Further On Up The Road
Further On Up The Road
Arc: To Beat the Devil
Summary: TCS Majestic resumes the offensive against the Kilrathi, jumping into the Perry system to begin hunting the Kilrathi forces there. With the Kilrathi having over two years to dig in, the fight promises not to be an easy one.
Date: 2659.043
Related Logs: None
Participants: Cole Kanani James Walsh Victoria Paz Draygo


Hoping for a better result than their last attempt, Confederation forces once again move to deploy into the Perry System. Two Gilgamesh-class destroyers were the first to disappear from New Detroit, followed by the Majestic herself. As fighters begin to pour from her launch tubes, the mess that Majestic's pilots have walked into becomes clearer. Kilrathi forces wait on the jump point, which also appears to have been heavily mined. Fortunately the Galahad and Horatius made for rather impressive minesweepers… unfortunately the 'sweeping' of the mines was done by setting them off against the hull. Still, Majestic is clear, and even if her escorts are in bad shape, her fighters are poised to do their dirty work.

"Christ almighty, the cats don't do anything halfway do they" Cole grumbles under his breath as he swings his bomber clear of the carrier. « Voodoo to all craft, no time to be fancy. Pick something and make it go away. » Cole orders simply. « Razor, looks like it's time to put these new birds to the test. I'm headed in for the Ralari. » he adds to his wingman, before slamming on the afterburners. It's nice to /have/ afterburners.

«Lead, Tizona, you don't think it's too late to ask for a transfer, do you?» Paz says, her voice and her humor clearly strained as her sensor panel nearly loses count of the targets out there. "Our Father…who art in Heaven.." she begins as her threat receivers start screaming at her. What follows next, she hopes, will be the damndest bit of dodging she's ever done, because if it isn't, she's dead.

Launching right after Cole in one of the new Sabre fighter bombers, Kell seems to be enjoying the new starfighter smell of the interior and the new bright shiny blinking lights in the interior. Checking the weapon systems, Razor arms the payload of torpedoes that are hot and ready to trot from their hardpoints as he banks the Sabre right after Voodoo's bomber. «Razor here, copy that Voodoo. I'm on your wing, let's see if we can knock out the Ralari on the irs pass…» There is a momentary pause before he adds, «Looks like we've picked up a kitty on our six, moving into position. You are clear for your torpedo run.»

«Well, well, well. Looks like there's a party to be crashed here.» Kanani comments as her fighter moves into the fight. Her sights set on a slightly more fancy looking Hhriss, and she tries to pull onto it's tail to launch a missile at it. «Hey Tizona, Tsunami. I think you've got a buncha kitties that are fans of yours right now.» She remarks with slightly less humor in her voice than her words might imply. As she launches a missile she calls out. « Fox 2 »

James is sitting in his Stiletto's cockpit though his jaw drops slightly when he sees the Kilrathi welcoming committee. He notes that none of them seem interested in him and roars towards one of the Hhriss targeting Paz. He switches to missiles and doesn't even keep up the most basic of evasive maneuvers as he boars in on the craft's tail squeezing the trigger as soon as he has a lock «Cutlass Fox Two!» His tone is a little tenser then usual.

Well, hello world. The newly minted *cough cough* major rockets out of the launch tube so to speak, her Rapier humming under her hands. Her voice is very neutral as she reports in, « Queen here. Looks like a big party, glad we got invited. And even if we didn't, I'm with Tsunami.» She hits her own afterburners, a quick glance showing that there's a lot of targets, and just wow. « I'll try to peel one of those off you, Tizona. And about that transfer, uhm, no. » Okay, that actually got a bit of amusement in Tori's voice, though just a bit. She barrels out, going for broke and lining up a target swiftly. « Fox 2. Tally ho, » is what she says as she launches her dumbfire at the nearest Kitty.

Walsh shoots out of the launch tube and the first thing to come to mind is "Put me back!" Target-rich environment would be an understatement. It's only a matter of seconds before his threat indicators are complaining at him urgently. Punching his burners, he turns to engage. Well, he wanted action. Looks like he got it. «What happened? Did we misjump to Kilrah or something??» he asks , a slight tremor in his voice.

If the Confederation destroyers look bad, one of the Kilrathi ones quickly looks an awful lot worse. Slammed from the side by the heavy guns of the damaged Galahad and from the bridge by a sabre-launched torpedo, the old Ralari-class destroyer stops, shudders, and shatters in a blinding explosion. All three confederation capital ships turn their firepower towards the second of the Kilrathi warships, which seems to be angling for a shot on the Majestic. Oddly enough, one Kilrathi fighter seems a bit smarter than the average bear, and after sustaining a pair of missile hits begins to pull back from the fight.

« Voodoo to Majestic. Scratch one can » Cole calls triumphantly into his comms, cutting his afterburners for just long enough to slew his bomber around hard towards the second Kilrathi destroyer. « No idea what type their second ship is, but I think it's time to blow it up. Still with me, Razor? » Cole asks, though regardless of the response he still seems intent on boring in hard towards the remaining capital ship.

Paz spends the next several seconds cursing and praying, occasionally at the same time as she frantically jukes and jinks her Rapier up and down, over and under, left right. center and sideways. It's a hell of a welcome home for someone who hasn't done this for a span. Though she'll never admit it to anyone, she's sucked up damn near enough g-forces to make her feel like she's spent two days on a particularly nasty roller coaster. But the important part is, it _works_, with the benefit of Paz being viciously pissed off to boot. So it's with blood in her eyes that she rolls wings-level, firewalls the throttle and flips a dumbfire at the nearest Hhriss. "Eat this, fuzz ball!"

Kanani watches for a moment in satisfaction as her missile plows into the hhriss and does some serious damage to its engines. « Cutlass, you deal with this one, if you don't mind. » After saying that, she rolls her fighter in pursuit of one of the Sarthas that have picked up James as a target, and launches another of her missiles at it.

The spray of neutron cannon fire goes wide of Razor's Sabre but the slight juke also causes the torpedo to lose its solid lock on the Ralari Destroyer, the lethal warhead going wide and flying off into the depths of space. Instead of pulling back and chasing after his assailant like he would use to do, the Lieutenant just banks his fighter around and forms up with Voodoo once more, «Still here, Voodoo and we still have a kitty on our tail. Great shot on the Ralari, you're clear to make a run on this… unknown silhouette. That thing actually looks menacing.» The beeping from Razor's targeting system continues before a solid tone is given and the pilot fires off his second torpedo.

Tori's dumbfire hits quite solidly, too much for the poor Hhriss she managed to dump it on. Whoomph. And splat. Or something like that. « Scratch one Hhriss, » she reports as she circles back for another strafing run. She switches to full guns, saving her last dumbfire in case of emergency. As her attack warnings start to whine at her, she jinks right, and then down, being a little more careful about evading the one that's trying to shoot at her. As she gets a shot at another of the Hhriss, she waits until her targeting flashes green and then hits the trigger. « Queen with Full guns, » she reports, just as she peels off again.

Well, despite the neutron blasts streaking past his cockpit, Walsh's fighter appears to be unscathed. Tracking his missile's flight, he is pleased to see that he has actual warheads this time, too, as evident from the nice explosion. So pleased, in fact, that he unleashes another at his target, hoping for a more catastrophic explosion this time.

James watches his missile strike the target's wings and smiles though it remains intact. He stays on target counting on his fighter's speed to carry him safely out of danger.

The second Kilrathi capital ship vaporizes nearly as quickly as the first, struck by a pair of torpedoes amidships and consumed by a series of rippling explosions. Two more Kilrathi fighters fall victim to remarkably accurate Confederation weapons fire. What moments before was shaping up to be a brutal pounding match has turned surprisingly one-sided.

« Damned if I know what it was, but it explodes pretty » Cole calls with a little laugh. « Hope you don't mind if I join the fun, Queen » he adds a moment later as he toggles his selector switch over to his missiles and lines up a shot on a Sartha. « And watch your ass, Razor, you've got one coming in on you again ».

«Flight, Tizona, Wow! Did you see that sucker go?» Paz calls over the radio as she checks her speed just enough to fall in behind the Hhriss she and Walsh have just shredded. Grinning malevolently, she readjusts her aim point, keys up full guns and waits for a fraction of a second until she's got a clear shot at the craft's engines, then squeezes the trigger.

Kanani grins tightly to herself as the Sartha her missile was rushing towards, is ripped apart by the resulting explosion. « Can't argue that, Voodoo. It did blow up real nice. » She then turns her attention towards another of the Sartha's charging in with little care for avoiding fire, as she launches the last of her missiles at it.

« Feel free to crash the party too, Voodoo, » Tori replies easily. She is happy enough with the shooting so far, though her tell tales are telling that she's got folks on her tail again. Still. « Let's see if we can't build ourselves a nice little foothold. » One dead kitty at a time if need be. She decides to flip herself around and fly at the Sartha that thinks it should be targeting her, quite purposely. « Queen, full guns, » she calls. And as her targeting system gets a solid lock, she hits the trigger.

James winces as his second missile sails past it's target but the shots from the Kilrathi fighter tailing him shoot past as well and the survivor breaks off «Thanks Tsunami» He stays on his target's tail and fires another missile when he has a lock «Cutlass Fox 2.»

Letting out a whoop in his cockpit, Razor rolls his Sabre to the right after watching his and Voodoo's torpedo slam into the new unknown Capital ship, tearing it apart, «Hell yeah, great shooting Voodoo. No matter how pretty they make their ships, they explode just as pretty.» When the warning comes in from his wingman about a Kilrathi bearing down on him, Kell smirks, apparently feeling rather emboldened by their success that he is now charging head on with the damaged Kilrathi who seems to be jinking and juking. «I see him Voodoo, gonna play some chicken with that cat, let's see how the armor of this Sabre holds up.» With that, he switches to the new particle cannons instead of the full complement and starts spewing out the pink energy of death.

«Oof. Right in the cockpit! How's it going in there, -mate-?» Walsh marvels that he seems to have won the ordnance lottery today. He swoops around, guns blazing to finish the job. «Let's test that nine lives theory once more, huh Tizona?»

The wily (aka surviving) hhriss pilot doesn't flinch at the head-on pass from Draygo's bomber… neatly rolling sideways between the shots from the Sabre, and slamming a line of fire into the Sabre's fuselage in return before lighting his own afterburners as he passes and racing into the remains of the minefield. There is, after all, nothing here left to fight for.
The remaining Kilrathi apparently don't have as much sense, turning in to continue the fight, focusing their fire on the Confederation bombers.
At least one Confederation pilot doesn't seem so lucky as Draygo was, a Stiletto expanding into a fireball with an ejection pod flying clear.

« Voodoo to flight, report status. I just lost someone off the scope » Cole comments as the blue dot disappears from his radar screen. He continues to chase the Kilrathi light fighter he'd engaged, following it as it pulls in on his wingman's tail and then toggling off his second dumbfire missile of the night.

«Fuck! Razor here, good news and bad news. Bad news is that damn Hhriss pilot is good, damn good and he's in the freaking minefield now, unable to pursue. Good news is that the armor on these bad boys are solid, damage limited.» Razor reports in as he takes a burst on the belly from the Kilrathi ace pilot. Pulling back on his flight stick, Kell sees yet another Kilrathi making a run on his new, well not so new anymore, Sabre. The newly reactivated pilot's aggressiveness doesn't fade though as he grits his teeth and kicks his afterburners on, choosing to go on yet another head on pass. Instead of spraying the target with particle cannon fire, he closes in head on till the last second before firing off a Dumbfire Missile and pulling up, hard.

Paz Doesn't respond instantly, breach of protocol though it might be. It's kind of hard to talk when you're jinking for a missile lock on a Sartha that isn't co-operating with you. Finally, her missile's seeker head is able to get a strong enough whiff of the Fuzzy Wuzzy and growls its readiness to Paz, who obligingly squeezes the trigger. «Lead, Tizona, Walsh ate it, repeat, Walsh is tango uniform. I've got visual on his ejection pod at bearing one four niner mark one fiver eight. It appears to be intact, repeat, appears to be intact and its transponder is emitting.»

« Voodoo, Tsunami. I think that was Ozone. » Kanani responds to the request, her tone nearly a curse, as she chases down another of the Sartha, this time firing her mass drivers at her latest (hopefully) victim. « Like Tizona said though, looks like he punched out in time, fortunately. »

And just like that, life flips Walsh the bird. Sparks. Lights. Loud noises. Ominous "EJECT" warning on the HUD. Being caught up in finishing off the heavy fighter, he failed to notice the sneaky little Sartha latching onto his 6. Big mistake. He has time to broadcast a panicked «… F..k. O..ne Pu…ng Out!» before smacking the switch for dear life and lighting a rocket under his ass.

James opens his commline «Cutlass I'm fine just having a hard time nailing this last one. Oh lookie a mine field. Get back here you cowardly cat.» he calls before swinging around for an attack run on one of the Sarthas.

« Queen here. Undamaged, » Tori reports in, though there is worry in her tone for the downed pilot. She continues chasing after the same Sartha she was previously on, having already started to pound him. « Full guns, » she reports as she targets and attacks one of the remaining kitties. « Assuming you're undamaged as well, Tizona? » Poke.

«Queen, Tizona, only my feelings are hurt.» Paz quips back.

The last two fighters are swiftly annihilated, swarmed by missiles and gunfire both. As the battered hhriss continues to retreat into the minefield, the comms click to life with the image of an older Kilrathi, with grey streaks scattered through his red-orange fur. « Always reinforce triumph, learn to back away from defeat. » The Kilrathi replies to James as if quoting. He pauses, and then adds « Enjoy your victory, Terrans. My day will come. » and with that, the image disappears.

« Preachy bastard, ain't he? » Cole comments afterwards, giving a little shake of his flight-helmeted head. « I'm showing scanners clear, so looks like it's welcome to Perry, ladies and gents. Razor, if you'd be so kind as to recover Ozone before he gets space sick. »

«Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.» Paz quotes back over the open channel. «For I am the meanest fuckin' bitch in the valley. See you soon, fuzzball.»
James smiles as he replies to the cat «Oh it will come soon just not how you think it will.» He watches the Kilrathi light fighter come apart and opens his commline to the other fighters «Scratch one.»

Tori can't help but smile at the riposte that Paz sends after the kilrathi know-it-all. For her part, she stays quiet, since all things considered, she's not much in the mood for chatter. « We heading back to base, lead? » she asks, curious about the plan. And whether they're on minefield destruction duty or not.

«Next time you show your face, kitty kat, you will be spayed. Obviously can't be neutered because you ran like a little cowardly girl.» Razor responds right back on open channel to the Kilrathi, smirking. Flicking off the comm switch, he swings his fighter around, flying through the floating debris now as he proceeds to the emergency ejection beacon. «I have him spotted, readying the tractor beam.»

« Affirmative, Queen, bring 'em back to the barn to refuel and rearm. TCS Chosin will be handling a sweep around the jump as soon as she jumps in » Cole informs the flight. « And with any luck, they'll stick to using a cruiser for that duty and not us »

James listens to Draygo shoot his mouth off and winces as he turns his ship towards the Majestic. «Cutlass heading for the barn now see everyone when we get home.»

«Lead, Tizona, sticking around until Razor's got Ozone aboard.» Paz reports. «Fuel status is..nominal and I've got a few missiles left, just in case.» she adds. Because she's learned the hard way that just because you beat the Fuzzies about the head and shoulders once in a day, doesn't mean they won't be back later. With attitudes.

« Copy that, lead. Heading back home. » Kanani replies as her fighter turns off towards the direction of the Majestic.

«Ugh. Anyone get the serial number of that freight train?» Walsh says, though how much of it is lost in static is unknown. He's currently recovering from the shock of sudden acceleration. It wasn't apparently that good for his head, judging from the pain behind his eyes. He's also left to wonder how the stars got -inside- his head. But he's alive, and grateful for it.