Governors Office
Date: 2659.057 1900
To: None
CC: None
From: Narrator
Subject: Meanwhile…

Governor Menesch's Office
New Constantinople
Gemini Sector
2659.057 1900 hours

Flanked by a pair of marine guards, a pair of Confederation Navy officers push past the governor's rather startled receptionist and into the office.

The governor looks up from his desk, with a mixture of surprise and resignation. Still, he remains calm as he looks towards the senior of the officers, an admiral with three stars on his shoulder boards. "Something I can do for you, Alexei?"

The admiral starts to reach for his sidearm, until the other officer reaches out a hand to stop him. He pauses for a moment there, before fixing the governor with a hard stare. "Governor Frank Menesch, you are under arrest on the charge of treason against the Terran Confederation" he comments flatly, before looking to the marines. "Take this sack of shit out of my sight before I shoot him." A moment's pause, and then he turns to the officer who stopped him from reaching for his gun. "Commander, tear this place apart. I want to
know /everything/"

The Marines quickly lead the governor from the office as the second naval officer pops open a briefcase, revealing a suite of electronic devices and casually settles into the governor's chair. "Aye sir"