Hallway Chat
Hallway Chat
Arc: None
Summary: Several pilots chat about recent events in the crew services hallway.
Date: 2658.147
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Participants: Cole Alec Kanani Draygo Phillip Kincaid

Crew Services, Deck 7

One of the most populous areas on the Majestic, Crew Services provides space for the crew to spend their downtime. The corridor is wide here, set with a trio of news terminals which tend to serve as focal points for gatherings. From the ship's bar to vidrooms to the fitness center, this area offers the latest in shipboard entertainment.

Kanani snickers some at Kell, and shrugs. "Yeah, well all my ideas are a bit more complicated, and I'm not exactly used to painting myself. Mostly just drawing," she replies matter of factly. She gives a nod towards Cole and grins some more. "Yeah, I think most of us know how that is, lately. You're boy there." She motions towards Alec, before continuing. "Was asking a bit ago, if I'd heard anything about how long we're gonna be keeping these patrols up. How about you? Any idea?"

Alec lowers his salutin' hand hurriedly, and nods along with Kanani's repeat of his question. "Sorry, sir. And… yeah. Was just curious."

Chuckling in amusement at the Major's response, Kell was expecting it as he turns his attention back to Kanani, "Maybe one of the pilots on this boat is a master artist." As the conversation wanders towards their current situation and what might be coming up, the young Lieutenant grows silent and seems to be all ears now. Draygo is smeared a bit with some paint but he doesn't seem to mind as he chats with the other pilots.

"Honestly, Kanani, I wouldn't worry about it too much," Cole tells her without explanation. "I'm sure something will turn up. Trust me," he adds, that grin lingering on his face for a moment longer before he turns to Alec once again. "And you'll know when I do. As I was explaining to Lieutenant Bradford the other night, they don't tell Majors much more than they tell Lieutenants. Despite what you'd like to think"

Phillip enters area and heads over to the crowd near the news monitors. "That is something that I have been wondering as well, but I doubt very many on this boat actually know how long we're staying…here, maybe not even our captain," Iceblade says to no-one in particular.

Kanani chuckles and nods towards Cole. "Figures. But hey, we occasionally like to think that the people giving us orders have some idea what's going on," She replies with a grin. She glances over at Kell and nods. "I suppose that's possible, I guess I might have to look into that." She states with a smirk. As Phillip approaches the group, she gives him a nod and a "Hey there" in greeting.

"Yeah, I… guess that's a pretty pleasant fiction. Here's hoping, huh. All seems like… well, all seems like such a mess otherwise," Alec rambles. "Oh, hey man," he says, as Phillip appears and speaks up."

"Well, I guess we can enjoy the relatively quiet for the time being while the cats are running away with their tails tucked between their legs. Catch up on some rest and stress relief before we do this all over again in another system." Kell says rather nonchalantly as he leans against the nearby wall in a rather casual manner.

"I'd meant not to worry about the art thing. I'm sure a solution will present itself," Cole explains, before he chuckles and adds. "I wouldn't even want to try and discourage wild speculation on our next assignment. It's a time-honored tradition!" he jokes. "But for now, I guess it's just enjoy patrol duty. As much as it can be enjoyed."

Phillip waves, "Hey guys. Yeah, I imagine it must to rather nice to not be worried there might be a scramble and it possibly be the last one you fly off the Majestic. And patrols are always a good excuse for logging flight time."

Kanani smirks slightly at Cole, and snickers. "Oh, that. Yeah, I'm not too worried about that anyways. Too busy running patrols and the like to actually get it done, at the moment." She states with a grin. She nods over at Kell. "Yeah, I'm sure it'd be nice to enjoy the quiet, though it's slightly difficult to do while having all those patrols. But at least we aren't getting shot at for the moment, huh?" She adds with a chuckle. "Gotta look on the bright side, after all."

"Yeah," Alec agrees, keeping in with his fellow pilots. "Bright side. Not being shot, good with that. Hoping it'll last… I guess if we do find something, then it'd be something big?" he wonders aloud. "Anything small'd heard about their fleet going belly up an'd likely run for the jump point by now."

"That's as close to quiet as you are gonna get, Tsunami. Just enjoy the peace and quiet in space while we still have it." Kell says in agreement with Kanani, "Soon, it'll be filled with missiles, torpedoes, and burnt fur." He ends with a grin, saying it pretty much as a given. The young Lieutenant does look towards the Fitness Center before glancing back at the group, "I'm gonna go get my work out in, then see about cleaning this paint off of myself."

Phillip nods after Alec's comment, "Yeah, if anything is left, it is at least a corvette if not a destroyer or cruiser." Iceblade turns toward Kell and says while waving goodbye, "Good idea, I see you around then." Iceblade then looks up at the news vid.

Kanani chuckles and nods towards Kell. "True enough, I suppose, Razor. Heh, have fun with your workout then. And good luck getting that paint off," She adds with a smirk. She adds a comment into the other conversation, "I dunno about that. A bigger ship would be easier for us to find, and with all our patrols, we'd have likely at least caught a glimpse of any larger ship. But on the other hand, I'm not sure if the life supports on the cats fighters would have even lasted this long."

"Grim way to go… uh, yeah, enjoy, man," Alec says, bidding Kell g'bye. "And yeah, I guess… guess that's all there is to say about that." The bomber rubs his face with a hand, before visibly trying to cheer up, radically shifting subject. "So! Lieutenant," he asks, looking at Phil. "How'd things go, with that nurse?"

"Life support on one of their fighters lasts about the same as on one of ours," Cole replies to Kanani. "Maybe a bit less on the short-ranged ones like a Sartha. I wouldn't expect to find anything out this way except maybe a light capship or two, but even then… if they had any sense, they'd have broken and run back for Nexus once they lost their carrier support."

Phillip nods at Cole's response. Then Iceblade looks toward Alec and grins at his question, "Uh…Pretty good actually. She didn't get off for another hour or so, but afterwards was…let's just say fun."

Kanani gives a nod towards Cole. "That's about what I would have figured, and yeah. It'd seem likely that any of their ships that might have been in the system and not been destroyed would have already jumped out if they were capable." She adds with a chuckle. She smirks at Phillip as he answers Alec's question and just shakes her head.

"Left or gone on some crazy Kilrathi charge that we'd have heard about, maybe," Alec adds, correcting himself. "And good man! Good man," he comments approvingly at Phillip's reported success. "Cheery little thought, that, good luck there. Need more of that sort of news around."

Cole can't help but give a little bit of a chuckle at Phillip's comment. "So cliche, the pilot chasing after the nurses…" Cole comments, giving a little shake of his head. Seeming more amused than anything.

Phillip shrugs, "Well actually it is the same nurse." Iceblade then chuckles a little as he asks jokingly, "You don't actually think I'm some kind of player do you?"

Kanani snickers and gives a shrug at Phillips question. "Not like it'd be something new behavior to hear about, for a pilot, really." She points out, with a grin. "Besides, if I were going to be worried about someone thinking that, to be honest, I think Raine would be of more concern, than what us pilots think."

"Hey, I'm sure the Lieutenant of Love here is a perfect gentleman," Alec says, in Phillip's 'defense', keeping a straight face. "Daresay the CMO has nothing to fear. Let's face it, antagonizing the people who routinely have us under anesthetic is dumber than any of us could possibly go, right?"

"No, actually, I'm mostly in shock that you even found one," Cole admits to Phillip, keeping a straight face for a few moments before a grin replaces it. "Sorry Ice, you walked straight into that." he offers in half-hearted apology, before turning back towards Kanani. "And I wasn't saying it was unusual. Just that there are more interesting options."

Phillip shrugs, "Yeah, well it was just one of things that happened rather than anything I was looking for."

Kanani chuckles and nods towards Cole. "I suppose so." She states, before turning towards Alec and smirking. "I've seen enough people do enough seriously stupid things to learn that there's always going to be -someone- somewhere that's stupid enough to do something like that," she states with a soft laugh.

"Oof. Well… all I can say there is… hope I'm on the sidelines for it," he says, with a thumbs up. "Anyhow - need to go and see what state my Broadsword is in before I have to fly it, so… I'll bid you fine people goodbye for now. Enjoy it all, and such, yeah?" Alec says, giving a single wave and starting to head for the lift.

"Have a good evening, Lieutenant," Cole offers towards Alec, before turning back towards Phillip. "It was a joke, Lieutenant" he explains, giving a little bit wider of a smile. "Though apparently not a very good one"

Phillip nods and waves, "See ya around Alec." Back towards Cole, "Yeah, I know, still, I didn't want to give any bad impressions."

Kanani nods towards Alec as he heads off. "See you later then." She grins at Cole. "You know, I think it's some sort of rule that jokes are never funny if they're directed towards you." She states with a chuckle.

"Probably right" Cole agrees with a little bit of a nod. "Either way, probably best to find another topic before I really manage to get myself in trouble."

Phillip looks at the two before turning his head up at the news monitor. "So anything news worthy," Iceblade says as he indicates the monitor.

Kanani smirks and gives a small shrug. "Totally depends on what you consider news worthy. Was talking with Alec earlier about how some people and politicians back home were talking as if we'd smashed a fleet near Kilrah, and would be knocking on the Emperor's door any day now, though." She states with a snicker, and then hmms. "Well, ok. Maybe it wasn't that bad, but some people have been going on a bit with crazy ideas and stuff."

"Well, I'd rather see that than the alternative" Cole replies. "Better the folks back home see it as something big and positive, rather than just shrugging it off. Be nice to think we were at least having /some/ sort of affect on the war."

Phillip looks at the two, "I don't know if we had a appreciable effect on the war as whole, but I think downing that Snakier just made retaking this Sector a thousand times easier."

"Oh, no doubt that it's better than them being apathetic about it all, but getting peoples hopes up to much, and then nothing major happening for awhile, might end up having that effect too." Kanani states as she nods towards Cole. She chuckles a bit and shrugs at Phillip. "It's one of those things that's hard to really tell yet, I imagine. I doubt that the Cats have -all- that many of those carriers around, otherwise they'd be seen more often, and all the fighters and crew that were lost as well, has to be some sort of hit to them. But probably most of the effect on the whole war, will be showing that even when we're outnumbered we can still kick their asses."

"Really, it comes down to how the tactical situation changes the strategic one, I think. By itself, it probably wasn't much," Cole replies. "But, if it sets the stage for future actions. Means we can keep the Kilrathi on the defensive, start to steadily push them back…"

Phillip nods and says with a measure of hope in his voice, "True, and we did it in Vega, so there is nothing stopping us from pushing the Kilrathi out of Gemini as well. Well as long as fleet Carriers are still fighting anyway."

Kincaid steps off the lift, removing his red beret and slipping it into the shoulder loop of his uniform. The giant marine interlaces his fingers in front of him, cracking them, and makes his way towards the fitness room… Of course a bunch of Pilots seem to be blocking the way across the access hall. "Ahem?" the one eyed Scottish marine asks, raising the brow above his eyepatch. "I know this corridor be wider than most but three people across? That still blocks me way."

Kanani chuckles and shrugs at Phillip. "I'm sure we'll be back to work, trying to do that, before long." As the marine is blocked on his way towards the fitness room, she snickers softly. "Yeah seriously you guys. Stop blocking peoples way."

"Sure, blame it all on me," Cole replies with a little laugh at Kanani's words, moving to step towards the side of the hallway a little bit. "Sorry about that, we were really only trying to blockade the booze" the Major explains.

Phillip notices the marine very quickly and juts out of the way as well. "Sorry about that."

Kincaid nods once to each of the pilots. "Is okay, sirs. I just didna want ta get in trouble fuir steppin on yas," he says with a grin. "That tends ta be messy."

Kanani snickers some and grins. "Yeah, that might have gotten messy, I suppose," she states with a glance at the other two pilots. "Neither of them would likely have held up well if they got stepped on, I figure at least."

"Careful Kanani, I might take that personally" Cole replies to her, though he seems more amused than offended. "Besides, always safer not to step on the guy who flies around with four warheads strapped to his belly," he jokes.
Iceblade just says, "Ah its no problem." Phillip decides to remain to one side of the cooridor to prevent further blockage.
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@emit Iceblade just says, "Ah its no problem." Phillip decides to remain to one side of the cooridor to prevent further blockage.

Iceblade just says, "Ah its no problem." Phillip decides to remain to one side of the cooridor to prevent further blockage.

Kincaid nods again. "Thank yas." he says and with that heads for the fitness room.
Kincaid leaves, heading towards the Fitness Center [P].
Kincaid has left.

Kanani snickers and shakes her head some more as the marine moves on. "Sad times, when you can't even stand around on a carrier without risking getting ran over."

"Well, I suppose that's marines for you" Cole comments with a little grin. "The idea of going around something just doesn't register in their minds. Only option is straight through"
:says with a bit of realization, "Hmm, kind of different to have a marine contingent onboard. On the Kansas, if we had to capture a pirate base, we had to wait for the marine contingent from the nearby station to arrive before beginning the assualt. These Bengals really are a one-ship strike force."

Phillip says with a bit of realization, "Hmm, kind of different to have a marine contingent onboard. On the Kansas, if we had to capture a pirate base, we had to wait for the marine contingent from the nearby station to arrive before beginning the assualt. These Bengals really are a one-ship strike force."

"I imagine that's pretty much what the designers were going for, when they designed it all." Kanani chuckles softly. She then grins at Cole and nods. "Yeah, but if they did it any other way, they wouldn't really be marines, now, would they?"

"You do have a point" Cole agrees, before giving a little bit of a grin. "I suppose if they were smarter… they'd be pilots" Cole replies. "And I'm not so much sure they keep those marines around to capture things… more to keep us from being captured. A Bengal's a tough nut to crack, must be awfully tempting for the kitties to try and sneak a shuttle in."

Phillip says in a sing-songy voice, "There goes your mouth again, Cole."

Kanani snickers some, and grins at Cole's comment, giving a nod. "It's true really. At least if my brothers are anything to go by." She states with a soft laugh. "And yeah, that might be a more realistic reason for having marines on board. After all, how often do we really need to capture a Kilrathi ship, instead of just destroying it?"

"Well, I'm sure there will be occasions that it's useful," Cole replies with a little grin. "But, I've always figured that they're mostly meant to be defensive"

Phillip responds, "Well there seem to be enough on-board for offensive operations…on the small scale I mean. You know capships, stations, isolated ground installations. Certainly would work out well in a pinch."

Kanani chuckles and gives a shrug. "See, now I always figured they were on board to deal with us trouble causing pilots, you know." She grins and shakes her head. "Though yeah, for small operations they'd likely be able to do the job."

"I don't know about that. I'm not sure they'd be able to put enough marines on board to keep you out of trouble" Cole tells Kanani with a little grin. That said, he looks back towards Phillip's. "Oh, I'm not saying they couldn't be used that way in a pinch. Just, that's not the reason behind it"

Phillip shrugs, "Yeah I suppose your right. Just seems odd putting Marines on-board a carrier just for security reasons, though given the Kilrathi's propensity for dirty tricks with nothing short of using Confed's own ships against us like the Johann. Capturing the Majestic would prove very useful…for a short time at least."

Kanani just smirks at Cole and shakes her head. "I wasn't talking about me, obviously. I'd never cause any trouble after all. I was thinking more of pilots like you guys." She states with a grin, and a nod.

"Oh, absolutely not. Because when I think innocent, I think Tsunami," Cole deadpans, giving a little shake of his head. "And I think it'd prove useful on a level beyond that. Not sure the furballs have ever gotten their hands on a full carrier before. Alot to be learned about how we conduct flight ops, and all that sort of thing."

Phillip says rather curious, "Me, cause trouble?"

Kanani laughs softly and nods at Cole. "Damned right. I'm perfectly innocent, I'll have you know." She peers over at Phillip, and smirks, shaking her head slightly. "Anyways, I'm not even so sure that capture would necessarily be their main focus for that. They might try it just as an easier way of damaging the ship, and keeping it from operating against them."

"Not you. Her" Cole explains to Phillip with a little chuckle. "Gotta watch out for this one, she's shifty," he explains jokingly. "And you're probably right there," he says, getting back to the main part of the conversation. "Could make a mess of the flight deck in a hurry"

Phillip just shrugs, letting the others talk.

Kanani peers over at Cole shaking her head slowly. "Shifty? I'll have you know that I am absolutely not shifty, Major." She states with a chuckle. She waves a hand dismissively, and shrugs. "Pay no attention to him. He obviously doesn't know what he's talking about today." She adds nodding a few times.

"Do you see what I have to put up with?" Cole replies, talking to Phillip but pointing towards Kanani. "Lieutenant, I'm about to give you the single best piece of advice you'll ever receive in your career. Stick to the nurses."

Phillip smiles, "Uh will do, sir."

"Ha. That's not good advice. Good advice is something like. 'Never tell the brass that something they say is wrong.'" Kanani points out with a chuckle. She gives a faint frown, as she glances towards one of the shipboard clocks, and comments. "And as much fun as arguing with you might be. I should probably head off to get some sleep. Got another patrol to fly in the morning, and need to be fully awake while I'm bored doing that." She comments with a slight grin.

Cole can't help but give a little laugh at Kanani's words. "Have a good night, Kanani," Cole offers her, giving her a wide smile. "And if I don't see you before the morning patrol, stay safe out there," he adds, before looking back to Phillip. "Just trust me on that one"

Kanani chuckles and nods as she makes her way towards the lifts. "You two take care of yourselves, alright. And don't let any marines step on yas." She adds with a snicker.

Iceblade just shrugs, then he turns to Kanani and waves, "Ah goodnight Kanani." Turning back to Cole, "I better get going too, Major. Early patrols followed by mid-day patrols followed by….yeah you get the idea. So goodnight, Cole and don't hit any asteroids." Iceblade throws in a grin.

"I'll try. No promises. Those damned inanimate objects have a way of jumping out in front of Broadswords" Cole explains with a grin, before he goes to resume his long-delayed trip towards the lounge.

Phillip then heads down the hall to the lift and enters it.