Hand To Hand Combat

Hand to hand combat

Each combatant takes a turn, sorted in descending order by Athletic score.
In each round, the combatant attacks.
Their roll is on a randomized between 1 and 20. They add their melee and athletic scores.
The defender rolls a randomized value between 1 and 20, and adds their athletic and (reactive/2 or melee) score.
Each unarmed strike deals 1 damage, and reduces the athletic score by one. The combatant is eliminated when their athletic score drops to zero.


If a combatant chooses, they can spend an athletic point on a power attack, This attack will do 2 damage rather than one, be rolled from 1 - 15 though.

If a combat decides to skip a attack, they can enter a defensive stance and gain a +2 bonus on their defensive roll for that round.


After 5 rounds a combatant gets fatigued, they must roll 1 - 20 and add their athletic score, if they are lower than 15, they are fatigues.

Critical hits

If a defender scores a critical (natural 20), they get a +5 offensive bonus in the next round.

If a defender scores a fumble (0) they get stunned and cannot attack the next round

If the attacker scores a critical, they will score an immediate hit.

If the attacker fumbles, they will be staggered and will not add their reactiveness to their defensive roll

Other factors

Many external factors can affect the outcome of a combat. It is up to the GM to decide what their effect is. Examples can include: Bleeding out, poisonning, difficult terrain and much more.