Fun With Piracy
Fun With Piracy
Arc: None
Summary: As a Confederation convoy comes under attack, fighters from the Majestic scramble to save it.
Date: 2659.65
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Kanani Draygo Victoria

The battle with the Kilrathi for Perry may be over, but a different sort of trouble has begun here in the Perry system. With a steady flow of Confederation transports in and out of the system, carrying the massive amount of material necessary to construct a Farragut-class space station, piracy has become something of a growth industry. And while a carrier's worth of fighters can cover an awful lot of space… keeping an eye both in front and behind, guarding against Kilrathi intrusion and Pirate attack is proving to be a rather daunting task.

All of this makes it likely little surprise when an afternoon's patrols are interrupted by a distress call from a pair of civilian transports, not far from the skeletal structure that's rapidly filling out into a Confederation military outpost.

« Mayday, Mayday. Convoy 3-463 has encountered hostile activity. We're being engaged by multiple light fighters, tac comp IDs them as Talons. Any available confederation craft, please assist.»

Meanwhile, lurking out at the outer reaches of the Perry system, on patrol to keep the Kilrathi out rather than worrying about the Pirate who are in, is Voodoo's Sabre. « Voodoo copies your transmission, 3-463. I am en route, ETA twelve minutes.» A moment's pause, then, and Cole clicks over to talk to the fighter wing and the carrier «Majestic, if we've got anyone closer in, advise they move to support the convoy. Not sure those poor bastards are going to be in one piece in twelve minutes »

As the message comes in from the Majestic, Kanani radios in. «Majestic, Tsunami. Copy that, heading that way now.» Her Stiletto then turns onto the proper vector, and she hits the burners, rocketing off to help out, and save the day as usual. Or not.

«Queen here,» Tori's voice comes across the radio. «With those coords, I think I can get there faster than 12. Let's race. » There's a serious to her voice despite the light joke, as her rapier is flipped around and heading off towards the poor civvies, warp drive engaged. She clicks the radio to talk privately to her wing as well, before peeling off. And if one comes along with, that's okay, otherwise, she sends the patrol to finish their scheduled job.

Since there are only that many Sabres to go around on the Majestic, if there isn't a strike package against a capital ship planned or combat aerospace patrol in force arranged, they usually aren't grouped together. Razor is doing what he has been doing for months while they were in that huge stalemate in Perry against the Kilrathi, flying solo recon/SAR flight. Lucky or unlucky for him, he hears the distress call and is able to locate the civlians that are in trouble which is actually pretty close to him with full afterburners on. «Razor here, I'm pretty close to them, diverting from recon and SAR-patrol to assist. I'll be there in three mikes, over.» With that, the Sabre breaks port and angles towards the new nav point while the pilot pushes the throttle to full while kicking the afterburners to full burn.

And all in all, it's probably quite a good thing that someone was closer than Cole. Since quite clearly, this wasn't a fight that was going to last twelve minutes. Four talons carefully maneuver around the transports, attempting to keep to the blind spots of the turret gunners onboard even as the Draymans maneuver to keep each other under covering fire. Which might explain why the first fighters to arrive on the scene find the two transports flying in a formation close enough that it can't be even remotely safe, one rolled over onto its back, using its ventral turret to protect the underside of the other transport. A brief flash of inconclusive laser fire flashes between the groups of ships, before the Talons accelerate in rapidly, perhaps seeing an opening and closing for the kill.

Kanani zips into the fray with her high speed interceptor, quickly taking aim at one of the pirate's that've already noticed her entrance, which was just about as subtle as a tidal wave, and she's hoping it'll have the same sort of impact on the guy, too.

As the minutes tick by, Razor reaches the engagement as his sensors picks up the blips of friendlies as well as pirates which are like sharks, circling the transports. «Razor here, I pick up four, I repeat four bogeys. Two are engaging the lead transport, going after one of them.» He doesn't bother saying that one is on him though since the priority is to keep the Draymans safe. «Civilian transports, this is Razor, cavalry has arrived, hang on.» With the reassurance given, Kell focuses in on the Talon he has targeted as once he gets a bead on the pirate, he unloads a burst of fire from his particle cannons.

It's quite a scene to come tearing in on. Tori, by some luck, manages to have an approach vector that has her just a tad behind her fellow rescuers, so that she doesn't get that nasty warning siren as one of the talons attempts to lock on. Instead, she brings her full guns to bear on the little red blip that is targetting one of the two transports, hoping to help out as well. Her rapier zips faster than the bomber, but not quite so fast as the stiletto. Hey, those pirates ought to be dizzy trying to keep up with this mix of ships. "Don't you lot know you're supposed to make way for Royalty?" Tori mumbles, before she keys her radio on. « Include me in the cavalry. Queen is on the field. Full guns, and targetting a bogey who is after a civilian target as well. Confirming 4 and my sensors show Talon class as well. » Banzai! She shoots into the fray with less impact than a tidal wave, but a nice blast of gunfire, as she locks on and depresses the trigger, letting loose.

Caught by surprise, only the trailing two craft of the Pirate formation manage to react. Both loop around towards the incoming Confederation fighters, looking to screen their counterparts as they press the attack on the transports. Their attempt meets with limited success, however, as the Talons damage one transport but both end up sporting a few fresh impact markings for their trouble.

Still racing along, drawing nearer to the mess as it unfolds, Cole's bomber propels itself through space on a bright blue trail of afterburner-enhanced thrust. « Sorry I'm going to be late to the party » Cole comments to the other pilots. « Don't worry about saving me any, hmm? » he adds with a chuckle. At least in relatively good spirits about this. After all, it's easy to be cheerful when the war seems to be going your way.
Kanani grumbling a bit as her first shot only scraped some paint… Assuming the pirates are even that high classed as to paint their ships of course. She twists out of the way of the return shot, and then turns sharply in order to try and get on his tail and put a missile in his tailpipe. She waits for a lock and then pulls the trigger. «Fox 2. Missile away.»

The Sabre continues to live up to its name as a Fighter-Bomber as a smattering of mass driver and laser fire pelts his craft but the thick armor manages to brush off the damage, most of it only scarring up the craft. His own fire of particle cannons though manage to land a copule of hits on the Talon's cockpit, one of the blasts damaging enough to punch a little bit through to the cockpit. «Queen, you have a pair on your tail, I'm on one of them.» With that, the distance is closed on his target and then he unloads another lethal burst at the Talon, giving enough lead with his aim, intent on decapitating the pirate's Talon fighter.

That missing warning siren? Suddenly it goes off, as not one but two of the talons decide they don't like Tori's rapier. What? they've heard about her scary dumbfires or something? Puh-lease. "That is so not making way for royalty," she gripes, but hey, if they're chasing her, they're not chasing the transports, so that's all to the good. She moves to a more defensive flight pattern, not really wanting to end up splattered through space. « And here I thought it was a wake up alarm and time to give up on the beauty sleep. Thanks, Razor,» Tori says. She dodges, jukes and then finds an open shot at a totally different bogey, so she takes it.. « Full guns, eat lead, cowboy. »

And once intercepted, it was perhaps not much of a surprise that this began to turn a little ugly for the pirates sooner rather than later. A shot from Draygo's particle cannons blows through the cockpit and into the reactor of the lead Pirate fighter, detonating it in a brilliant flash. The other three Pirate fighters scatter, breaking for whatever target they can find… one continuing to doggedly press the attack, one turning in for the fighter that killed their leader, and the final one trying to run away… and running straight towards Cole's incoming Sabre.

« Well well, what's this… » Cole calls as he approaches, toggling over to missiles as he watches the pirate fighter draws near. « Think someone's trying to get away. Can't have that now… » he muses, keeping his afterburners engaged as he screams in towards the Talon. After all, if the pirate really wants to play chicken with a Confederation fighter-bomber, Cole's not inclined to stop him.

Kanani continues to chase her target, seeing as the other remaining pirates seem decently covered anyways. Pushing her fighter's speed up, she lines up another shot on the now damaged fighter's tail and launches another heat seeker at it. Hopefully before Cole can go and steal her kill.

Gunfire galore, but Tori manages to come through unscathed, not even a smudge of her paint so far. She flashes a bit of a grin, taking a swift look over the field and choosing her target. Again, she's chasing after the pirates who are targetting the transports first, and then she'll worry about the idiots who can't stay on their mission. « Sticking on the one on the transports. They've taken a couple hits. Hope everyone is okay over there. Full guns, » she calls, letting them know that they are still receiving assistance. And as she gets a good target lock, she hits the button and fires, the stream from her full guns zooming through space, aimed at the stubborn bogey.

"Nailed him!" Kell says to no one in particular though the lead pirate is now in pieces. Instead of extending his celebration, Razor now searches for a new target and finds one that is making another run at the second transport. "Oh no you don't." Sticking with particle cannons, he begins diving at the Talon he has in his sights, keeping half an eye on the pirate that is on his tail.

The fighter racing in on Cole extracts its pound of flesh, tearing through the Sabre's fore shields and shredding the leading edges of Cole's wings. It's ultimately a hollow victory as the talon is struck a moment later ahead and behind by missiles, practically vaporized by the combined detonations. With both remaining fighters crippled, the pirates turn in an attempt to flee… looking to shoot their way past the Confederation fighters in their way.

« Bastard managed to hit me. That wasn't very sporting of him » Cole comments as he looks at his damage readout for a moment, before angling his fighter in towards one of the two remaining pirates. After all, might as well make sure they've finished what they started.

Kanani switches back over to the guns, instead of wasting missiles on the remaining Talons. She picks one of the two, and starts to race in on it, pulling the trigger once she's got a good line on the ships cockpit.

Another red blips disappears from Kell's sensors but it wasn't the one that he and Tori were ganging up on. However, he does see that Queenie has torn up the pirate pretty bad, the cockpit venting air and the Talon maneuvering very sluggishly so he breaks away to go after the other Pirate who is in slightly better shape. Switching to full cannons, he angles in on the Talon fighter until he is close and then triggers a nasty burst, against going for a head shot.

Okay, that's better. « Welcome to the party, Voodoo. We did manage to save some for you, after all, » Tori says lightly. At this point, she stays on her target, perfectly willing to try to finish it off, since the s.o.b.'s are causing far too much trouble of late. « We have two bogeys confirmed down, and two damaged. We are finishing the fight now. » Well, unless called back, because none of this crew is impressed with the pirates. Tori is happy with her last shot, but really, "time to finish this," she says. It's the sluggishness of the target that actually makes it harder to get a lock on, of all things, but once Tori gets that little green light, « Bingo » she says, and the guns fire once more.

Apparently, turning to run when you've got angry fighters both ahead and behind isn't a winning strategy. Who knew? Pirates 2 and 4 clearly never will, as their fighters disintegrate under a hail of weapons fire from transports and fighters alike.
The comms click to life, showing the image of one of the transports… a little smoke hanging in the air from the damage sustained, but clearly very much still intact. « Thanks for the assist, Confed. » the transport pilot offers simply.

« Voodoo the flight, looks like we got them all. Anyone else dented besides me? » Cole asks. Apparently content to leave replying to the transport to someone else, while he tries to make sure that he was, in fact the lone fool to try stopping bullets with his face.

«No damage here, Voodoo.» Kanani replies to the bomber pilot's question, before adding, «Of course, I fly something that's actually manuverable, so no surprises there.» She chuckles briefly before doing a follow up check of the surrounding area just to be sure of no more bad guy fighters.

«Glad to help out, but tell your superiors that next time they send people to this system, get them to ask for an escort. You're lucky you ran into some backwater pirates instead of the Kilrathi Empire.» Kell says, apparently hoping to drive home a point to the civilian Drayman before he angles back to the other friendlies and answers his squadron leader, «Razor here, all boards show green. Should I return to my old mission or are we forming a new CAP flight?»

« Queen is green. No dents here, Voodoo, » Tori replies promptly. « We going to escort these puppies over to their destination? » She'd be willing, and it might well be a half-decent idea, all things considered. She chuckles at Tsunami's comment about maneouverability, not adding to the ribbing that Voodoo is getting. She listens as Razor answers the civvies, biting her tongue so she doesn't add something cutting and nasty to his reasonable comments.

« Glad to hear I'm the only asshole who got shot » Cole comments with a chuckle and a shake of his head, looking down to his own status for a moment. « Think I'll be alright, though. Aside from a bit of deserved grumbling from the techs » he explains, pausing for a moment before ordering « If you've got the fuel to manage it, form up on the transports and we'll give them a ride in. Keep any of the other sharks around from smelling blood »

Tori checks her fuel and she's so far doing just fine, since she was early on her patrol. « Nice to hear that too, Voodoo. I think I should be okay, fuelwise. Good thing I was at the start of my patrol, and not the end, » she says. « I can take 3 o'clock. » And with that said, she flies in to take up her protective spot to one side of the transports. « Let's rock and roll.»

«Well, since I was on recon patrol before this, I can take point in case there are any other surprises waiting to jump us.» Razor pips in before sending in a data request to the lead transport for their flight plan in-system. Once he receives the new set of nav points, the Sabre pilot angles his craft towards the direction the two transports will be traveling in as he gooses the afterburners so he has a decent lead compared to the rest of the flight. Tuning his sensors to max range, he begins to keep his eyes open for any anomolies.