Drinking With A Tech
Drinking with a Tech
Arc: None
Summary: Saint-Cloud, Sergey, and Phillip chat in First and Last.
Date: 2658.165
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Participants: Saint-Cloud Sergey Phillip

Sergey's eyes suddenly flash over all the rank insignia on Saint-Cloud, it's obvious that he hadn't before and had no idea who he was talking to. He shakes firmly, "Good to meet you Commander. I suppose in war some things happen when we least expect them to, belated congratulations on your promotion."

Phillip heads into the FAL in a uniform he has clearly only worn for several minutes. He heads right up to the bar, and as he closes, he gives a nod to the questioning look of the bartender. The bartender immediately goes to pouring a cola for the Lieutenant. When Phillip reaches the bar, he takes a seat next to the commander.

Saint-Cloud doesn't seem to care if his rank has been noticed or not. He does seem to be a rather relaxed fellow, and not very military at all. "Well thank you.. and welcome to The Majestic. She is a good boat, I have learned."

Sergey takes another pull from his beer bottle, "She seems a good boat, and a good crew. Haven't met too many aside from the tech crew so far. We've been pretty busy down there with repairs since the return of the Meriwether." He looks up as Phillip enters, taking note of the man and nodding to him.

Phillip looks towards Sergey as his drink arrives. "So been able to get a feel for the ship yet?"

Saint-Cloud nods to Phillip as well, smiling before he looks to Sergey. "Ah yes.. The tech crew. I had the.. honour of meeting the deck chief. He is very… interesting," he frowns when he says that.

His own experience with the deck chief coming to mind, Sergey shakes his head and chuckles, "He is indeed a.. uhh," he pauses to think a moment before continuing, "Unique individual. Regardless, he's good at what he does so I suppose that's the most important part." Looking over at Phillip he shakes his head in the negative, "Not so much yet. Mostly just whatever was between here, the repair hangers and the bunkroom."

Phillip smiles a little at the XO's rather PC impression. "Oh yes, very..interesting," Iceblade adds to the XO's comment. After Sergey responds, Phillip says, "Yeah, mostly the same for myself. Briefing, flight deck, crew services, and the berths and little else." Pauses for second, then it dawns on him that Sergey is under Weiss, "Yikes you have to work under the Crew Chief. I feel for ya."

Another swig from the bottle, "Definitely the most interesting commander I've had so far, but with only a couple of posts under my belt that's not really saying much." Sergey holds out a hand to the pilot, "Sergey Konavalov."

Phillip leans over to shake the tech's hand, "Lt. Phillip Bradford, Pilot by the way."

Sergey nods to the wings on Phillip's chest and smirks, "Yea, kinda figured. So what brings you here this late in the day Lieutenant?" He sits back on his stool, leaning against the bar with his beer in hand.

Phillip shrugs as he pulls his hand back. "Got back from another escort run about half-an-hour ago, actually. All of the transport traffic going through this system has really taken advantage of our presence her."

Sergey nods slowly, "I bet they will take all the protection they can get. News says we are on the offensive, but we will see how the Kats react to their boss being taken out."

Phillip nods, "Yeah, but I was really referring to the pirate infestation in this system, and it really sucks to be on the sidelines this much. I've seen precious little recon duty in this system. Course, I've been unconscious most of this past week too."

Sergey raises an eyebrow at the last part, "That does not sound like an effective way to pilot a fighter, I have been told that consciousness is required to fly no?" There's a twinkle in his eye as he smirks and shrugs, "But what do I know, I am no fighter pilot."

Phillip smiles at the confusion, "Ah no no, I meant that I've actually been in sick-bay most of this past week, so if there's been a shift in missions, I might not have detected it yet."

Sergey nods and takes another swig from the bottle, finishing it off, "Must have been a heck of a fight to put your lights out for a week." He gestures to the bartender for another beer, "Then again, seeing the damage on some of the fighters I would say you're lucky it was only a week."

Phillip nods, "Yeah took a heat seeker to the cockpit. Barely made it back alive. It was actually a rather nasty operation. I made it back but three other Rapiers were destroyed with their pilots ejecting including the wing commander's ship. Unfortunately, both the WC and another pilot from my squadron were captured by the pirate forces."

It's a good thing Sergey wasn't drinking anything just then, since he'd of spewed it all over Phillip as he mentions how he ended up in Medical, "That was your bird with the roasted cockpit?" He emits a low whistle, "The techs don't usually get to see who lived through what damage, we just see the damage. Most of us didn't think the pilot of that one survived when the hulk ended up in the repair bay."

Phillip notices the expression on Sergey's face. "Uh yeah, I actually have a pretty good survival rate for broken cockpits. I think that was my third roasted cockpit, though it was certainly the first time I took shrapnel to the head. Barely survived the return….actually I think I went unconscious after getting out of the battle and heading in the general direction of home."

"That fits with what I was told," The bartender hands Sergey another beer, "Said that one came in with SAR. I hope you're not particular about that ship, it'll be a while before she's space-worthy again. She might even end up as a salvage, but I can't say for sure. I wasn't the one working on her."

Phillip shrugs, "It seems to be running okay. I do have to hand it to you techs, though, you guys are very efficient at your work."

Sergey blinks, then laughs, "Maybe I'm not so efficient yet if they've got your fighter up and flying already. I figured for sure there'd be spaceframe damage, which isn't easy to repair. Or perhaps they're just used to that type of damage on your fighter." he laughs again and takes a drink.

Phillip shrugs, "Didn't really take much damage all around, most of it was centered on the cockpit. She did hold up pretty well considering the number of heat seekers thrown at her. Some moderate damage in places mostly."

Sergey nods again, "Likely just replaced the canopy and a complete swap of any damaged electronics if the damage wasn't bad. Either that or I need to learn a thing or two about doing repairs quickly from the other techs."

Phillip nods, "All comes from being on a combat vessel. The birds need to be functional quickly in case of a magnum launch. Though I know very little about a tech's world."

"Makes sense. This is my first posting on a front line combat ship." Sergey shifts a little in his seat, a yawn escaping briefly, "I'd been doing depot repairs, where the front line sends the stuff that it can't effectively repair in the field. Time wasn't generally a consideration there, so some stuff might take a week to fix and it wasn't a big deal."

Phillip chuckles a little, "A week, well I think you are in for a rude awakening if I have Weiss pegged right. You'll probably be working really hard and long hours to keep the fighters in top condition. Say, I never got your rank. Are you going to be working as a fighter crew chief?"

Sergey shrugs, "I am Senior Spacehand, just here to fix what they tell me to fix as far as I know. I figured the schedule here would be significantly more demanding, but apparently I have underestimated that demand." Taking another pull on the beer he shrugs again, "I will adapt sooner or later."

Phillip nods "Lucky for that as I imagine Weiss's direct subordinates get a lot more flak. Sounds like there isn't much urgency, probably cause few fighters end up returning with damage since we're just facing pirates." Phillip takes a final drink from his coke and glances up at the ship's clock. "Dang it gets late fast."

Sergey follows the pilot's glance, "Indeed, much later than I figured. It's been nice talking to you Lieutenant, I hope I don't have to see your cockpit blown appart again." He smirks.

Phillip looks toward Sergey, "Yeah, no such luck there." Iceblade gives a glup and frowns a little with the jesting mood rather dispersed by that thought. "Same here and good night," Iceblade says as he gets up and begins heading for the door.