Capital Ships

From massive carriers and cruisers down to the smallest corvettes, Capital Ships form the backbone of the Terran and Kilrathi forces. Though vulnerable to fighter attack, these vessels provide unmatched firepower and endurance.



These capital ship vessels have become far less common on both sides of the conflict. Frigates were originally purpose-built picket vessels designed to handle commerce raiding or escort missions. These ships often come with specialized or mission-specific gear, torpedoes, and an array of anti-fighter turrets. Common roles for these craft included scout, anti-corvette patrol, transport destruction, fighter suppression, and planetary defense. Often frigates are used in pairs or small groups or in support of ships of the line.

Due to the shift in recent decades to increasingly powerful, smaller craft including fighters, the Frigate was deemed too vulnerable to bomber torpedoes and fighter guns in order to perform their roles effectively. This resulted in an increase in the anti-fighter defenses of larger vessels while surviving frigates were often relegated to back-water patrols including policing systems dominated by organized crime or pirate gangs. In recent years, Confed high command has discussed developing new frigate classes due to the greater defenses afforded by the latest Phase Shield technology and the cheaper costs of building and maintaining frigates over destroyers.





Since the onset of hostilities, the small fighter craft has become the primary means of warfighting for both sides of the conflict. Cheap, adaptable, and capable of carrying enough firepower in numbers to threaten even the largest warships, the ultimate responsibility for victory or defeat likely hangs on the skill of the men and women who fly these craft.

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