The following Confederation fleets operate within the Gemini Sector

8th Fleet

Withdrawn from the front lines for refit at the time of the initial assault, the 8th fleet is one of several Confederation fleets which rotate as a mobile reserve force to contain Kilrathi breakthroughs. With other such forces drawn off due to the debacle of the Enigma campaign, 8th fleet was left the closest operational reserve to Gemini. Due to being hastily reactivated, the 8th fleet is currently equipped with a wide assortment of vessels, from TCS Majestic (one of the Confederation's newest carriers) to pre-war vintage Yorktown-class carriers. Vice Admiral Alexei Marakov commands the 8th fleet.

12th Fleet

Originally assigned for local defense of the Gemini Sector, the 12th fleet sustained staggering casualties in blunting the Kilrathi offensive. Rendered virtually combat ineffective, the few remaining vessels of the 12th fleet have reorganized at New Detroit to contribute to the sector's defense. Talk of merging with the 8th fleet to form a unified command has met with extreme disapproval from the fiercely proud survivors of 12th fleet. Admiral Vincent Mallory, the ranking Confederation officer in Gemini Sector, commands the 12th Fleet.