Great Acts Require Great Means
Great Acts Require Great Means
Arc: Paradise Regained
Summary: As the last Kilrathi forces flee the planet Bodensee, Confederation fighters are sent to prevent them from rejoining the battle elsewhere in the sector.
Date: 2659.002
Related Logs: None
Participants: Victoria James Aiden Kanani

On the far side of Tingerhoff from the Majestic, the few remaining Kilrathi forces flee their remaining planetside strongholds, redeploying out to bolster the remaining defenses in the sector. A Fralthi-class cruiser stands by to meet the arrivals. The Kilrathi plan might have been a neat one, but it's also been interrupted… the destroyer TCS Horatius racing in from behind the Kilrathi cruiser to engage it, even as a patrol flight from the Majestic races around the planet to intercept the Kilrathi transports. The Kilrathi retreat is about to become a fight for survival.

The little contingent led by one Victoria Carruthers, Captain, is in a good position to streak around the planet to engage the supposedly fleeing kilrathi vessels. What started out as a routine patrol all of a sudden isn't. « Look sharp folks, we've got kitties on the radar and a fight on our hands. This is patrol Alpha 3 Fiver, moving in to join the party. » she says, relaying the coordinates as she does so, letting Majestic know where its wayward fighters are going, in theory. Not to mention the Horatius, which will no doubt be glad to see someone trying to shoot up all the little fighters before they make mincemeat of it. She checks her systems again, making sure all is well, afterburners kicking in to streak towards the battle scene. What have they got out there and what shape is it in? Sensors and reports flying every which way, but Tori at least takes a stab at a battle plan, knowing full well that once the enemy is engaged, they have a habit of totally messing up any plan. « Tsunami, you and Phoenix cover each other. Cutlass, you're with me. If you have a shot at a transport, take it, but watch out for the fighters, not to mention the flak. » Okay, so it's not much of a battle plan … but at least it's something.

James smiles a little as he roars towards the coming confrontation. Hesurpresses the urge to snap roll as he closes on the targets and listens carefully for any instructions from Tori. His smile widens and he opens his comm even as he manuvers to form up with Tori «Understood Queen moving into postition now».

One of the fighters which was launched to stop this force from being able to retreat and regroup elsewhere. Is piloted by Aiden, he is going over his final checks before going into battle. He glances to the others around him before glancing to his instruments and pushing the throttle. The com traffic begins and it's not after «Rodger, Phoenix ready.»

«Copy that, Lead.» Kanani replies, as her fighter follows after towards where the cats are playing. «You heard Queen, Phoenix, stick with me as well as you can.»

Slowed by the need to escort the transports, the Kilrathi fighters are a relatively easy intercept and the distance between the two flights closes rapidly. All four Jalthi turn away from the transports to face the incoming Confed fighters as they're detected on sensors. In the distance, TCS Horatius and the Kilrathi cruiser open fire nearly simultaneously, each attempting to get the first shot in on the other at near maximum range.

Tori is also keeping an eye on the other two pilots, just because. But her attention is mostly on the enemy. She flies fairly aggressively to start, taking a chance early on and letting a dumbfire fly at the closest of the transports, just in case. « Tally ho, » she observes, as she fires. Hey, if it were to hit a jalthi, she wouldn't complain about that either really, though she does target a transport first. « One shot off at the nearest transport. Now spinning back to help with the jalthi. »

James grimaces as he sees two fighters swing his way. «The good news is you won't have to worry about any fighters for the moment Queen. I'll try to keep these two busy for you.» even as he swings into a wild patterens of weaves and dives before firing a hasty shot towards one of the oncoming fighters.

Kanani decides not to try and waste any of her heat seekers at the transports, from the range she's at. And besides, it appears as if two of the Jalthi are vectoring in on her, so she lines her sights up on the first of them, preparing to open fire one she's got a decent shot at him.

Aiden pulls forward staying close to his wingman as the combat allows watching out for any trouble. He spots the two escorts flying towards her. He shakes his head at the situation "Oh no you don't." The pilot says to himself as he takes a quick aim firing on one of them to draw it's fire away.

Inaccuracy seems to be the order of the day for the first pass, a majority of the shots from both sides sailing past their targets harmlessly into space. Still, the news isn't all bad… at least for the Confederation. Struck squarely amidships by a dumbfire missile, one of the Kilrathi transports staggers momentarily and then slowly breaks apart, dumping hundreds of Kilrathi marines and their heavy equipment into the vacuum of space.

Tori gets a lucky hit with her first dumbfire, and she reports, « One down. Let's get those fighters, since they seem to want to be a little frisky. » She turns, bucket rolls, and then jibs her rapier over a little, taking aim at the fighter chasing after Cutlass. « Watch your six, Tsunami, » she calls out, her voice calm as she keeps track as much as she can of the entire tableau.

The first pass is a miss for most but one strikes true into a transport and he watches it go «Nice shot» Aiden says but not much time for chat as he pulls away intime to avoid the flak from the transports. He pulls around to cover his wingman from the escorts return fire while she makes an attack run on her next target he again moves to disrupt a clean shot.

James winces again as his shot sails past it's target then curses as he notices that the enemy fighters are spillting up to engages everyone «Great shot Queen but you have one coming your way. I'll try to keephim off you but be careful.» james swings around trying to line up a shot on the fighter boaring in on Tori's Rapier then fires a second hasty shot while continuing to try and lose his own tail.

«I don't think the Cats liked that much. Good work, Queen.» Kanani comments with a chuckle. She nods with a hint of satisfaction as she does a bit of damage to her target, and avoids getting shot herself. « Yeah, I see them Queen. They always like to gang up on me, for all the good it ever does them. » She grins and then her fighter starts to move to avoid the incoming shots, before she takes a quick shot at one of the incoming fighters.

The surviving Kilrathi transport continues to run away, even as the fighters behind descend into a swirling melee. A few grazing hits are exchanged between sides, the craft frantitally turning in towards each other for another pass. Unknown to its Kilrathi pilot, one of the shots from Victoria's fighter has impacted the charging system for its neutron guns… and when the Jalthi attempts to fire once more, it blows itself apart instead.

« Roger that, Cutlass, » Tori replies back to her wingman. She cusses her own shot, which doesn't look to be anything more than a light hit, preparing to take another shot. As her target splits apart with some oomppth, she blinks once. Alrighty then. « Light hit - just a scratch, Queen is still good. Everyone, any damage? » She flips herself through an upside down spiral turn, and fires at one of the fighters aiming at Tsunami this time.

«Got my paint scratched up a bit, everything seems just fine otherwise though.» Kanani remarks, not wasting time to curse her ill fortune, as she continues to try and manuver her ship out of the way of more incoming shots.

James smiles as the fighter on his tail explodes and opens his comm «Thanks Queen, I'm 100 percent, and I'll have this one off of you shortly.» With no furthur need to evade right now he swings around and boars straight in on the fighter targeting the lone Rapier before opening fire.

This time he is able to strike his target nothing like he'd wanted to though. Aiden watches as another enemy goes up, he manuevers to not get hit by the flak before coming back around for another pass on the targets «No damage, yet» He says figuring he cant be lucky forever in this fight. He pulls back around to finding his target and firing.

The exhcange of fire between the escort fighters and the Confederation interceptors continues, with seemingly little damage to either side once more. One of the Kilrathi fighters never breaks away from its turn, however, spinning off powerless into the darkness of space.

As the second jalthi goes up, Tori offers a suggestion. « Folks, if we can get that jalthi off me, I'd like to go after the transport. Let's focus our fire and take these fighters out one at a time. All fire on my target. » She switches her target to the one that's on her tail, trying the dreaded slow down, let them pass by her, wait for it … wait for it … target lock, and fire. Then dodge like all heck.

Kanani blinks for a moment in disbelief as her quick shot that seemed to do very little damage, apparently did more than she thought, as the unresponsive Kilrathi fighter sails off into the darkness of space. "That's odd." She mutters to herself, before she focuses on the fighter still chasing Tori, « Copy that, Queen, getting rid of that fan you've picked up. » She sets her weapons over to missiles, and waits to get a lock on the target before pulling the trigger. « Fox 2.»

James watches as his weapons fire strikes the nose of the Kilrathi fighter with little effect and is already swinging around for another attack when Victoria's comm call comes through «Understood Queen engaging now!» and firing off another salvo of mass driver fire as he speaks the last words.

«Rodger engaging target» He can see from his scanning an escort pulling around on him preparing for a shot, he is prepared to dodge the fire and moves in to get a good position to fire on target with the rest of the wing. Aiden is focused but keeping an eye on his sensors as well.

One by one the Kilrathi escorts fall, the latest one exploded by a missile that slams into the wide target offered by its engine exhasts. Still, they're doing their job, as the final transport draws closer and closer to the protection of the Kilrathi cruiser. Just how much protection that cruiser is going to be able to provide remains an open question, however, locked in a duel with the Horatius as it is.

« Nice shot, Tsunami. Alright, one more Jalthi. Take it down, folks. I'm going to try the transport. If one of you has a better shot on the transport than the jalthi, take it.» Though for her part, she pulls up her second dumbfire, and tears off after that transport, taking a shot as soon as she gets a chance.

Kanani notices the Transport getting closer to the Cruiser as well, and still having a couple of missiles left and the speed to get close enough to fire fairly easily, she decides to help out with the higher priority target, leaving the fighters to the other two Stilettos. Once she has a lock, she launches the missile, hopefully to good effect.

James smiles as the enemy fighter comes apart then glances towards his scanner. For a millisecond he considers going for the transport but decides to help finish the final escort fighter. He wings up and around before boring in on his target's tail and firing at point blank range.

Aiden rolls after his shot avoiding the fire. The combined fire power of the squad bringing down the escort easily enough «Rodger» He calls over the com before he pushes his fighter pulling around for another strike on the escort again prepared for return fire though he is watching spots the transport and cruiser nearing each other when he's in range he fires.

The second Kilrathi transport explodes as it's struck by a pair of missiles almost simultaneously. The timing couldn't be better, either, as the Horatius seems to be getting the worse of its exchange with the Kilrathi cruiser. With no transports left to protect, the battered Jalthi turns for the safety of the Fralthi's hangar bay, lobbing a missile from its launchers to cover its retreat.

Given only one real target, Tori turns her sights on the last jalthi, perfectly willing to fire at it one last time before it finishes its retreat. At least it's damaged, even if they can't finish it off. « Good work all the way around, folks. Let's see if we can get this last little kitty. » And hopefully Horatius can take care of the bigger one. Even if it seems to be having difficulties currently. She hits her afterburners to get close enough for a last shot at the Jalthi. « Not that you don't know, but stay out of range of the big guns. » Just a reminder.

The attack hits again but this time the counter isn't able to be dodged so easily Aiden winces but the hit isn't bad damage report read out and he's still in the game. He isn't happy though it'd seem switching to missiles. He pulls back into place waiting for a good lock before he fires. «Lining up shot and away» He says

Kanani grins as her missile helps rip the transport apart, she then turns her attention to the last of the fighters, and moves in closer to try and take one last shot at it before it gets in range of the cruiser's flak guns. « Copy that Queen. I certainly don't feel like dodging any flak today.»

James grins and swngs his fighter towards the cruiser for a moment «Aww I was planning to send their bridge a late Christmas present.» Regardless he swings around and rushes towards the enemy fighter before opening fire «Cutlass Fox 2!»

The Kilrathi are good at many facets of warfare. Experts, even. But conducting fighting withdrawls isn't really one of them. The last Kilrathi fighter is battered by gunfire before being shattered by a missile that strikes it cleanly. Left with nothing in system to protect and starting to suffer under the heavier guns of the Horatius, the Kilrathi cruiser slowly turns back for the jump.

« Alpha 3 Fiver to base, all fighters are destroyed, as are the two transports. We have some minor damage, but all still functional. Shall we resume our patrol?» Tori radios back in, just to get further instructions, as she pulls back away from the big cruisers to let the Horatius continue to do its job.

James watches the last fighter come apart and can't help but note just how easy it would be to pop a missile towards the enemy cruiser's bridge «Hang on I'm about to try something.» He takes a split second to plot his course then roars forward waiting for the perfect moment before squeezing the trigger «Cutlass Fox 2!»

«Nice shot Phoenix.» Kanani comments, as she turns her fighter away from where the Fralthi is, not wanting to get caught in range of it's weaponry. She then waits for information on what the flight group is supposed to do next, though on hearing James' call for missile launch she mutters under her breath and calls out, «Cutlass, what the hell do you think you're doing? Trying to get yourself killed?»

Aiden watches as his missile slams home. He's not out for blood or anything, just business of war. He pulls back around to form up with the others. He is looking over the damage received though it's not bad and well worth the price of the escorts and transports.«Thanks, good job everyone.» He cant help arch a brow as the call for fire on the capship is called but it's not his place to say anything just now.

To say the Kilrathi weren't expecting an attack run from a light fighter on a capital ship is putting things mildly. Only a handful of the Kilrathi turrets manage to open up on Cutlass' fighter, the shots flying impossibly wide. Cutlass' missile, however, does little more than make a pretty flash against the phase shielding protecting the cruiser's front end. The result from the other end is somewhat more spectacular, however, as a volley from the Horatius slams into the engines of the Kilrathi cruiser, starting a chain reaction of explosions rippling along the spine of the ship.

« TCS Horatius reporting enemy capital ship destroyed » comes from vidscreens as they flicker to life, a cheer of triumph carrying along the bridge of the destroyer to be heard in the background.

« Guess that's a wrap. Alpha 3 Fiver - returning to base. Alright everyone, let's form up and skedaddle on home. » Tori says, as she starts the crew on the trek back around the planet to where Majestic is hanging out.

« Copy that, Queen. Forming up.» Kanani responds to the order, and moves her fighter back into patrol formation, as they start to head back towards the Majestic.

James weaves through the enemy fire without taking a scratch and isn't particularly surprised by the missile's failure but he had kept the cruiser distracted long enough for the destroyer to finish it off so he was content. «I'm fine, The odds on me taking enough fire in one pass to finish me off weren't high enough to pass the chance to try to scare her off course, score a golden BB, or at least distract her crew Tsunami.» He sets his course home and slides back into formation smoothly.