First Lieutenant Kell Draygo
Name: Kell Draygo
Callsign: Razor
Rank: First Lieutenant
Branch: TCSF
Unit: 13th Bomber Squadron
Position: Pilot
Age: Age
Homeworld: Earth
Marital Status: Single
Actor: None



Kell Draygo, aka "Razor", was born in New York City, New York in 2635. His parents are Tomis Draygo and Aeris Draygo, both family lines of military lineage. His mother's side was a line of pilots or naval officers who served with the Terran Confederation while his father's line hails from a dynasty of rugged Marines. Growing up, Kell had an active childhood, preferring to focus on athletics than academics and it wasn't a surprise that he had decided to follow in his parent's footsteps and joining the Terran Confederation's Armed Forces. What did come as a surprise was that he choose to become a pilot instead of a Marine grunt, like his father.

So instead of being shipped to boot camp to learn the arts of war in rugged combat, Kell had to cram for the exam to be accepted into the Academy. Due to his lack of interest in the academic areas of education, like Sciences, History, and Mathematics, he had to work extra hard just to barely pass the exam. It isn't known but the status of Kell's bloodline may also have assisted in getting the young man accepted. Though he continued to struggle in the academics in the Academy, he did excel when it comes to hand eye coordination and the technical points of flying Terran Confederation simulators. When he graduated from the Academy, his flying abilities was at the top of his class despite his academics being only average.

Upon graduation, Kell's family was there to congratulate him and much to his surprise, as well as the instructors', the young pilot choose request his first post in the brutal front lines of the Gemini Sector where the fighting has been most fierce. This now brings us to the present where Kell "Razor" Draygo has been assigned to the 221st Fighter Squadron: Illuminati and that is where his adventures begin.

Prior Deployments

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Notes From Prior CO's (OOC except for DH's)

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Other IC Info

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