," Raine finally finishes that argument. She does laugh softly at Cole and nods. "I will finish watchiing the game. Then I think I should fold my leaves in. But I'm glad to see you all." She really is.

Paz allows the Peace of Raine to settle upon her, though it looks like she would very much like to object to Saint Cloud's critique of her second favorite sport. "Yeah, kind of my feeling on the matter, Voodoo." she sighs, settling in for a long evening of boring basketball. "Good hunting tomorrow!" she calls. "Vibrant?" Paz asks, looking to Raine with confused, slightly worried eyes.

Saint-Cloud smirks a bit at cole and raises his glass. "Yes, it has. Sleep well, Major." he says and then sips his Gin and Tonic as takes the seat Cole just vacated. Then blinks.. "Vibrant?"

"Not much chance of that, Tizona. All the big game's over on the other side of the sector" Cole comments with a chuckle. "Still, guess we'll be back to that soon enough. For now, I'll just have to be content with clubbing baby seals." There's a moment's pause before he moves for the door again. "Have a good evening"